We saw bears :)

Published: May 9th 2012
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Bear trip this morning after another bad night waking up at 5am wide awake and then knackered when we had to get up at 645am. There were only 4 of us on the trip so had the boat almost to ourselves. We saw 8 bears in total which is the most they have seen this season so far. There were 2 females that had two cubs each, they were last years cubs so about 15 months old and she will be chasing them away from her very soon. The first ones were not bothered by our presence at all but the second lot of cubs ran up and hid in a tree. We also saw 2 males in different areas, much bigger than the females but not as big as I thought they would be.

We also saw 3 bald eagles which Ian was made up about; a blue jay; harbour seals and a sea otter.

Ian was going to redo the whale watching trip this afternoon but the water was quite rough so they recommended waiting to see if it is calmer tomorrow, so instead we went to Meares Island to see one of the oldest trees in he world. Usually tourists get dropped off at the island, they do the trail and call the water taxi when they are ready to be picked up but when I heard that bears, wolves and cougars live on the island there was no way I was walking alone through the forest. We hired a guy called Dennis to take us over in his tiny boat and he and his dog did the trail walk with us. I was a nervous wreck but the only wildlife we saw were banana slugs and salamander spawn! Dennis liked to talk - a lot. He lives on his boat on his own so I think when he spends time with people he makes the most of it! Very knowledgable guy, he was telling us how high the tides are in Liverpool and the Bristol channel and he's never even been to England.

Took loads of pics today so scroll down to the bottom to see a few. The Internet connection here is very poor so takes an age downloading them. Hopefully get to post more once we are in Vancouver.

Additional photos below
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9th May 2012

Hi Jo, I'd like to say we are missing you at work but its so peaceful! Looks like your having a fab time- and you've already seen bears! Keep us updated x
11th May 2012

sounds amazing. dont believe you were scared but most probably a good thing getting your local guide they always seem to know about everything perhaps hes looking for free holiday accomodation in england. keep sending the pics and enjoying yourselves. xx

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