Amy Savage


Amy Savage

My names Amy, I'm 30 years old and come from France. I've finally decided to take my rucksack and start travelling a little. I would like my family and friends share this or these trips with me.
I don't know yet if I'm very adventurous but I think I'm quickly going to discover this, I hope so anyway as my dream is to travel around the world !!!

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness March 28th 2014

So this weekend decided to treat myself for my birthday. So spent two days in Edinburgh and from there went to Fort William to take the train that goes up to Mallaig. Edinburgh is a very nice city with an interesting history. I got to stay at the Abbortsford guest house, that I do recommend, lovely rooms and excellent full scottish breakfast ! I got to walk around the old town, nice views from the castle. Visited the National Art Museum and the Edinburgh Museum that explains most of the town history. Then walked up the hill of the Holyrood park, up there you get a view of all the town and the surroundings. and finally, also went to the Botanic Garden Center, very nice and must be magnificent in spring and summer when all the ... read more
View from Holyrood hill
View from Holyrood hill
View from Holyrood hill

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness February 20th 2014

Decided to go up to Wick by train, as it is said it is one of the scenic train trips to do. And even if I thonk it was too much to do this on one day as 8 hours in all of train, I still was amazed of some of the sceneries I got to see. I think I'll never get bored of this landscape and going through these open spases where they is nothing else but wilderness !... read more

It is time to update a little my visits. Since my last blog entry, I have been finding a little bit a time between my work shifts to see a bit more of Scotland's beauty. The most interesting was the Kyle line, a train scenic tour that leaves from Inverness and stops where the line finishes at Kyle of Localsh. A 2hours and a half trip that goes through magnificent sceneries and wildlife. Kyle of Localsh was a little disappointing, not much to see but all forgotten when I hoped back on the train and surprisingly enjoyed a different scenery on the return and had the pleasure of seeing deers and red deer on the way. No just enjoy the pictures :)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness January 25th 2014

Saturday evening I was kindly invited to the Burns Evening, an annual celebration of Scotland's national poet Robert Burns. I would like to thank Kenneth for this great evening party. I had very nice time and really enjoyed the music, the songs, the poems and espiacially the men in kilts :) For those who want to know a little more about the Burns Evening, see below The Legend of the Burns Supper. The Legend of the Burns Supper In 1801, on the fifth anniversary of the death of Robert Burns, nine men who knew him met for dinner in Burns Cottage in Alloway to celebrate his life and works. The Master of Ceremonies was a local minister a liberal theologian and an equally liberal host. Hamilton Paul and his guests shared Masonic brotherhood with Rabbie and ... read more
Andrew who welcomed us with the pipe
Kenneth & Andrew for the Haggis story

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness January 4th 2014

Arrived in Inverness on January 4th. What got me up here ? Work obviously !! Unfortunately can't go on moving around without a little bit of earning. Found a receptionist job in a 4 star hotel, the Glenmoriston Town House Hotel, feel free to go on the internet site, it's a nice hotel situated on the River Ness with two restaurants. It's now been two weeks I'm up here and enjoying myself. I've settled in a little home that I share with two other guys, that have a lot to learn on the cleaning side :) but they are very nice and helping me a lot on making me feel at home. Since I've arrived, I went to visit the famous Loch Ness and also was shown around the Black Isle. The landscape is beautiful ... read more
Inverness on a nice sunny day
The Inverness Court

Europe » France » Limousin December 15th 2013

Already nearly 2 months that I have returned and sorry for not updating this blog any earlier !! I suppose I should write a conclusion on this trip. Well, I have to say that this little adventure was for me a great experience. Not only I discovered a beautiful country and wonderful people but I also discovered a little more of myself through the people I met. I would to thank all the people that I met, that welcomed me, helped me and gave me some of their time. I recommend to all people that can to travel solo, this was to me a wonderful experience and I know now it won't be the last. I returned with many souvenirs and one will be at ever engraved on me. Just means that we are every day ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness December 12th 2013

Just a few lines in order to update my latest moves and and show you a few sceneries. So here I am in Inverness, 2 weeks now and quite enjoying it. Before hand I spent my time with family, first near Dorchester, after near Swindon and then near Fraserburgh. It was good to see all of you and thankyou for welcoming me during Christmas & New Year, I really enjoyed it !! Here are a few pictures of the coast near Fraserburgh, sorry none of my few moves in England, the weather wasn't really the best for good pictures, how strange :) The Inverness pictures and surroundings will be on my next post.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Nanaimo December 4th 2013

After my stay in Tofino, I decided to have a one night stop in Nanaimo from where I would catch my ferry to head back to Vancouver. It's a small town but still nice place to have a rest and walk around the harbour and the little streets. And was quite funny that I bumped in some french guys that were previously in the same youth hostel as me in Tofino. So got to chat in french again, getting ready for my return ! lol... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Tofino December 4th 2013

As everyone told me to go and visit Tofino, I thought I would maybe take some time and go and see if this town was really worth it. And yes, I must say it is. Even if the weather wasn't up to it, I got to see some of the most beautiful sceneries. Message to all the surfers, this is the place to go !! I also got to meet very nice people in the youth hostel I was in and enjoyed nice moments with them. It was worth the 4 hour bus trip, just that was breathtaking, never saw such magnificent nature. Just look at the pictures and you'll see by yourself !!! :)... read more
Beginning of rainforest trail
Big tree in rainforest
Bird flying away

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 24th 2013

It's been more than one week on the farm now and I haven't seen time go by. I haven't yet met any bears or cougars, and I'm quite happy with that ! It's now much colder since a last few days, frozing at night so I would say the hardest on the farm is just getting out of under my covers in the morning :) I now got into my routine and planning my days as they come. All is going on very well and I also take some time for yoga as Gwen is an excellent teacher. The other day, Gwen told me after I finished work, "go and relax, have a walk with the dogs in the park". I say OK good. And when I arrive in fron of the park it says : ... read more
Apple trees
Fire burning in the barn
Garden entrance

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