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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya February 27th 2020

25 Feb 2020 Pamukkale Today turned out to be one of my favourites.This morning we drove out to the last of the ruins at Laodecia, another ancient biblical city mentioned in Revelations, and the last use of the infamous Museum Pass! Each site we've visited has had its own unique highlight. Today, we are at a live excavation site, and the team are reconstructing the western Theatre. It is facsinating to watch the sand blasting of pillars, meticulously measured so that each piece perfectly fits the next. This site is going to be absolutely incredible in years to come. It covers 5 hectares! Shane says: Museum card totals: Up 120 lira. There you go Sharls, well worth the museum card. Sharls says: There's a little spot that has piqued my interst around 40kms away called Kaklik ... read more
Kaklik Cave

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean December 2nd 2019

2019 11 Turkey 11-10-2019 Turkey Thu do cua Turkey la Ankara ma thanh pho lon nhat la Istanbul. 99.8% dan theo dao hoi.Lon gap 2 Vietnam nhung dan so it hon la 82M. Thoi thuong co nhieu dan toc song tai day nhu nguoi Geeks, Uranian, Amerinian. Nguoi Turks bat dau di cu vao the ky 11 ma hien tai chiem 25% tong so dan Turkish. Den 1243 thi Mongol xam lang nuoc nay. Den cuoi the ky thu 13 thi Ottomans cai tri lanh tho nay va tro nen hung manh danh chiem hau het Nam Au Chau, Tay A Chau va Bac Phi Chau de tro thanh mot nuoc hung manh nhat the gioi. Nhung the ky sau do Ottoman dan dan yeu the va mat dan lanh tho. Den the ky 19 Empire ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Patara May 23rd 2019

I can only think of one word, a chemical element, P, number 15, Phosphorus, never found as a free element on earth. But Bosporus, the strategic waterway, is the strait between the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara. With the Dardanelles, it separates Europe form Asia. Or should I say, it connects Asia and Europe? It is only 19 miles long, and from 2.3 miles wide at the west, and only 2450 feet at its narrowest. The current here flows from north to south, but with a strong subsurface undercurrent, making navigation difficult for beginners. The strait is busy with oil tankers, and commercial ships (over 48,000 annually), along with local fishing and sightseeing boats. One hundred and forty ships take the 90 minute voyage daily. In addition, the Bosphorus has two tunnels that run underneath: ... read more
Great views
Bosporus is here!
 a bridge

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean March 5th 2019

So my journey home is nicely delayed by a three day stopover in Istanbul. The good news is that it’ll shorten my sitting in a plane seat time and slowly return my body clock to UK time. And the very good news is that friend Julie Dent from the Clover Mill Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat in Cradley is going to join me there for a few days of winter break. In fact she’d booked us into a little guest house near the Blue Mosque and had already been exploring Istanbul for a full day. Straight into the tiny reception office from the sleepy early morning street outside and phoned to see if Julie was awake. Of course she was! So after I’d dumped the luggage and jumped into a welcome hot shower, we climbed the steep marble ... read more
Fatih, Istanbul
Fatih, Istanbul

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya » Gazipaşa January 3rd 2019

Lycia is located along the south western Mediterranean coast of Anatolia and is dominated by massive mountain chains. Its boundaries start at the famous Pamphylian city of Antalya to the west and stretch down to Fethiye on the east. Current knowledge about the earliest Lycian settlements stems from the early Bronze age (2800-2200 B.C.). The main contribution of Lycia to the art of Anatolian civilizations is its reliefs, sculptures and most importantly its funeral architecture. All the videos collected on our tour of the coast are packed into this video Videos collected from our few days in and around the city of Antalya are here We were there to explore the many ancient city-states with their temples, cemeteries and especially the ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya April 4th 2018

‘Best of the best’ is a pretty big claim for anything, but that's what we'll be seeing today according to Burak. Best of the best - Aspendos First attempt at being the bestest is the amphitheatre at Aspendos. We have to drive about 25 miles out of Antalya to find it and when we arrive we waft through the turnstile barriers with our trusty museum VIP card. The information board tells us this area was known as Pamphylia and that one of the most impressive cities in this area at the time was Aspendos. Ok, so what about the amphitheatre? We walk through a high ceilinged tunnel, niftily bypassing the museum gift shop, and enter stage right of the most imposing, and virtually complete Roman amphitheatre left in the world. It's truly amazing. The stage backdrop ... read more
Lottie Let Loose at Aspendos Amphitheatre
Aqueduct at Aspendos
Archways holding up the seating at the Perge stadium

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya April 3rd 2018

We’re all a little subdued after minimal sleep on board the boat. We have a three and a half hour drive to Antalya on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. We are moving from the area known as Lycia to Pamphylia. The name is from a race of people who were happier to go along with the invading shinanigans of Alexander the Great and ended up sharing much of the wealth and prosperity he brought to the area. Unlike the proud Lysian guys who, if you remember, killed their women and children and then fought themselves to extinction rather than be ruled over. Nowadays Antalya is a large city of around 2 million people, this number increasing by about 500,000 a year due to a massive influx of tourists. They are attracted by the picturesque bay ... read more
Hadrien's Gateway, Antalya
Pretty, pedestrianised streets of Antalya
Meeting the rescue cats, Antalya

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 2nd 2018

I know my limits and boats rocking, swaying and turning while anchored up is definitely one of them. I'm not exactly feeling very 'Intrepid’ (my tour company's name) as we set off for our boat trip from the tiny fishing port of Ucagiz, near Kas, one of the most southerly parts of Turkey on the Turquoise Coast. The thought of being stuck on a boat feeling completely nauseous and not able to get off fills me with dread. It doesn't help when lots of kind people in the group try to reassure me 'You’ll be fine, no worries’. Obviously none of you have been stuck on a lobster dory waiting for the fisherman to haul up his pots and sort his catch whilst bobbing about and turning round and round on the anchor. OMG I wanted ... read more
Boarding our boat at Ucadiz
Turquoise Coast boat trip to Kekova island
Diving into freezing cold water - again! Crazy!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya November 14th 2017

Woolly says – It’s been a hectic few weeks with little time to put paws to the keyboard. As we started to pack up our possessions and I checked my pistachio levels which were running dangerously low I made the most of the drizzle and celebrated my burpday. The kind owners of the Plassey laid on an incredible firework display in my honour on the Saturday followed by food and drinks on the big day itself, well I couldn’t ask for more really…..although more presents would have been good! The humans took my party as a goodbye affair and having exchanged addresses and contact details I spent my last morning playing golf. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that not everything was just for him! Woolly says – I will miss my daily round ... read more
New finds at the castle
Who can beat a sunny day by the sea
Checking out the shipyards

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 14th 2017

Woolly says – the weeks have been flying past and in between catching up with my hordes of fans and checking the nut supplies, I have taken to integrating a little more with our Turkish neighbours, why Jo seemed to have a problem with this I will never know! Possibly because throwing pistachio shells over the balcony is more likely to annoy the neighbours! Woolly says – I’m sure they don’t have a problem with the extra sweeping! The days have been warm and having padded my way round the harbour and sat admiring the views from my special place at the castle, I decided that the women would benefit from a day out, it seemed logical to find somewhere that was accessible by bus, not wanting to trust Jo’s driving on the busy Turkish roads ... read more
Enjoying the  beach and watching out for the nasty stuff!
Views from Alanya Castle
Views from the castle

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