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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya October 13th 2015

We haven't seen the sea since leaving Hong Kong at the end of June. In Xinjiang we were close to the point which is further from the sea than anywhere on earth. In Uzbekistan we'd been to where it used to be. So it was great to come around a bend on the mountain road to see the Med glittering in front of us - a bit of poetic licence taken there as it was an overcast day so it wasn't that glittery, but it was still the sea. We didn't have any particular plans for Antalya. We knew there were plenty of Greco-Roman ruins around but hadn't bothered to research which to visit, so we took the lazy option and did what we rarely do – we followed the Lonely Planet recommendation. Credit to them ... read more
Theatre, Aspendos
Theatre, Aspendos
Theatre, Aspendos

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kayaköy September 24th 2015

I am currently sitting under an olive tree, after I got stung by a bee (if you are reading this, it means I am not allergic...), with an amazing view over Butterfly Valley on the Lycian Way in Turkey. We arrived here after a nice hike in the mountains... Ah, Turkey! I had no idea the country had such landscape and hiking trails. Our arrival in Turkey was so easy. The owner of the guest house where we stayed in Fethiye was waiting for us at the ferry terminal. With his few words of English, he explained to us how to get to his lovely pension, and he met us there a little later. Tan Pension is the name of the place and it has nice simple rooms and a lovely roof terrace where they serve ... read more
Fethyie market
Fethyie market
Lycian trail near Kayakoy

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya June 25th 2015

Last evening we saw what my ornithologist friend in the UK said was likely to be a short toed snake eagle – very impressive & massive. We also saw a couple of butterflies the size of small birds but this place is moth central in the evening before it goes dark... I was looking forward to a good night's sleep as it had cooled & breeze had started up; after we'd gone to sleep it turned into a storm & tree's branch was bending over & whacking Billy's roof most of the night, grrr! After some tyre inflating off we went to Termessos, only a few kilometers away, situated on top of a mountain at c. 1100m. We drove most of the way but then had to walk the final mile or so up a steep ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya June 24th 2015

Our ex President chappie came good & gave us a few tips for journey through Turkey & Greece as it happens, so that was good. Mind you we ignored his suggestion for today having read a couple of reviews & stuck with plan A - & so glad that we did. The journey here was fine, passing all the gross hotels & some pretty ones between Alanya & Antalya. We stopped & bought some muz (bananas) which are kiddy size but jolly nice all the same. Yesil Vadi or Green Valley camp site is set in the mountains to the NW of Antalya. It's basically a gravel car park (unlike the last few days which was an earth car park!) but it has a new shower – oooh! - & a restaurant that serves pan fried ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya June 22nd 2015

So, our last night here – Cathy loved it so much we stayed. The restaurant was so good that we ate there each night too, what a treat although the prices here are pretty good as per. A beer, a bottle of wine, two types of bread, mixed salad, large pickles, adana (beef) kebab & shish (lamb) kebab with sides for less than £30 & the wine almost half of that. We have walked & cycled to the local shops, lazed, swam & generally had a very nice time. We met the ex president of the Turkish Camping federation & he promised to give us the details of his recommended sites. We saw 5 Russian models being photographed on the beach – more pouty lips than on your fishmonger's slab, so funny & very 70s. Oh ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya June 20th 2015

Decided to stay a couple more nights because the beach & restaurant are so nice & because we can. We lounged on the beach until the weather changed. The forecast for today was for a thunderstorm at 5pm which was wrong – it started at 4.15pm. Amazing lightning out to sea & heavy thunder which got closer & closer until it hit the coast & it rained as the sun then approached from the sea as the cloud passed overhead. Fed the peacocks who liked pistachios & fiery hot chilli crisps but they seemed to be drinking a lot out of the puddles later … And what puddles there were; the drizzle turned into a tropical downpour which lasted a good hour. Went for a meal under cover– it had stopped raining but the seating & ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side May 22nd 2015

Left at a decent enough time for another coastal journey, some of it along the coast which has become the Turkish riviera with hotel after hotel after hotel, some of which were as big as Wembley Stadium & quite gross. A few had big statues out front as an indication of oppulence? But the one to take the top prize had 2 Greek females & gold plated or at least painted gold & were a good 40' tall. Once through the grot the road was as twisty as the others but climbed to 1500 m above sea level , hugging the coast & again just beautiful. We stopped for lunch at a more organised cafe next to one of the many fuel stations that are in Turkey & this time we had pide (a form of ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya May 22nd 2015

t was hot yesterday – 33 most of the afternoon & in the evening the breeze dropped so it was a hot night despite have all the roof lights open. Worth it though for the first view out of the door when we got up.... The showers were hot too which is more than we were expecting. We went & sat on the beach & read then had a swim in the sea, our first this year. It was a bit cold; I must have been very emotional as I had two lumps in throat...We were watching the little fish in the shallows when a sea bass or a mackerel shot by & gobbled a few up. We had a wander around an ancient monument in the afternoon which is right net door to the site ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Taşucu May 22nd 2015

Up early to the sound of more watering... Off again on the short trip to the ferry port. Another amazing road way above the sea. They're building lots of tunnels which must mean they are to build another new road which will open this coast up no end. Shame for all the little shops & cafes on the old road – goodness knows what they'll do... Arrive in Tasucu & there is no shade to be found, so parked up, wound the awning out a little & had a quick lunch. Some young lad of about 9 came over & spoke to us in Turkish, peered into the van etc. Our first thought was that he was trying to con us into a false parking charge. I asked a passer by what the boy wanted – ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side May 18th 2015

Woke to a beautiful day. Went off to the showers at 7.30 in case there was a rush which there wasn't, expecting a cold shower as the sun hadn't been up long. It was uber hot. Our bodyguard slipped away in the night to do some mine sweeping I assume but a couple of gullets motored across the bay. Could have stayed here for a while.... Got away for 9.30 as we knew that not only was it a fair way away but also it was the coastal road - & what a road. Once again it hugged the coastline close to the sea & passed some lovely coves, little beaches & also a harbour that had nothing around it; it was just a mooring site I suppose. Back through the snow covered mountains, out, back ... read more

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