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Europe » United Kingdom » England May 2nd 2017

1st May Mayday, Mayday. What a terrible night – the ship was up, down, rolling about, crashing into waves, shuddering...it was very hard to sleep for any length of time. It calmed a little by the time we got up & struggled into the shower, shaving was a task & a half. We were now passing the Brittany coastline which was rough again as we turned the point I guess, but as we turned up into the channel it was so different- we were riding the waves this time. Still fun to walk but nothing like last night or earlier. Breakfast, then I wrote this in our cabin as Cathy snoozed. We dock late this evening & then we stay overnight near Fareham again before coming home in the morning. So unless anything else of note ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander May 2nd 2017

30th April Travel to Santander day. A lazy start as there was no rush plus the wind was picking up...a lot. Then the rain came, horizontally. But, hahaha, the big Merc was copping most of it & they were packing up & it had a sliding door on the windward side. Karma. We left near midday & set the Dyson for Carrefour in Santander where after a wet & very windy drive, we bought some wine & had lunch. We got to the port in plenty of time where we wondered what the crossing would be like ...We left on time & after 5 minutes the ship was already rocking & rolling. Then we left the harbour... Well, what a hoot! After another 2 minutes a tannoy announcement came on to say that the doors to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Noja May 2nd 2017

29th April Our neighbours were still there in the morning & hadn’t left early despite our hopes. Still, it was a glorious day & the weather forecast said it would be downhill from late evening so we walked the entire width of the beach (Playa Joyel) having a paddle in the ‘cool’ water most of the way. We enjoyed the sunshine whilst we could & before it disappeared behind the blue Mercedes APC, it really was smashing & we had a lovely relaxing time for our last non travel day; couldn’t have asked for more.... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Noja May 1st 2017

28th April Not a bad start to the day. We decided to leave the bikes & walk around the beach to Isla, the next village along the coast. We had to get our sandals off & wade across the river that emptied across the sands. Nothing there apart from a couple of big hotels, holiday apartment blocks, cafes & restaurants most of which were closed; 10 minutes & we walked back & had a late lunch & read again. Early afternoon a Spanish couple turned up & parked next to us on the shade side, no problem. Later in the afternoon another couple were wandering about & noted the pitch number on the other side of us. This site is huge but first class & must have 200 motorhome pitches available to choose from; you guessed ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Noja April 28th 2017

27th April Bit of rain in the night but it poured stair rods when we got up & threw in some hail for good measure. Brrr, but we can’t complain. After breakfast it cleared up long enough for us to go for a wander on the beach & around the rocks & little cliff that Daniel used to jump off as a boy. Got back in time to miss the showers again. After lunch a Spanish couple were wandering about looking for a pitch which took them the best part of an hour. They looked like dancers off a cruise ship! He was wearing an orange shell suit (yes really) & she a black top with spray on leggings. Less Toreville & Dean, more Pratt & Whitney... Later the clouds disappeared & we were able to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Noja April 28th 2017

26th April What a night! Not what I would have meant 40 years ago but the weather...it rained solidly all night & so loud it kept waking us up constantly. An awful nights sleep, but we woke at 7.30am, I made tea & we commented how early people were leaving..until Cathy realised that my fitbit watch was on UK time & we were an hour behind...it was now gone 9am. Ha! No worries, away in between the rain & off east to Noja about 3 hours away along the coastal motorway. The rain hammered down most of the journey, no wonder it’s called the green coast, Costa Verde. The peaks of the Picos de Europa were still covered in snow. Into Noja, the site we used to use when the children were young, obviously, us reliving ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero April 25th 2017

25th April Well the forecast was correct & it rained in the night on & off & we woke to rain too. Plenty of vans have left again probably to head south or for the ferry. The rain eased so we walked down to town to the shop for something to do in the heavy cloudy weather. On the way we had 4 frights – large/guard dogs barking through gates, fences & jumping up at walls...Anyway, in the town we found a little shoe shop that also sold some hiking gear & we bought 2 extending walking poles with pointy ends, protected with rubber ferrules. We feel a little better now. It started to drizzle again just before we arrived back. Remember when I mentioned big eucalyptus? Check out the one photograph. So, not much to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero April 24th 2017

24th April Spoke to the lady from the mountains last night; they apparently had sold their house last year, bought a big van & toured Europe for a year & were about to go home. They wanted 3 weeks at home, go off again, go home, sell the van, go to Oz next year then come home & then they’d ‘probably’ have to go back to work again. I asked where they would live. The reply was we have 2 grown children... quote, pay back time! Looked at the forecast last night & it seems that today was going to be the last hot day before some mixed weather for a while so we decided to do some washing in the morning to ensure getting it dry. Once we had hung it out we jumped on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero April 23rd 2017

23rd April Happy St. George’s Day And yes, Mr. & Mrs. Boring from Goring (Chester) have left, hooray! We had a lie in & then had breakfast outside in the warming morning although there was a heavy dew. A few people left & a few arrived including a couple who had stayed at the site in the mountains. Off on the bikes to Cudillero & the chap on reception told us the last part was very steep. It was all downhill & about 3km, the first part a gentle descent, then steep & then suicidal – we got there within 10 minutes with our brakes glowing red...I lied about the last bit. The street got narrower & narrower & then opened out onto a big area full of tables & chairs for the very busy restaurants. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias April 23rd 2017

22nd April Yes, confirmation email back from the police lady this morning, Chilly night last night with Cathy hogging the quilt for a change. No idea what temperature but it was only 9* when we left. Packed up for a reasonable time & away via the little shop for bread & away east to the motorway through the National Park which was very pretty. The motorway north took us onto the plains which were very plain... & flat, just mostly rough scrubland & not much else except for lots of birds of prey. Then we crossed a small viaduct over a small river & every thing just changed – green, verdant agriculture, the change was just so clear. Must be different soil & not just irrigation. The mountains north came into view which looked impressive with ... read more

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