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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 16th 2015

was musing again last night as I do & wondering how many words I have written in this blog, it must be pushing 10,000– it feels like a dissertation but more fun. It's quite a commitment but I think I shall miss it when I stop in an odd way...there's another 40 odd... I found the disposal point for the chemical the area that in the process of being developed..sat on it's own. They don't have a clue... Off we go after a lengthy goodbye to Yasin who was, by this time, overly friendly if you see what I mean. The old road for 16km through forests next to the river & the bridge whose base had washed away in the storms & a government chappie with a theodolite was doing his thing. Then onto ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya May 4th 2015

After short flights, we arrived in Antalya, a beautiful city situated on the Turquoise Coast. We exited the airport and searched for our name being held by one of the several shuttle drivers. Hmmm. No luck. We waited and kept looking as new drivers arrived. Still no sign bearing our name. Not quite sure what to, do one of the shuttle drivers noticed us and asked where we were staying. He immediately called our Pansiyon and within about 5 minutes a driver was calling out to us. We followed him and soon piled our bags into a taxi. Antalya is a huge, modern city. The drive took about 30 minutes and then we entered Kaleici, the old town of Antalya. Here the streets narrowed to cobblestone lanes. Our driver was a little unsure of where our ... read more
Hidrilik Tower
Our Pansiyon Courtyard
Our Pirate Cruise Ship

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya March 29th 2015

Woolly says – It’s hard to believe that we have now lived in Turkey for over eighteen months. As part of our five year plan – Jo does like a plan – it hadn’t panned out in quite the way we had expected due to circumstances out of our control and I suppose I knew that it couldn’t continue with days of sitting on the balcony, wandering around the harbour or chasing the waves on the beach. There was a distinct smell of change in the air…… I told him to have a bath! Woolly says - …… and as Jo seemed intent on writing list upon list I knew that something was afoot (well paw in my case). As discussions were held with daughter Zoe and more lists were made a plan seemed to be ... read more
View from the Castle
Searching for Rock Pools
Castle Walls

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya March 1st 2015

Woolly says – I’d seen a poster with some pictures of camels and some strange Turkish words ‘deve güreşleri ve muz festivali’ having translated it…. Ok I had a little help, it appeared that Mahmutlar an area a short bus ride away from us was to hold its first Camel Wrestling and Banana Festival, now that sounded like a good day out. As Jo hummed and harred over the weather forecast I wondered if one of my hero’s the famous Travel Camel one of our fellow bloggers might be there, would it allow me to finally meet this incredible adventurer? How do Camels wrestle, will they be eating bananas while they wrestled, would I have to eat a lot of bananas? Having tried to gently let my little friend down on the appearance of our fellow ... read more
Camel Wrestling
2015-03-01 10.30.07
2015-03-01 11.08.40

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 24th 2015

The next morning dawned with low clouds and rain. Woolly says – not being the sort of mammoth to let this dampen my enthusiasm I ensured that my tour group was equipped with waterproofs and umbrellas to keep me dry and hustled them into the hire car for today’s excursion. Setting off along the D400 I scanned the landscape to see what changes had occurred since my last trip along this much travelled road. A few new hotels seemed to have appeared and were starting to prepare for the season to come. Woolly says – As Nanty Carys kept her foot on the pedal I pointed out the points of interest that we were passing, the shop where I purchased pistachio’s, the banana stall with its friendly owner, the campsite we had stayed on as well ... read more
Stunning place - the open area that would have housed the baths
It's rather large!
All on show!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 23rd 2015

Woolly says – Oh dear, and a very large OH DEAR at that, in a country that is supposed to have 330 days of sunshine I want to know where all this rain has come from! Life seems to have settled into a routine over the last month, watching the rain pouring down and keeping warm being my main occupations and annoying Jo when I get really bored! This is Turkey why is there so much of that wet stuff leaking from the skies? Why is it so cold? We moved here for the warmth and being tucked up in blankets reminds me far more of life in the UK than anything else. On the odd sunny day Jo has taken me to the beach or round the harbour to stretch my paws and catch each ... read more
Bit Chilly for a Swim
The Waterfall and a Mammoth
One of the Swimming Pools... for the warmer weather

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antakya February 6th 2015

It's not my first visit to the Hatay region of Turkey. I visited Antakya (formerly Antioch of old) and some notable nearby sights back in 2013 when I last travelled the country. On that trip I clocked up a number or towns and cities along the Black Sea coast and in the East, but Antakya stuck firmly in my mind as being the most unusal. I hadn't even considered visiting until by chance I met a fellow traveller, an Englishman called Ben, who professed an interest in going that way. We parted company shortly afterward but during our brief stay we occupied two of the guestrooms at the Catholic Church off Kurtulus Rd, a stone's throw away from the Orontjes River which flows through the heart of the city, and in the proximity of a variety ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya October 20th 2014

Woolly says – I was ready for anything, brushed, groomed and with a dab of ‘before shave’ between the ears….. A bath would have been better Woolly! Woolly says - …… with today’s favourite bandanna firmly knotted, pistachio’s stored in my back pack and my hat at a rakish angle the only thing I needed was a pen, to sign all the autographs once my interview in Hello magazine came out. He did look very spruce to be fair and he couldn’t help giving little bounces as he wandered round collecting pens in his excitement. I was more nervous than excited but hopefully Woolly would make it easy by discussing his favourite places in Alanya. Woolly says – Well that was a question that had made me scratch my head for quite a while, I mean ... read more
Yes folks I'm going to be in here!!!!
Photo Shoot with my Hero Mustafa
Checking out Hello Alanya

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya October 18th 2014

Woolly says – Isn’t it strange how things can happen, having never been to a wedding before I am now the proud bearer of TWO invitations. Over four thousand miles apart and from two completely different cultures I left the small details to Jo and set about preparing my outfits. I’ll give him small details!!!! While the fur ball considered his bow ties I organised the travel plans, accommodation, snacks and the million other things to enable us to attend and support our friends at both events. Wedding one, Sammy and Ray in Stourbridge, England, let’s head back to the 20th September…….. Woolly says – I sat watching the grey clouds moving across the sky and kept my paws crossed that my first ever wedding wasn’t to be blighted by rain. The smell of perfumes and ... read more
Sammy and Ray with an interloper
Maria and Mustafa
The Bridal Party

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean September 19th 2014

Cappadocia Sept 18, 2014 Our visit to the Turkish Turquoise coast has very much been a holiday and we are now getting back into travel mode. It was very great while it lasted and was enjoyable to have the company of Jayne and Paul. Fethiye is a great place to start a holiday. It is actually quiet a big city. Bigger than I thought when I said to Jane we could walk to the pension from the Otogar (bus station). The walk turned out to be 3km which is a long way with a big pack in 35+C. Jane stuck at it and was not amused unsurprisingly. Just to finish things off we were on the third floor of the Tan Pension (no email text him using number in LP) behind the marina......but then what a ... read more
All scrubbed up
Lycian tombs above old Fethiye
Mandraki anchorage on Kastellorizo

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