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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 22nd 2014

Hi. Following my blog from a couple of days ago we headed back up from the Cornish Coast and Plymouth, on to the New Forest and then back to Corsham. Pete, Helen, Alex and Georgie arrived back from their tour of the States so it was great to catch up with them and spend the next few days traveling around Wiltshire and the Bath area with Helen acting as our guide. Every little road seems to end up at a beautiful village or a historic site. In the New Forest we stayed at a beautiful B&B, a thatched cottage. With Helen we went to the Westbury White Horse which is about 400 years old, visited the World Heritage Site of the Avebury Stone circles and one evening Pete and Helen took us to the Gifford Circus ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya August 16th 2014

Woolly says – I was first up closely followed by Jo, as we sat drinking our first cay of the day we talked about how Turkish we have now become. Cay being a central part of that but we now tend to look at Turkish prices and go ‘that’s expensive’ until converted to the Great British Pound when we realise it’s very very cheap. Accommodation over the last four nights added up to 250 TL which once comes to the princely sum of £71.42 GBP less than £20.00 GBP a night including a feast at breakfast time, happy Mammoth. The shopkeepers seemed to have changed as well, no hassle just the wish to pass the time of day with you, very pleasant. Woolly says – breakfast consumed, well except for the tomato and cucumber, I really ... read more
An overlap of old and new
Breakfast View
Happy Mammoth

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya » Çolakli, August 15th 2014

The morning dawned bright and warm, following a late night involving a water pipe and quite a few measures of alcohol and a lot of umbrellas the Mammoth didn’t appear for breakfast. Woolly says – I think I deserved a lie in after all my hard work over the last few days, although missing breakfast is not a good idea, snacks please! We had rather a nice evening and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we found a street full of umbrellas, all different colours and quite impressive to say the least. With a few new fans in my quest for fame life was good. Our walk back led us past a fleet of horses and carriages, strangely they were all spotted, on closer inspection the poor horses had had the spots painted on! Well I ... read more
The Crooked Minaret
Hadrian's Gate
Finally the Crooked Mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Demre August 14th 2014

Woolly says – well rested and well fed (for a change) I knew there was something afoot, for some strange reason Jo has packed my Santa Hat! It’s not that time of year already….. is it? Feeling somewhat confused I trotted behind the grownups to the bus station and the wheels on the bus went round and round. I think I’m going to have to ban that song or muzzle the Mammoth. The bus proved to be a cool retreat from the already hot morning. Having never used the Turkish buses before I think we would all recommend them, air con, comfy seats and free drinks are all wonderful but for the distance covered of 350km at a cost of £45 GBP it was a bargain as well. Our plan was to catch the bus back ... read more
Singing Monks
Well here it is Merry Christmas, everybodies having fun!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 13th 2014

Watching his happy little furry face with his trunk pressed against the window and his tail twitching in glee as the bus started its journey was a sight to behold. We had grabbed an opportunity to do some exploring with one of our expat friends known as Happy. Happy or Keith to be exact has lived in Alanya for nearly 16 years and has spent many days using the buses to explore the Antalya region and beyond. A short trip over a few days would help with the itchy feet and would give Woolly the chance to discover more of the country in which we live and get back on the trail of Hadrian. Woolly says – The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the mammoth on the ... read more
Back on the Roman Trail
Waiting for the Bus
Hellanstic Temple in Kas

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya August 11th 2014

Alanya, Turkey 11th August 2014 "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." Benjamin Franklin “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” Rumi For the past 4 years, I have used this blogging platform purely as a means to an end to keep friends informed and to have some personal fun trying to develop a writing style. But since my Georgian saga in particular, I find I actually belong to a new community of fellow bloggers. Several had been very supportive during 'Georgia' and I feel a new attachment and gratitude to them. I felt particularly drawn to take up an invitation by Woolly Mammoth and his companion (Jo) to... read more
Loking back at the new city from within the citadel walls
Woolly quenching his thirst
Pirate theme gone mad

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Belek June 30th 2014

Oh, what a trip this was. Although only young I have brief memories of this trip, the hotel and surroundings and many family members to ask about it!!! Hotel Kaya Belek is an all-inclusive hotel located in Belek situated by the Mediterranean. Perfect for all sorts of demographics Hotel Kaya benefited our huge group of family and family friends very well with its spacious and luxurious buildings, good food range and fantastic pool and waterslide area. One of my fondest memories is scaling the stairs of the 'rainbow slide' over and over until us kids were called back to the hotel room to get ready for dinner. Out of the three slides available at the time this one caught our interest most due to its high enjoy-ability factor and the opportunity to race one another down ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean June 30th 2014

From the moment you step off the plane in Istanbul, you notice immediately that this vibrant city is all about business and making money. Thanks to the over 30 million of us who now visit Turkey in a year, especially this burgeoning metropolis of Istanbul, coping with such crowds, in my opinion, is a huge challenge that has the potential to derail some of the pleasure, especially when visiting the major sites of interest. That having being said, it was certainly very much worth the time we spent there, lodged as we were, in the heart of the city and walking distance to everything that we wanted to see and do. Our hotel, and full credit to Jeanette who changed to it from the one that I initially found, was excellent. The owners were excellent hosts. ... read more
Grand Bazaar Main Street.
The main thoroughfares had no shortage of vendors.
From the sea to the pot to the mouth - all fresh fish.

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean June 25th 2014

23/06/14 Kusadasi:Kusadasi traditionally was a minor port frequented by vessels trading along the Aegean coast. The port is situated inside a small bay with the peninsula of Guvercin Ada sticking out into the ocean at one end and the mountain of Kaz Doay at the other end. It is 95 Km south of Yzmir, the regions largest metropolitan centre. This port was always overshadowed by Ephesus which during Roman times was the second largest city in the Roman Empire after Rome and therefore the world. Today it is a tourist destination with many cruise ships coming each year for people wishing to visit Ephesus. Ephesus which was once a sea port is now situated 6 miles away from the sea. We are only in port for a short time today arriving at 7:00 a.m. and leaving ... read more
Cruise ships Kusadasi
The two of us

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 13th 2014

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