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March 27th 2016
Published: April 16th 2016
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Smooth sailing the rest of the way…I arrived in Istanbul and caught another flight to Antilya and then a shuttle to Alanya (which I thought was close by but its like 110 km away). Same sort of idea here at this resort; activities of the touristy nature and way too many old people…90% of the peeps there were German. Idk why, but it must have something to do with the largest Turkish population outside of Turkey being in Berlin…goes the other way too maybe? Idk…buuuuut I speak a lil so I got by just fiiiiine. I really did nothing the whole week. Well, I supposed I went to a market street like a 10 minute walk away and bought myself a bracelet. I also spent a lot of time searching for a Turkish flag patch…and in the airport too…couldn’t find one anywhere! I asked a lot of different shop keepers and they all seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. Even when I went back the next day with a flag patch from another country for reference they still said they had never seen one like it! Blurg!!!!! Oh well…guess ill find it on the interwebs. That’s the first flag ive missed this trip though so it kind of bugged me. But the resort was nice. Food was different than Egypt and I enjoyed it! It was kind of cold though topping out at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Which meant the water was about 5 degrees….ha. im in the airport heading back to hurghada and I arrive at 00:55 and need to transfer to Makady bay to my next resort but I don’t check in til 2pm. Could be a problem…getting a ride at that time ooooor staying at the aiport (like I planned) after the hijacking incident last week. I made it out of Turkey on my own accord despite the US military being sent home from here too. THE WORLD IS BURNING AND IM IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!!!! But im alive with only a few flights left. Actually, not including the one im about to take I have 8 left. Lol that’s not a “few” … I do only have one month left before touching down stateside so theres that. Boom.


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