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April 3rd 2016
Published: April 23rd 2016
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Back to Hughada no problem…caught a taxi no problem…checked in to a room super early also no problem!!! Ok! Thinking positively bout this last week of Egypt for me. But as per usual, the times get the best of me. There are no people in this place at all….there are about 60 people here when they could have 2000….woa. So empty…but on the bright side there were a few cool people to meet and hang out with for the whole time. Seems weird but the less people there are, the more the weird fun ones come out of the wood works and we always have a blast. Id say Turkey was kind of full of people in comparison to the other 2 places so far but those were all old German people. No medium aged cats to hang. I did spend a few nights chatting to a couple couples in their 50s, no problem. It was like hanging with my parents…well…like hanging with their friends at a bar or wedding or something. Just had to turn It down a notch and they would turn it up so we had fun! Hahaha…but this last one in Egypt we had a lot of fun…Me and a German army dude named Ike were flying solo and met a couple from Czech Republic (she got super sunburned the first day and went to the doctor so she didn’t really hang out too much…also she didn’t speak much English so that was pretty hard for her when the 4 of us would be doing something). So Mike and Ike were reunited once again (my first dog’s name was Ike. Hahaha) and we painted the resort red. Al Nabila Grand Bay Makadi is a huge place with lots of ground to cover. So we drank our way all around the 500 room resort and just relaxed otherwise! One afternoon we took the 30 minute cab ride to Hurghada and walked around for a bit. Nothing much to see but no real plans for it either lol.


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