Sharls and Shane

Sharls and Shane

Sharls and Shane

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Traralgon February 8th 2014

Well, our bags are packed (well mine are) and we're of on our next adventure. Here's a quick run down of our itinerary: Dubai 3days - at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel - sounds exotoc right?? That remains to be seen... London 4 days - A couple of days catching up with the amazing Corcorans, and then its on to Colleens for some local hospitality and a 6yr catch up over 2 days....cant wait! Norway 12ish days - Huge! Oslo, Bergen, Tromso.....trains, planes and automobiles....and fjords and snooowww! Italy 4 days - When Elvira and Max said "why dont you swing by Milan if you dont have set plans after Norway?" we thought why not! We met this fabulous couple in San Pedro de Atacama while we were travelling in South America. They have kindly welcomed us ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Paro November 3rd 2013

Saturday 3rdNovember We hit the road this morning for the 6hr trek that isTaktsang Palphug Monastery - ‘Tigers Nest’. I can’t say I’ve been looking forward to this climb even though it is the reason for my wanting to travel to Bhutan. I have no doubt it will be worth it, I just wont enjoy the climb….I never enjoy the climb lol. According to the legend, it is believed that the Guru Rinpocheflew to this location from Tibet on the back of a tigress. This place was consecrated to tame the Tiger demon. In one of the caves here, the Guru then performed meditation and emerged in eight incarnated forms manifestations and the place became holy. As we drive out of Paro and round the next mountain, we view the temple perched precariously way ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Paro » Taktshang Goemba November 2nd 2013

Friday 2ndNovember Another amazing day! After breakfast this morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed back to the primary school we walked past yesterday. The children are back at school today after a public holiday – well half of them anyway! It seems that sickies after public holidays are universal LOL. The principal of the school knows we’re coming and as he sees us coming through the back from the paddy fields, he calls the 20 or so students who bothered to attend school, to assembly. The knee high to a grasshopper school captain leads the national anthem and then the morning prayer beneath the flag before they file in to class. The prep/ones are in a little room to the right, while the older children up to grade 6 use the main room. ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Bumthang » Jakar October 30th 2013

Today is a dry day in Bhutan bahahahahahha .It is also a day when no-one in the country apart from taxis and tourist vehicles are allowed on the roads. There wasn’t much going on at the festival early on so we went out to the Kurjey Lhakhang temple. Its an impressive piece of architecture as they all are but today was a very lucky day for us. The first Goemba is presided over by a Lhama in prayer and is very serene. The walls are covered by frescos once again, and also by the thousand Bhudda statues on the opposite wall. The shrine itself is all gold and beauty. We cross over to another of the Goembas which is very sparse as the shrine is hidden by hundred foot wooden doors. Shane decides he isn’t going ... read more

Asia » Bhutan July 21st 2013

Saturday 4thNovember On the road most of today heading for Phuentsholing where our India guide will meet us for our trip to Darjeeling. What a shit hole!!!! The town, the hotel and our rooms – complete and utter shit! Ive never slept on a harder bed. It was like concrete. The town lies opposite the much larger Indian bazaar town of Jaigaon, separated by a flimsy fence and the much- photographed Bhutan Gate. Clearly, the only reason to come here is to clear immigration We had dinner with a lovely London girl, Jane. She’s travelling on her own, and the look on her face was identical to mine when she arrived. On the upside, we had a beautiful dinner with Jane, Palden and Tsering.... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Punakha July 21st 2013

Wednesday 31st October After about 7 hrs on the bumpiest , dustiest and windiest roads on the planet, we arrived in Punakha Valley and visited Chimi Lhakhang, a monastery built by the Divine Madman, Lama Drukpa Kuenley. It was a great walk across the paddy fields. Most of the monastarys here in Bhutan are also orphanages in disguise. There are obviously religious monks living in them, but there are also orphaned boys, and boys whose parents cant afford or aren’t able to keep their children, living in them as well. Lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time yet again, we have received a “wang” (blessing) from the resident monk. This entails being dubbed on the head by an arrow and a large wooden phallus, much to our amusement. Well mine at ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok November 7th 2012

Wednesday 7thNovember We arrived in Sikkim yesterday. We have to provide passports and visas again here and be stamped into Sikkim even though it is still India. Chinese and Pakistanis are refused entry to Sikkim for political reasons. The roads were blocked for about an hour and a half today. People milled about along the side of the road and the monkeys jumped all over the cars . At one stage a very brave monkey reached into a car and grabbed a packet of chips from the hands of a child, and took off to enjoy his spoils. Very funny indeed! I couldn’t even write this yesterday I was sooo disgusted in our hotel. On the surface it was ok and then I saw the bathroom! Just a big room with a shower nozzle coming out ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling November 5th 2012

Monday 5thNovember Well that was a bit of a fizzer really. We were the 4th car there out of about 150 and we had a deluxe view. In India that means you get to sit in dodgy lounge chairs in a room on the third floor of a dodgy building with sliding windows, and then, if you’re me, the window you had dibs on because you got there so early, gets invaded by some arrogant German prick who gets there at 5am – and the mongrel wont move! After a hearty breakfast we went to the Mountaineering institute and then to the zoo. The Snow Leopard was an absolutely gorgeous cat as was the sleek and slender Bengal Tiger. Apart from that only the Black Bear was of much interest. The Tibetan Refugee Centre was interesting. ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling November 5th 2012

Sunday 5thNovember Strange start to the day. Paldin rang our doorbell this morning at 6.15am. He held on to our passports last night in order to have us stamped out of Bhutan this morning but apparently this cant be done because we don’t have the departure cards we need. So he sits in our room talking and then makes a comment about how poor he is, having to support his daughter etc etc. He offers Shane a map of our route around Bhutan – one that is quite expensive. Shane offers to give him whatever Bhutanese cash he has left which he accepts. He finally takes off so that we can go and have breakfast. Almost as soon as we are back to pack our bags he returns with the map (which turns out to be ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Punakha November 1st 2012

Thursday 1stNovember This morning we travelled to the end of the valley and hiked up to Khamsum Yulley Nmagyel Chorten. The views are spectacular and, and we met a couple of the local senior ladies of the Chorten who are very keen to feed us our fill of Guava from their trees. We’ll travel back there tomorrow to a small school so that we can drop off all the toothbrushes we have for the local kidlets. It was a public holiday today to celebrate coronation day so of course the school is closed. Shane says: Palden was asking a few cheeky kids about school tomorrow, so we could give them the toothbrushes we brought along. One little smart arse replied “schools on but I wont be there, ahahha”. Typical smart alecs are the same the world ... read more

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