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February 16th 2020
Published: February 16th 2020
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13 Feb 2020


Its a beautiful sun shiney day here today, so we took a trip out to the ancient city of Troy, about 35kms from here. Its quite astounding that there have been nine cities built one on top of the other over the last 3500 years! We pretty much have the site to ourselves too which is one of the benefits of travelling here in the off season. We took some left over bread with us to feed the puppies and dogs as well. The Gallipoli guide did it a couple of days ago too, so we thought why not!

TheTurkish government has a special program for stray dogs. The stray dogs have an identification tag on their ear which means they have already been picked and brought to the local shelter for spaying/neutering and vaccination of rabies and other diseases. Once released, they are free to roam wherever they like, although most of them have their own turf that they stick to. The communities in which they live accept them, feed them and even groom them. They have no one owner. And interestingly enough, you dont have dogs barking all bloody night either!

The number 2 restaurant here in Canakkle is a place called Sardilye and it's only about 150 metres from our place, so we took off there to see what it was all about. Turns out it's a little kiosk style hole in the wall selling all sorts of seafood. You can have your seafood one of two ways. Either in a roll or on a plate! Easy really and pretty tasty too!



Valentines Day

We caught the ferry back over to Eceabat this morning, Valentines Day, and caught a taxi to the Kabatepe Simualtion Centre, otherwise known as the Gallipoli museum. Anyone expecting this museum to be about the Anzacs will be left wanting, as this centre is solely dedicated to the Turkish campaign. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. The Turks lost more people in that 9 month battle than any other country in the world, and it IS their country. I'm simply saying that not everything here is, nor should it ever be, only about the Anzacs. The cab driver drove us around a couple of the local villages on the way back to show us the 'real Turkey' and we ended up in a little village where Ataturk himself had lived.

On a lighter note, god the bread here is beautiful!!! Fatwoman Sweetie is alive and well in Turkey I tell you! You think its funny dont you Hamid!!?

This is our last day, Valentines Day, in Canakkle and we are heading to Ayvalik by bus tommorrow for a couple of nights at this stage. Did I mention it was Valentines Day today? Happy Valentine's Day to you all..... I can almost smell the roses I'm not going to get!?

Shane says: Alright Valentine's girl. I get the hint. I've organised a nice dinner tonight. There's no dirty bird in this place though!

15 Feb 20

Canakkle - Ayvalik

We had a very quiet dinner at Assos cafe last night. We would have stayed longer but for some reason some cafes in Turkey still allow their patrons to ruin your meal by letting them blow smoke in your face while you're eating!!!!

We have taken the bus to Ayvalik this morning and we'll stay here for 2 nights. We were hoping to go to the

The horse from the movie Troy, sits on the foreshore!
Pergamon ruins at Bergama from here rather than backtracking, but its not meant to be, so we'll do those from Izmir when we get there in a couple of days.

Our lodgings for the next 2 nights are at Orchis Otel, which came to life after the restoration of an 18th century soap factory! We're expecting to have a really quiet day here tomorrow just roaming through the old town and hopefully tasting some if the Olive oil this town is famous for.The other things the town is famous for is toasted sandwiches, so Knackers has ordered one for dinner tonight.What we are really craving is a delicious vegetable tagine!!!!?



This really is quite a pretty town and very quiet because it is Sunday and again, it is still the off season.

We've walked from one end of town to the other and from top to bottom. That covers it all.

Shane has taken a liking to the toasted sandwiches that the town is famous for and we've had one for lunch. I don't think they are all that great. In fact, I fed quite a bit of the meat to

Dinner at the #2 restaurant in Çanakkle
the cats. Funny things sat there tapping me on the arms. Who was I to refuse. How do you make a name for yourself making toasted sandwiches?? Doesn't that just indicate to visitors that you shouldn't expect any great culinary delights?

Leaving tomorrow for Izmir for 4 nights and booked in to what I'm hoping will be a nice apartment overlooking the Aegean.

Shane says: The toasties are pretty average. Roughly $2 a pop. I'll take her out for dinner on that, and have a little bit left over for some beers.??. Boys out there are hearing me. ??. The beers here are very good. Local drop of Efes comes in a few brands. Pilsen, Malt and a little kicker in the guts 7.5%!b(MISSING)eauty I've named 'Midnight spewer'. Apparently in Istanbul, after a couple before the infamous boat ride all inclusive night, I rode the porcelain bus home. Captain of that bus. So I'm not allowed the 'midnight spewer' brew again. Sticking to the Pilsen. They come in 500ml cans and 1 litre cans. You can buy them everywhere. 11 lira a can or about $3.75 for you Aussies. 10 bucks a four pack. Now thats some value! Hoping to visit some really good ruins in the next day or so, Ephesus and Pergamon. Stay tuned. Psst new nickname for Sharls (RTDD) She's 'ROCKING THE DOUBLE DENIM', looking mighty good too. 1980's are back baby yeah.

Sharls says: I meant to put on my black jeans and at the last minute and I forgot! Gees! When did you become the fashion police?

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Coffee anyone? Nescafe 2 in 1!

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