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11th February 2021
Thank you for sharing a very interesting article. iqosvapenet.
17th March 2020

good call
Guys you've made the right call to come home. Travel would just become more and more frustrating! See you soon.
17th March 2020

See you soon
Hi toots, yes it was becoming very problematic and now there'sa DFAT request to return as well. Happy Birthday to you xx xx Loads of love xx
31st January 2020

Zip bag
Shane really -AHAIR BRUSH????
20th January 2020

This place looks amazing! Just caught up on the blog. Can't wait for more ?
4th November 2011

tour details
Hi ! can u please email me your itinerary? (organiser, route, hotel etc).. keen on this trip...need help! jealous after seeing your pics :) is sept the bets month? clear weather?? do write back.. thanx Anu (India)
23rd November 2011

Hi Anu, We didnt have an itinerary really. Once we arrived in cusco, we purchased a simple package from a local travel agent for our entrance tickets to Machu Picchu, and for accomodation in Agius Callientes. The room was dreadful, so booking your own accomodation would be better. Everyone going to the ruins catches the same buses from a central point in town anyway and you can purchase those tickets at the bus. Be sure to spend a night or 2 in Ollantaytambo either before or after the ruins. Its a gorgeous little town and has its own ruins for you to explore :-)
26th October 2011

Great entry guys!!! and this photo is such a great capture of the moment! hope the traveling is still amazing! no doubt in my mind that its is.
From Blog: Galapagos!!!
16th October 2011

I knew you\'d get the F its hot comment! I wouldnt have chosen to do it either but what are you going to do once you get there LOL Hope you\'re all well and that you\'re enjoying the walking. Let me know if you get this ok??? I dont know if my responses are getting through xx
16th October 2011

Quito to Galapagos
Hi Pam, Not sure if its the cheapest way, but we saw some amazing deals in Quito travel agencies to Galapagos that included airfares and cruises. Perhaps google some agencies in Quito and email them?? You can also get some amazing deals booking in Galapagos when you get there. Hope this helps. Have a fantastic trip :-)
From Blog: Galapagos!!!
16th October 2011

Loved the updates - fantastic - think you are doing really good Sharls -tell Shane how lucky he is to have you and not me ! LOL - well think the Sth America cruise is looking good - it so sounds such a fantastic adventure- travel safe and enjoy - love B
15th October 2011

transportation to Galapago
Thanks for sharing! We are planning to go there in November. Do you know the best (and inexpensive) way to go from Quito to Galapagos? Thanks
From Blog: Galapagos!!!
11th October 2011

hey ct
Hi, very entertaining write ups, must say I am very impressed Sharls, boots, mud and F**K its hot, not a good combo.......... I certainly dont ever see myself wading in mud and fishing for pirhanna.......mmmmm What about the poisionous frog I had to laugh, it was in good company CT... Shane whats going on with the facial hair,' Distinguished', you might call it. I call it, 'cant be bothered'.... bye for now Valerie
10th October 2011

Hi Mikel, We took our trip at the end of the low season, and October is apparently the start of high season according to our guide. My only suggestion is that you perhaps contact one of the boating companies and ask their thoughts on this. ve a great trip. You'll love it :-)
From Blog: Galapagos!!!
4th October 2011

Hello Sharls and Shane Thanks for sharing your nice trip to Galapagos, me and my wife are also planning a vacation there very soon and we are now searching information about weather there, because it seems to be very rough on a boat or it just depends on the month of the year what do you think? May be you can give us an additional tip, Thank Mikel
From Blog: Galapagos!!!
22nd September 2011

This is a crack up
Hey Guys. Half way through reading the blog and have tears running down my face. This is a brilliant read. Having travelled with you guys for a short time in Vietnam, I believe all the stories about Shane. He led me astray on more than one occasion. Cant wait to read the rest. Have fun and try and stay married. Brett
20th September 2011

Until yesterday I read all your bpogs on your mums computer then she told me to go to your travel blog on the internet as I will not use facebook. Keep up the good work and enjoy. All I can say is that this a shitty trip !!!!!!!!!!!
From Blog: Ollantaytamo
8th September 2011

short cut
dear sharls i would appreciate it if you would stop calling him short cut i prefer sixto better lol. sounds like you guys having a ball lots of love Soc Deb n G Girl
From Blog: Mendoza
5th September 2011

That devil climb will get you fit - fantastic reading all the tales on travel and very interested in the "reds" reviews! Take care and happy travels - BB
From Blog: Salta and beyond
4th September 2011

SOB's are everywhere, and fck its hot!!! LOL xxxx
From Blog: Mendoza
31st August 2011

Hi from Valerie
Hi CT and shane, Photos are great sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Dogsville, sticksville and shitsville sounds like all thats missing is a SOB WAB!!!!!!!
From Blog: Mendoza
27th August 2011

Hi Guys
Mendoza sounds like a nice spot, nice food and wines
From Blog: Mendoza
23rd August 2011

Hi kids
Had a good laugh at this blog, sounds like fun, hope you can get over the mountains. Love Mum xxoo
From Blog: La Serena
21st August 2011
La Serena Beach

Go Golly
Any good surf waves there Golly?
From Blog: La Serena
19th August 2011

Hi there
This travel blog is fantastic and not to mention very entertaining, it is like being a fly on the wall for the Sharl's and Shane travel show. The blog entries never fail to gives us all a giggle. Keep it coming. I can't wait to hear all about the bus trip...he he I can only imagine how that it's going to go down, no pun stay safe and have fun on a shoe string!! lol love Jodz xx

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