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March 2nd 2020
Published: March 2nd 2020
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28th/29th Feb 2020


As planned, we just took it easy this past two days, catching up on laundry, sleep and walking miles and miles around the city and the old town.

This is a really pretty town with a really positive vibe, and it has real Melbourne weather - raining one minute, sunshine the next. We are heading for Cappadocia tomorrow morning on the 7.30am Kamil Koc bus. I'm not sure what made me look for the bus route online, but I did. The bus on this route only leaves twice a day, every day. For some reason, I can't see the bus we are travelling on. It's showing a shedule for the night bus but not the morning bus...... our bus. Perhaps its booked up now. Perhaps its not a real bus. Perhaps I'm over thinking this.

1st March 2020

Antalya - Goreme (Cappadocia)

Travel day - that means a 5.30am start this morning and very little sleep last night. The tram is running to schedule, and we arrive just in time, 45 minutes early. ?

When at 7am I dont see our bus up on the board, I tell Shane that I'm going to find out which gate our bus is pulling in to. He's always telling me to wait. Just wait and see. You worry too much. Just like last night when he asked me why I would bother checking the bus scedule online when the ticket is already booked days ago.

Anyway, I went to the counter and asked which gate the bus is pulling in to, and the cashier just shakes his head and says no. What do you mean no? He means no bus. The bus is cancelled and today there is only a night bus. I knew it! He says the only bus travelling today is the 9am Metro Bus. Fortunately, he cashes us out and then he goes to Metro and buys us some new tickets. Apparently the bus was cancelled due to snow. I dont see any other people cashing out their tickets between 7 and 7.30 so I suspect there werent enough people to run the bus. Having said that, we did encounter some spectacular scenery coming across the mountains and the snow stood about 2 feet deep on the side of the freeway.

We arrived in Goreme just after dark, took a short walk around what looks to be a beautiful little town, and had dinner. Our friend Colleen is flying in from the UK to meet us tonight for a few days so we can't wait to catch up. Our balloon ride has been rescheduled to tomorrow morning to take advantage of the good weather, so fingers crossed. Thats one early start I'm not going to mind!

2nd March 2020


It looks as though it's all go this morning for the ballon ride and we are driven to the launch site. After what seems an awfully long time, they tell us there is something wrong with our balloon. Good to know!! A replacement is brought in quick smart and off we go!

The sight of so many balloons in the sky at the same time is truly magical, and the scenery is stunning.

After breakfast the three of us took off for a walk, making our way to the open air museum to have a look at the caves. We are joined shortly therafter by a beautiful labrador dog who leads us from one adventure to the next for the next 2 hours! I say that because we didnt actually end up at the museum, but in and about the caves in the surrounding hillside. She seemed to know where she was going, so we followed her blindly, and she took us to some of the most stunning viewing areas. She even came back looking for Colleen and I at one point before heading back to Shane further along the track. Poor thing was so thirsty that when I offered her water from my bottle, she tipped her head back so that I could just pour it in to her mouth. She looked so pleadingly at Colleen, who was munching on some peanuts. Colleen didnt give her any. Next thing I know, she's heading down the hill, playing up to another couple who are heading past! I can't believe she ditched us! Just like that! And to think I was worried she would follow us back to our hotel and we wouldnt know what to do with her!!!

Shane says: Sharls and her worrying. Always anxious. Worried we will miss a bus. We are always 600 hours early to everything. No need to worry. At least for me. But as we were leaving the Antalya apartment in the elevator, guess what happens??? The elevator stops and we can't get out. Sharls starts to panic. I yell out 'bloody stop it' push a red button and bang door opens, a little off centre but nearly there. Anyhoo, Antalya was a nice stop. Big bus ride to Cappadocia. Beautiful place Cappadocia. Balloon ride was magical. Beer always good. What's to panic about? Not like she has work for another four months. Relax, enjoy!!!

Sharls says: I was right about the bus though wasnt I? Instinct buddy, instinct?

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