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Eileen and Tomas

Satisfying the strong spirit of carefree adventure that initially brought us together.
We were backpackers when we met and we have never really got it out of our system, so we travel and we travel cheaply so that we can do it in preference to working and for as long and as often as possible.
Exploring and embracing new experiences and feeling excitement at leaving behind a "normal life".
You won't find us queueing up at any of the Disneyland style tourist attractions we like seeing how others live and embracing the authenticity of people and places.
Life is way too short and a moment longer is a moment too long. Here we go....

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb June 8th 2019

I had very few expectations from Zagreb, which was Croatia's capital. When researching whether to visit Ljubljana or Zagreb the responses where mixed, some overwhelmingly in favour of one or the other. I had decided in my mind that I might prefer Ljubljana but Tomas was weighing towards Zagreb and then I managed to find what looked like a great place to stay in Zagreb, so that's how it came to be. I still want to get to Ljubljana sometime, so another one to add to my bucket list. Our self contained room was in the grounds of a small hospital easily walkable to the city. It was peaceful with a security guard on site, newly renovated and had only been listed a few weeks. Yes, everything was new, fresh and modern but it reeked cigarette ... read more
Zagreb Old Town Cathedral
13th-century St Mark’s Church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest June 2nd 2019

The bus leaving Bratislava didn't arrived for the scheduled 4pm departure. The Austrian girl we were sitting, waiting with said she had got a text saying that there was a 90 minute delay so we sat under the shelter of the outdoor bus bay surrounded by lightning and thunder storms waiting for its arrival. It arrived at 5pm and after the poor, exhausted driver checked everyone's passports and loaded their luggage we ended up leaving at 5.20pm, only 10 minutes before the next bus service was scheduled to leave for Budapest, making it even more frustrating for the driver in explaining to most of the people waiting that it wasn't their bus. I felt for him. Christina, the Austrian girl who lived in Budapest, helped us get off at an earlier stop in Budapest called Kelenfold and showed ... read more
Great Market Hall

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 2nd 2019

It is very unlike us to travel at such a cracking pace. We like rest days between busy days but this was an exception as after a late night we were up at 6am getting ready for our day trip by bus to Vienna. It had not really been in our itinerary until we realized just how close Vienna was to Bratislava. In a way we were dreading it,  because it felt overwhelming and exhausting but it was too good an oportunity to visit such a famous city that we had never visited before. Vienna is only 1 and 1/2 hours away from Bratislava by bus, stopping at Vienna airport along the way. The Monday morning bus was fairly full with weary ice hockey fans travelling back home after the World Championships final on the Sunday ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town May 30th 2019

After the night on the bus; leaving wet Krakow at midnight we arrived in Bratislava to sun at 7 am. Our airbnb was a short walk from the bus station and we were invited to check in before our host went out at 8.30 am, eventhough her official checkin time was 4pm. This allowed us to recover from the overnight before going out to explore. She was 60 and lived in a huge, very stylish apartment with high ceilings. We later found that she had many stories to tell and we learnt how it was for her to live here under Soviet occupation. Her brother had escaped 2 years before independence and it resulted in her father getting a demotion and losing his and the rest of the family's travel privelages that had come with his ... read more
View towards the UFO tower from the Palace.
Royal Palace

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków May 23rd 2019

The sun came out during our bus ride to Krakow and by the time we arrived the day was perfect. I was a little anxious during our trip as I had not yet received check in information for our next airbnb but finally about 10 mins before arrival the host communicated with me and sent cryptic photos referring as to where to locate the key. Anyhow! it turned out to be a great location and big bonus that we had the whole apartment to ourselves. Only downside was that we had no Internet because the host hadn't paid his bill and wouldn't respond to our messages. Our worst airbnb host experience so far. Arriving on a Saturday in beautiful weather, Krakow put on an impressive show for us. Sunny and buzzing with tourists, amazing buildings, cafes, ... read more
Our first cake sample in Krakow

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw May 23rd 2019

Rain, rain, rain! from the moment we arrived and at almost every crutial moment. Although maybe I am being a little harsh as we had some thankful breaks in the clouds. We couldn't check in until 1pm and arrived at 6am, so sat in a cafe at Centralia until 10am and then risked the weather for the 10.30 am old town walk.   Together with the long walk from Centralia we gave up before it finished and made our way towards the airbnb. Warsaw's Old Town has been completely reconstructed from old photos as it was completely bombed by the Nazis as punishment for the Poles in Warsaw trying to protect the Jews. Everywhere you go in Europe there are reminders of the horrors of World War II. Weronika and her huge dog Peggy greeted us ... read more
Warsaw Old Town Square
Street Art in Praga, across the river from Warsaw
Old Town Alongside the River Praga

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius May 23rd 2019

It was still light when we arrived in Vilnius at 7.15pm after a slow departure from Riga. A truck had collided with a car, blocking traffic and then our bus narrowly missed a cyclist. It was a 2.5km walk to our Airbnb but we stopped for groceries along the way arriving at our airbnb 8.20pm. Our walking legs were getting stronger. We had a quick briefing by our host and then to our pleasant surprise we were left with the apartment to ourselves as they left to spend the weekend planting tomatoes at their cottage. They left us a bowl of chocolates, hotel slippers and loads of special little extra touches. They were very warm, kind people. Day 1 was coldish and I did an Alternative tour of Riga in the afternoon mainly looking at street ... read more
Tomas happy in the sun with his Lithuanian beer
Vilnius Street Art. Part of a series that is in other places in the world. "The Yellow People"
Jesus with his backpack in Uzupio Republic which is a former idealistic community that has since been bought out by wealthy investors.

Europe » Latvia May 22nd 2019

After sitting through the recent SAS pilot's strike I wondered about SAS logistics when an Air Baltic flight was also scheduled to fly to Riga also at 9am for a quarter of the price of ours. 3 staff, 1 pilot and only 15 customers were on our flight. We only flew with SAS because it was part of our connection. Riga airport was modern and peaceful. Buying the bus ticket to town was extremely easy and we didn't even need to withdraw cash or change money. It was raining lightly on arrival but was an easy 10 min walk to our Airbnb and the room was ready when we arrived at 12.30. On our way to our room we spied a few Konditori bakeries and after check in fully sampled what they had to offer before ... read more
Such amazing Art Nouveau Architecture!
Amazing views from the top of the Radisson Hotel
Our first day of cake selections (1 for me 2 for Tomas)

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten May 22nd 2019

Ethiad Airlines were our carrier to Amsterdam, stopping in Abu Dhabi on the way. They we nothing impressive.  Food was very average and there were only toilets at the centre which was very difficult for us seated at the front when the food trolley blocked the isle. For the SAS flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm Tomas and I sat separately. He thought he had reserved a front seat with legroom but it ended up being like any other seat. I sat next to an animated 62 year old Dutch man who was heading to Vilnius with a friend for the week. We shared travel and booking tips the entire way. Apparently there is a "last minute" desk at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that you can just turn up with your luggage and be heading on a ... read more
Lake House Sunsets: Long days with low sun
Father's Birthday Cake
Walking along the Icy Lake. Within the week all the ice disappeared.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sutherland October 14th 2017

Mosman June 2017 For me it was a very short stay in Mosman. Tomas got there a week earlier than me but I finished the house sit in Toorak Gardens, in Adelaide and then started the following house sit in Oyster Bay while he remained in Mosman. It worked out tidily for us in the fact that we could seamlessly move from one to the other, without any gaps. We have got to know Boomer and Lyla, the 2 posh poodles well now, as well as their parents Robert and Barbara as this was our third time house sitting for them. They were our first house sit through the Aussie House sitters website and we feel they took a huge gamble on appointing us when we were still living in New Zealand and had few references ... read more
Harbour Sailing
Yogi morning walk
Mr Bear

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