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Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy September 30th 2017

Saturday 30th September 2017 After a good nights sleep the three of us were up at 5:30am, the air cool and the sky still dark. September, after the very high temperatures of July and August is a lovely month to visit as the temperatures are just about perfect. Around 6:15am we set off for the regular hours morning walk, today it's just Kilroy as Gary has gone south side for a few days so Buddy dog is now lodging at an "all inclusive" hotel in Catalkoy. The early morning flights from Ercan airport just over the mountain were heading across the sky to various cities in Turkey, whilst out to sea we could see the usual two ferry boats slowly appearing thro the haze as they chugged towards Girne harbour. Nice walk, again doing a lot ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy September 26th 2017

Tuesday 26th September 2017 So we now enter the last week of another month, how quickly time moves on. Usual routine and by 9am all walks, jobs, showers, breakfast plus cups of tea done. This morning the girls are off to the Club Tropicana for a fashion show organised by the Kyrenia Aninal Rescue society - wonder if they will be tempted with purchasing something? In the meantime the boys will be left at home to watch tv or surf the net. A nice morning, not to hot with a light breeze blowing making it all to easy just to nod off! Tonight John's brother and his partner Lynsey are coming across to join us for a BBQ, most likely around the pool area so it was a survey of the freezer to remove some meat ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy September 21st 2017

Wednesday 20th September 2017 Awake on the alarm, dog walking done and home for a quick cuppa before we started a clean up indoors and prepared for the arrival of our visitors later today. After a couple of hours making sure beds were made etc we had a quick scrub up and headed off to town to check out a dishwasher. Back into our favourite electrical outlet and deal was done in 5mins. Delivery in a day or two. Quick stop at Supreme for a snack for lunch and then home. John's brother and his partner are out on holiday living on the Crystal Bay View complex and his brother came across for a couple of hours catch up and we agreed to meet up again in a week or so. Just as he left our ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy September 15th 2017

Friday 15th September 2017 After the dogs had been walked, John jumped in the shower, changed and headed off to Tiga Trading car dealership and left Sarah with the Friday clean around! As agreed Gary had taken his car in for some paintwork to be rectified and John was duty taxi to bring him home......there will be the same trip again later in the day. Around 10am received a call from our flyscreen supplier who said they would be with us in 10mins to sort out the flyscreens on the windows. It's all happening. What we thought would be a quick 15 min job took almost two hours. They were very thorough. As soon as they had finished we headed into town to clear a few jobs. We needed some white paint just so we have ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy September 8th 2017

Friday 8th September 2017 Well it's now just over two months until we head home back to the UK, doesn't time fly? So we best make the most of it! Usual morning start, things nice and cool this morning which is perfect for our walk. Sat outside with our morning cuppa at 6am looking up at a slowly lighting sky with the moon still shining brightly. It will be a lovely day for sure. The temperature is now much more sensible at around 32C during the day, really is a good time of the year to visit. We like March - May when the island is green, full of flowers and we can also go out on extended walks. From June onwards things really do warm up and July/August are so very hot. September arrives and ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Buffavento August 31st 2017

Friday 1st September 2017 This is likely to be a busy month for us with friends and family coming out but today it's the normal morning routine with the dogs and then as it's a Friday it was the weekly clean up. By 9am we were all finished and time for a shower - John managed to be in and out before our friends from army days, Bill and Joan arrived. They flew into Larnaca in the early hours and called in to see us whilst out on the first day shopping and admin run.....a quick catch up with them and then we let them get back to their place as no doubt they were still feeling a bit shell shocked after their red eye flight. Plus they need to get home to enjoy their pool! ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy August 25th 2017

Saturday 26th August 2017 Dog walked as normal. As it's that time of year here in the UK the combine harvesters were out working all last night and this morning three green monsters were parked up having harvested in the fields all around the village. They finished just in time as a light shower was coming down, the first rain seen since being back in Blighty. Back home cups of tea for Dad and after a quick shower John popped out for a paper plus some snacks for the flight home tonight. Then pottering around packing and tidying around before settling down to a bit of sport on the tv, light lunch and chill. Mid afternoon and football had started so with the radio tuned in we listened to the game. By halftime and with The ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy August 20th 2017

Sunday 20th August 2017 A mixed blog for this week with some updates from Sarah and Kilroy in the sunshine of North Cyprus and a few from Johns brief return to the UK with every possibility of experiencing some rain! Early morning alarm call at dark o'clock for John ready for his pick up and transfer to Larnaca airport for the early flight by Cobalt Air back to Stansted. Up and at them at 3:15am 😲 cup of tea and sat on the balcony waiting for the transfer minibus. Five minutes early the chariot arrived and off to the airport. First result of the day, even tho it was a shared price paid there were no other pick ups en route. Driver was a nice old boy, not the mad, drive as fast as we can ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy August 12th 2017

Saturday 12th August 2017 Enjoyed our extra 30mins lie in so up and at them with the dogs this morning and off down the hill following the road towards the Malpas Hotel. It is of course all uphill on the way home, but we can say it is keeping us fit for sure. So thank you Kilroy and your mate Buddy. Home and a quick sweep and hoover around before relaxing on the patio with more cups of tea. Sarah then popped Kilroy down to the vets for his first set of annual injections - all the usual stuff that is done in the UK but much cheaper out here. He will return in a couple of weeks for the booster and that should be him until next summer. After returning with the dog, John then ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy August 7th 2017

Monday 7th August 2017 It's happy birthday to Sarah day! After our exhausting last couple of days all we plan to do is chill. Walked the dogs as normal and once back home John transplanted our melon seeds which after having just been thrown in the herb tub decided to grow and now we have a few melon plants. Also prepared a tub for the front balcony and maybe we will see some suitable plants at this weeks Wednesday market. Gardening done, more tea and shower time. Weather today warm and muggy with still a few greyish clouds hanging around but no rain forecast. More coffee whilst sat on the back patio, Kilroy snoozing and to be honest his parents were pretty relaxed as well. As midday approached and the sun was high in the sky ... read more

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