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Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy July 31st 2017

Monday 31st July 2017 Well that's July almost over, where did that month go? Been here almost two months now and seems we have done a lot in that time, so now we think we have a few quieter days with not a lot happening. Walk with Kilroy first thing and home by 7:30am for the usual quiet hour sat out on the back patio, just enjoying the silence and a healthy breakfast! A quick visit to Sah supermarket as we had run out of spuds, vital ingredient as tonight we are having home made chips with our supper. Sarah had also spotted some flip flops to replace the very thin, tired ones that John was wandering around wearing. Had a good look around the supermarket - it's a bit like a Waitrose in the U.K. ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy July 26th 2017

Wednesday 26th July 2017 No doggie friend for Kilroy on his walks as Buddy dog has gone to stay with Gary's friends whilst Gary is off for a short break. Never mind he will have to put up with us. As we have nothing planned today it was a longer walk this morning, taking a big circular route from our place, across the top of the ravine near the goat farm and then a wander down the road to nowhere until it finally entered the outskirts of Catalkoy. Then back down the ravine via a good track before heading uphill and back home. About 1hr 40mins wander. First thing when we reached home was a Kilroy shower, which he really does enjoy. Hose him down for a few minutes to cool off then it was shampoo ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Çatalköy July 21st 2017

Friday 21st July 2017 Had to be really strong this morning to summon the will power to get up out of bed after our late night Visiting Soner at his place in Getikale. First thing we both said after waking up is we are having a siesta later! Cup of tea and saddled up the hound, picked up Buddy and off we went. Once we had got going it was fine and a nice stroll for an hour or so arriving back home at 7:20 ish. Today is Friday and its a tidy round first thing and once done we headed out to do our weekly supermarket shop. First stop however was a material shop to buy some new foam for the cushions on our whicker outside Sofa. Very nice helpful man who said he would ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia » Buffavento July 15th 2017

Saturday 15th July 2017 Today is the 43rd anniversary of the coup in 1974 when Greece's military junta along with fanatical Greek Cypriots looked to overthrow the government and push Cyprus into a union with Greece. In the ROC sirens will sound at 8:20am, the time the coup started. Given the past history of this island the coup of course sent alarm bells ringing throughout the Turkish Cypriot community. Sure enough not only was there fighting amongst Greek Cypriots who were for and against the union with Greece but also attacks on the Turkish community started. On the 20th July 1974 Turkey as a guarantor power intervened and the rest is history. All these years on and the Cyprus problem has still not been resolved with the latest and some say last chance, final round of ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia July 10th 2017

Monday 10th July 2017 Buddy was very pleased to join Kilroy on the morning walk and was waiting by the gate as we walked up, jumping up and down with excitement. A slightly different route as we headed up to the goat farm and instead of following the track into the hills took a right turn and headed down and uphill thro a small ravine and picked up a track on the other side. Meandered downhill for about 20mins until we were almost opposite Buffavento Village; where we live, albeit with a very deep, uncrossable ravine between us and home. We think that if we had continued onwards downhill we would have eventually come to a spot where we could follow our usual route home from Catalkoy village by using a track into the ravine and ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia July 6th 2017

Thursday 6th July 2017 No cicadas chirruping this morning as it has cooled down a little and the sun has not hit there backs to rouse them and set them off. There are some ugly creatures in the world of which cockroaches and cicadas are high up there. This morning we found one cicada having a snooze on a flip flop so being very brave we took a couple of pictures before the thing awoke. Damn ugly! To balance things up we gave a quick check of our garden and there are now plenty of beautiful flowers around with geraniums in the pots beginning to really come alive, jasmine smelling lovely, camellia blossoming and our bougainvillea; which we had to nurse along for a couple of years has finally taken hold. Even our rose planted late ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia July 1st 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017 Today's early alarm call at 5:30am was the delightful noise of the cicadas. After driving home last night with a hot hairdryer breeze blowing and the temp at 8pm still 33C you just know that a heatwave has arrived. This morning at 6am the temperature had cooled to a mere 28C so hounds to hand, rucksack, dog bowls and water on board we set off for the hours walk. As we passed the goat farm, the farmer had today bought his pickup truck along.......we think Saturdays is "selection" day for those who are going to be providing the weekends bbq or Sunday joint. A nice stroll with a quick water stop for our four legged friends at the turnaround point and back home by 7am for more tea. Then it was a ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 26th 2017

Monday 26th June 2017 In the words of Monty Python "We got up half an hour before we went to bed....." Yep 5:30am and we were up having a quick cuppa before setting off for an hours walk with the dog. The summer heat has definitely arrived so it's best to set off before the sun gets high in the sky and the thermometer starts to rise. Kilroy obviously appreciated the relative coolness as he was sniffing around at every bush and tree along the way whilst trying to chase every lizard and butterfly as well. By 7am we were back home and relaxing with the second cuppa of the day. As its still holidays here we probably will stay home for the day to avoid the traffic and the crowds with Sarah considering getting her ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 22nd 2017

Thursday 22nd June 2017 No clouds at all this morning, it's going to be a hot one. Usual start to the day, but a small repair job to be done to the fly screen on our patio door. Late last night just before we ventured off to bed, a brave cat came strolling by and took a look thro the flyscreen. Kilroy was oblivious at first but suddenly spotted the small feline and made a dash for the door. As is the way with cats, they will always win, especially as Kilroy head butted the fly screen knocking it out of its runners. The cat meanwhile nonchalantly strolled away! Fortunately no damage done to anyone, just the job of repositioning the flyscreen back on its runners, all whilst Kilroy was sniffing around trying to offer his ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 16th 2017

Friday 16th June 2017 Seems like around 6am is now the norm for waking up, so it was the usual cup of tea and weather check. Clear blue cloudless sky, temperature 22C and all is still. Forecast for the weekend and for the next couple of weeks is an average of 32C. No doubt as we enter July and August we will also have a few very very hot days. We hear the weather in parts of the UK is also set fair for the weekend, so enjoy it whilst it lasts......our weather is expected to remain hot and sunny till around the end of October. A quick water of the garden, which is now looking very green and flowers coming out - amazing what a bit of water will do to spark things back into ... read more

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