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Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 19th 2015

After a very hot day, managed to get onto the ferry without much fuss, having had a chat with a couple returning their ancient (F Reg) van back to the UK. A long story, but when they dock in Dover they'll have no MOT, tax or insurance & possibly no registered number plate as they'd originally exported it a year of luck with that one! Have you ever slept in a very hot box (Billy) in a hot box (car deck) inside a ship? Well we have & it's not very pleasant, in fact it was pretty horrid but at least we got some sleep. Then it took us 2 hours to get out of the port with the normal OTT bureaucracy, rubber stamps, pieces of paper etc – we nearly escaped but were sent ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Lapta June 17th 2015

Well, that was a quick 4 weeks! A very relaxing time with old & new friends & no dramas except for one of my fillings dropping out followed by a visit to a dentist - thankfully a very good one at that. The ferry home was cancelled & re-arranged, cancelled again & rearranged for tonight at midnight Cyprus time, 10pm BST. So a quick visit to the coastal bar/restaurant this morning to have lunch & say our goodbyes (bye bye Katie) then packed Billy, said farewell to Paul, Patty & Jo across the road before tea & we plan to leave here at around 9pm to check in & start our long journey home...... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 11th 2015

Hello to whoever is reading this! Probably my Mum, Dad or Liam. For those who don't know, i am leaving to Indonesia in 3 days. I am going to spend 6 weeks on Hoga island (within Wakatobi National Park) where i will gather data to produce my fourth year project. My project concerns one species of coral and i will be subjecting it to a range of nutrient and temperature intensities (within a wet-lab) i want to see what levels of these factors it can tolerate or not (causing bleaching aka death) and whether their affect is increased in combination. Increased nutrients in coral reef waters (from anthropogenic sources) and also increasing global temperatures (also caused by humans - sigh) are having dramatic affects on the coral cover around the world. Coral are beautiful but delicate ... read more
Hoga Island

Middle East » Cyprus » Lapta May 22nd 2015

After only 4 hours sleep, the first hour having been disturbed by the driver next to us was playing loud progressive Turkish music (it's deffo not the future), there was a knock on the door just as the alarm went off. OK, OK...but a knock again. A pyjama'd Cathy opened the door to be greeted by the friendly old man with eyes on stalks... Whilst we had been asleep another ship had berthed & this was the one we were to board all along. Whilst our tickets said the 'Via Mare' they had been stamped with 'Valkan' – we didn't know it was ship's name. Old man told us to follow him behind his truck, which we did then another chap from the line showed us where to park up whilst Valkan unloaded. Sounds like Star ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Lapta May 22nd 2015

New tap fitted to kitchen & new hoses, new internals fitted to the toilet cistern, bought more credit for the dongle, hence this & stuff for the frame which can wait until manyana.. Now having a blog rest until we set off for home in mid June....but do I do it all again on the way home? I think I'll let you decide! Drop me an email please ( & I shall declare the result in the next blog Love from sunny Cyprus! David & Cathy xxx... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Larnaca April 15th 2015

Having lived abroad for almost 3 years now, I have been given so many opportunities to experience life in ways that I never imagined I could. It has opened my eyes to an entire world I had no idea really, actually existed... In some ways, Earth is exceptionally small. Compared with the rest of the universe we are a tiny, minute spec of both existence and time. The human race of today will only be present for such a short amount of forever. To the rest of the endless universe, we barely make any difference at all. I spend a surprising amount of time thinking about this rather depressing thought! And it always leaves me thinking about the ways in which we lead our lives. I understand that each individual is different, and people find happiness ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus January 27th 2015

Cyprus in is an alluring destination and even my friends and I could hardly resist its charm. We found the beaches particularly enticingwith the wide array of beach clubs we planned to party until we dropped. Since we were kids, we were so intrigued to go to Vegas, just to know why they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Since our childhood dream never came to be, we planned to make Cyprus our Vegas. However, when we got to Cyprus, we decided to get the best of both worlds, get to see some sites and still stick to our plan. Here are the three places we visited when we were not on the dancing floor: THE ANCIENT KOURION I am personally not a historical buff and would have nothing to do with ancient places, ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos August 29th 2014

Cyprus 2014 A february trip to Cyprus, we stayed in the Coralbay area. The area had alot of new, big, half built houses. Just left abandoned, some with fulled fitted kitchens or bathrooms. Just sitting there in rows, left completely open and unfinished. It would seem the area was doing well with alot of new places being built before the economy crashed, now they're all just empty shells of houses sitting there, its sad really. Anyway the hotel had a great supermarket right across the street which was handy and the local shops and attractions were all walking distance. It being february though quite a few places were closed simply for being out of season, but we found this to our benefit most days, as the off season meant we would wander down to a beach ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos July 9th 2014

I had an opportunity to visit Cyprus, the pearl of Mediterranean, in May 2002. That was for presenting a paper in an international conference, hosted jointly by the Commonwealth Science & Technology Secretariat and WAITRO. After a change of flights in Dubai I landed in Larnaca, the international port of entry for Cyprus. I headed for Paphos, a resort town in the western part of Cyprus and host city for the conference. The drive along the southern coast of the island was breathtaking with the azure blue Mediterranean Sea keeping company all along! We crossed the port city of Limassol on the way. Limassol also thrives on software development activities thus attracting a sizeable population of expatriate Indians. Smoothly weaving through the hillocks of limestone and plains growing oranges and grapes, the four-lane highway brought us ... read more
Paphos Harbour
Petra Toy Romiou - Birthplace of Aphrodite
Sanctuary of Aphrodite near Paphos

Middle East » Cyprus May 2nd 2014

It's hard to believe that it's 22 years since we met on a training course in Cyprus. What adventures we've had since then. So, when some friends, Bev and Sno, were nearing the end of their tour on the island we took the opportunity to go and visit. We have been back in the meantime but that was about 12 years ago now and many things have changed in that time. Getting there from Spain wasn't easy and we ended up flying with British Airways via London Gatwick. It was actually cheaper than EasyJet via Milan! Our friends live on the eastern side of Cyprus. From there we were able to take a trip down to Ayia Napa to see how the former fishing village, which 20 years ago was rapidly becoming the club capital of ... read more
Natural arch at Cap Greco
The intimidating flags on the North
Paphos harbour at dusk

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