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Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol May 23rd 2016

Today we had one of the highlights of the tour: a visit to the site that our tour leader Kevin is working on. It's a town from the Late Bronze Age (about 1400-1200 BC) that has a very large building in it that looks rather like a palace. Whoever ruled the place based his wealth on olive oil: one room in this building held around 40 giant jars of olive oil, and there were two large areas of the building that seem to have been used to produce oil on an industrial scale. There are letters from the "King of Cyprus" to the Pharaoh of Egypt at this time, and Kevin speculates that the Cypriot king may have lived in this "palace". We also visited the really lovely village nearby where Kevin and Sheri go for ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol May 22nd 2016

The Baptist is a professor of archaeology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary named Tom Davis. The Earthquake House is a residential area in the Roman town of Kourion on Cyprus that was destroyed by an earthquake around 365 AD. Tom is a friend and former mentor of Kevin, the leader of our tour. He excavated the Earthquake House and discovered several skeletons - mostly human but also one donkey - of those who were apparently killed instantly by the earthquake. He's now working on a different area of the site and he gave us a guided tour of his current excavation as well as the rest of the town. It's really interesting to see an archaeological site together with the person working there! We also visited a Crusader castle today, so it was a great day ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol March 26th 2016

The first day at sea after leaving Aqaba was pretty uneventful. I basically spent the day working on my photos from Jordan and writing the previous blog entry. We had to sail back down the Gulf of Aqaba and around the Sinai Peninsula into the Gulf of Suez. We reached the coast off Suez at about 4:30pm and set anchor. At that point it was just a matter of waiting until the next morning when we would join a convoy entering the Suez Canal. Most of the passengers on board the Aegean Odyssey were pretty excited about going through the canal, including myself. It is a pretty amazing feat of human engineering and political will, really. The facts you can look up for yourself if you’re interested, but one tidbit we were told was that passage ... read more
Cruising up the Suez Canal
Bridge over the Suez Canal
Ferry waiting to cross the Suez Canal

Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol December 16th 2015

November 28 2015 Arrived at the port in Limassal Cyprus a city with a population of 230,000 out of a population of 500,000 for all of Cyprus. Traveling from the port to the Rudos mountains to Argos village where sweets are the Industry mainly carmel. Cypress is split greeks in the soth turks in the north. The borddr is opened ut youneed papers to cross, many greeks willnot go north. Next to the rose house which makes rose oil unique to the island. The Mellon falls 23 mhigh arethe tallest on the island nothing like the ones we find in BC..Heneia the village of arts are last stop.... read more
Sweet factory
sweet factory

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Peyia October 13th 2015

Well after months of planning (by Pat) we picked up our flight tickets for next Monday 19 October. Departing Larnaca we head for Dubai then on to Bangkok for 4 nights. After that heading for Perth and nearly 3 months traveling around Australia. Planes, trains and automobiles will be involved and apparently we even get to see a 'Big banana' in Coffs Harbour! We hope to catch up with a few friends and family along the way and visit a country that neither of us has been to before. More soon. ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol August 12th 2015

Yes, this is my first visit to Cyprus....discovering the most I can in a truly packed 48 hours...even drinking some local wine! You will not see me lying on any of those beaches....I'm sure they have better one than those I saw, but what I witness here is truly not for me. No luxury hotel here for me, just decent one, as I'm waking up early, go to sleep late, and pack a lot in the middle. I picked my rental car at midnight from Avis. For once over the last few weeks, this car doesn't look like a wreck. My first stop, the little city of Larnaca...interesting place to drive in, most roads are one way, and finding my hotel in the Old Town in the middle of the night is an interesting game! Once ... read more
Diving the Zenobia
Pretty amazing Aphrodites golf course...

Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol July 18th 2015

July 18, 2015 - This morning ended up being quite the kerfuffle. I woke up at 7am, had breakfast, internetted, got ready and left the guesthouse by 8:25 for my 9am bus. Of course I got lost on the way to the bus station. It was actually much closer than expected. But I got there at 8:55, so no worries. But at 9:10, a bus with a different destination and 9:30 departure time rolled in, and I got nervous. Seems I missed the bus! These buses never leave early. So annoyed, because the next bus left at 10:30. So I had to just sit and wait. At 9:30, another bus pulled into a parking spot, and I wondered if that would be the bus to Limassol I needed. Later it sounded like the bus was running, ... read more
Castle area by day - empty. So hot.
Castle area at night - cooler. Full of life.
In Limossol castle

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos July 16th 2015

July 16, 2015 - Today is my nephew's 15th birthday. Seriously, when did that happen? He was just 6. This morning I woke up before my alarm, as always. Had my breakfast, packed up, and headed out at 7:25am for the 8am bus. I made it with no trouble, and even had some waiting time before the bus left. But it was already there when I arrived, and not many people were waiting, so I put my backpack under the bus and was the first one on, in the first seat with nothing obstructing my view. I read a little about Pafos, my destination, and then slept for a bit. It was a two hour ride, which was kind of nice. I like longer rides – I find them relaxing. When I arrived, I wandered around ... read more
Archaeological park mosaics
Archaeological park
Archaeological park

Middle East » Cyprus » Nicosia July 14th 2015

July 14, 2015 – Today I got up around 7am and started to get ready for the day. I had to repack and have breakfast, and then I walked back to the beach, where I could get the intercity bus to Nicosia, the capital. The bus left at 9am and I arrived around 8:40. The bus takes 45 minutes in theory, but with traffic, we arrived sometime around 10:20. I took a city bus towards the apartment I rented, and then had to look a bit for the right street. The woman showed me the studio – it is quite small, but had everything I needed. And by everything, I mean air conditioning. Nicosia is not on the coast, and is even hotter, at 100 degrees. The a/c will help a lot. Here, it also takes ... read more
Famous mythical bird in Cyprus
Famous mythical bird in Cyprus

Middle East » Cyprus » Larnaca July 13th 2015

July 13, 2015 – Apparently Paul did not get the memo. He came at 2am, a full hour early. I was asleep and pretty freaked out when the bell rang, and then I was a bit out of it while I got ready. He helped me get a taxi outside and I got to the airport a full 90 minutes before I could check-in. I sat on some artificial grass under the escalators that I heard all the backpackers sleep on when they get to the airport early or arrive too early in the morning to get into town. I didn’t sleep, but it was a good place to wait half dazed. I checked in at 4:30 and then went to the gate and laid down on a bench for an hour. They started to board ... read more
Larnaca beach
Agios Lazaros church

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