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September 15th 2017
Published: September 21st 2017
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I know I look stupid! The cats are taking the mickey out of me as well.
Friday 15th September 2017

After the dogs had been walked, John jumped in the shower, changed and headed off to Tiga Trading car dealership and left Sarah with the Friday clean around! As agreed Gary had taken his car in for some paintwork to be rectified and John was duty taxi to bring him home......there will be the same trip again later in the day. Around 10am received a call from our flyscreen supplier who said they would be with us in 10mins to sort out the flyscreens on the windows. It's all happening. What we thought would be a quick 15 min job took almost two hours. They were very thorough. As soon as they had finished we headed into town to clear a few jobs. We needed some white paint just so we have some to touch up any knocks or scrapes, picture frame man, laminating shop, water for church and home via Supreme to buy a few items. First diy shop didn't have the right paint, second diy shop was closed but fortunately third shop had the very thing. By now for whatever reason traffic into town was gridlocked and after a bit of a wait we

Girne Amphitheatre. Waiting for the main event. The Beatles!
decided that all other jobs in town could wait so we wandered back to Catalkoy via the villages and called into Supreme before arriving home just before 2pm. Late lunch of menu of the day from the supermarket, just one portion which we shared. Rice and vegetables in a very nice sauce. Sat on our balcony for an hour, then Sarah finished off her cleaning whilst John was on Kilroy watch. His minor op is healing but itchy and he is starting to lick and scratch himself so sorry Mr Kilroy but you are going to have to wear your plantpot for the next few days. 😂 Around 3:30pm, John picked up Gary and back to the garage to retrieve his car. An hour later he was back home and into the shower before getting ready for the Friday quiz. Sarah decided that she would dip out on the quiz night to keep a watch on Kilroy as it was obvious his wound was really itching. A watsapp picture was sent to the vet (Isn't technology great) earlier today who looked at his wound and recommended some creams....apparently one cream calms things down and really stops the urge to scratch,

Beatles Tribute band...Beatlemania. Great night.
the other protects against bacteria. So off Sarah went to pick up the potions and once home we made sure the hound had his first dose. John headed to quiz, it was a very busy night and at end of it we had finished 2nd! Great result. Home just before 9pm and a bit of a chat with Bill and Joan over a glass of Speyside single malt whiskey, very nice. Then it was supper time and we enjoyed a nice salmon pasta, bruschetta and a glass of white. Lovely evening.

Saturday 16th September 2017

Last night was the first night for a good few months that we did not have the aircon on at least some of the time, so it must be a little cooler of an evening. We did however still have our fan circulating the air, window open and of course no quilts, sheets or blankets over us. Usual morning chores watering the garden, walking the dogs and pottering around. Once we were back home and having had the obligatory 3 cups of tea, we had breakfast, fed Kilroy before setting off to town to try and finish the jobs we attempted yesterday. This

Winter has arrived?
time all went well, normal traffic on the way in so we still have no idea what the problem was yesterday that caused the gridlock. First stop money exchange (Rate is 4.65TL to the £), then into Lemar supermarket to pick up the water then onwards to the church to offload. Heading out of town the next stop was the picture frame man - collect Monday. Onwards to laminating shop, he had just opened up and said it would take 10mins for the machine to warm up, so very conveniently there was a cafe next door so cup of tea and a sausage roll. Of course 10mins in Cyprus is always a bit flexible! Continued onwards to China Bazaar to see if they had paint brushes and bottle such thing, then into Erdener supermarket for a price comparison exercise - there was the bottle brush! Wobbled up to Ozankoy butcher shop and purchased some meat, he has a good selection and it's always great quality. Final call was Supreme supermarket and then home just after midday. Restful afternoon with books, papers and film. No watching the footie today as we are out this evening; so young Kilroy had an

Cloudy late afternoon Sun 17th
early walk then home for a light snack whilst we got ready - tonight 5 of us are off to see a Beatles tribute band called "Beatlemania" at the amphitheatre in Girne.

Arrived at the amphitheatre just as the doors were opening, a lovely setting looking out to sea. North Cyprus and organised events often have a twist to them and this was no exception. The promised drinks and food outlets were not to be seen 😲 apparently they had "forgotten" to tell the right people! Who knows how this could happen. There was an announcement about this just before the event started with an explanation that after frantic calls etc, drinks and crisps etc would arrive in the next 10mins - this of course meant in the next hour. They did at least eventually arrive. The warm up band was a local foursome called Acoustic 4, they weren't bad and played some enjoyable numbers. Then the obligatory break whilst equipment was changed before the main event.....Beatlemania. What an excellent night - they came on and did three different sets, changing costume each time and taking us from the early 60s, to the psycadelic era and finally the end

Cool and cloudy Buffavento Village
of the Beatles time. Great songs which got many up and dancing and even more singing along. By around 11:15pm the show came to an end and we headed home. Kilroy round the block and bed but not before a check on the football. A good 1 - 1 draw away from home so Posh retain second place.

Sunday 17th September 2017

A not very pleasant morning with low cloud over the mountains and no breeze. Very very humid and the hours walk was not pleasant. Morning routines done by 8am and back home for a cup of tea and a couple of other jobs. John had borrowed Gary's extendable ladder to fix the high curtain runner in our sitting room properly, then moving outside to cut a rogue piece of internet wiring and then climb up and scrub part of the wall. All this working at height is not a favourite for John and wobbly legs made things even more sweaty. Final job was to train some more of the bougainvillea down onto our pergola on the rear patio. Sarah headed to church, long day for her today as it's harvest supper after the service, with tables

Local rag for North Cyprus.
and chairs set up in the vicarage gardens. Of course it's guaranteed fair weather so everyone can gather outside. John is on dog watch and also liaising with our man who bought our old white goods to arrange when he can collect. Sarah was away by 10am so John gave the place a quick hoover round and then time to relax with the tv, occasionally nodding off after the late night yesterday. By around 11:30am the weather had changed, clouds still around but humidity gone and things noticeably cooler and much more pleasant. A very quiet day with Sarah eventually home at 3:30pm and a deserved siesta. The clouds have dominated the weather today and by late afternoon things were much cooler as we sat on the balcony with our cuppa, but still in t shirts and shorts. Kilroy had his usual evening stroll, not impressed wandering around his patch with a cone on his head - it just isn't cool. Over the last week we have had a flurry of responses about our possible log cabin in the garden project and whilst we havent selected a company, we do seem to be narrowing down the internal design and layout.

English speaking Turkish paper so we can keep up with more regional news at the end of the Mediterranean
Hopefully we can get some more designs this week and maybe even some ideas on cost. No sundowners as no sun so a glass of wine for John, soft drink for Sarah some nibbles and a read of the papers. Supper for Sarah after her harvest supper was a jacket potato and salad and it was fish fingers, jacket spud and mushy peas for John. Time then to continue reading but obviously we were to exhausted - late nights are not that easy to shake off 😀. A final stroll for his lordship and an early night.

Monday 18th September 2017

Awake with the alarm this morning, we must have all slept well! Still dark outside but fantastic view of a crescent moon and Venus just above it. As we could see the moon it did mean the clouds of yesterday had all but gone, which is good news as it also means that the humidity will have dropped. Buddy dog has a female visitor staying with him for a few days as Gary is dog sitting, so we left him to it and set off with Kilroy on our morning walk. Met Bonny; a beautiful Cyprus Pointer

Glorious start to the day on our morning walk.
puppy out for a walk with her owner. She is growing fast since the last time we saw her, plus she also is walking off the lead a little - she will be a good dog. Unlike a lot of dog owners out here, her owner is putting in the time and effort to train her properly. By 9am we had breakfasted and were on the road heading towards the border crossing at Metehan, Lefkosa. A road trip across to the south this morning with stops at Jumbo, the dreaded IKEA and also a Lidl. First stop was the border crossing and once on the south side we needed to purchase insurance. Then onwards to Jumbo superstore, everything you could never need. A wander around picking up "things" and then it was onwards about another 5km to IKEA. We knew what we wanted.....some wicker chairs and they had the very thing. Then about 2km further on and a Lidl, just wanted a few items that were hard to find here in the north. Shopping done we headed back home calling in at the picture frame man to pick up some pictures and Supreme supermarket for a light lunch. Back home to be met by Kilroy who had been a very good lad so lots of fuss and hugs for him plus also a couple of biscuit treats. Lunch first which was kopes, cigar borek and a couple of spicy Turkish sausages. Very nice. Then we unpacked everything, Sarah did a quick clean up whilst John popped across to Garys place to give him a hand to move furniture back indoors now the painter and cleaners had finished their work. By 5pm we're chilling on the balcony and Kilroy had retired to the patio for a snooze.

Earlier walk for Kilroy tonight as it's a little cooler. Somehow on the walk he slipped his harness and was "free" he looked around a bit bewildered- we were a bit concerned, but we called him and he looked and came running back.....good boy! Back home it was showers and changed and a couple of cold beers whilst playing another game of scrabble. Sarah won easily! Tonight's supper is schnitzel courtesy of Lidl plus some salad and coleslaw that Sarah had left from her harvest supper contribution yesterday. Excellent feast indeed. A wander round the block with Kilroy and that was another day over.

Tuesday 19th September 2017

After our walk this morning it was breakfast, shower and off out again. First stop was money exchange in town, excellent exchange rate then dropping off some donations into the KAR charity shop before heading over the mountain to Erulku supermarket for some shopping. A slow wander thro the supermarket and just over an hour later we were loading up to come home. Reversed out of parking slot, came to a halt just moving forward and some bloke Ina hire car reverses into us. All stop, jumped in hire car jumps out - still holding and talking into his mobile which is what he was doing when he bumped us. A quick look around no damage done so he said sorry and waved a cheery farewell! Back home by 12:30pm, unloaded and enjoyed a light lunch and cold drink on the balcony. The afternoon was quiet however it seems that our dishwasher has developed a leak. Mind you it has been making strange groaning and wheezing noises over the last few days. So a quick inspection of hoses etc, seems to be ok so time for a test run to see if we can find a leak. Sure enough soon after firing up the old beast started to leak water. Managed to lift it off the floor just enough to look underneath which wasn't good - it looked like the under side of an eastern block Trabant car, all rusted up and water leaking. Plus the temperatuse sensor appears to have gone as it was really hot. Executive decision made, she will have to go. Mind you it is 12 years old and has seen a lot of action. Will take another look at our favourite white goods outlet tomorrow. Remainder of the day was spend dog walking, enjoying a game of scrabble - well Sarah did as she ran away with an easy win a bit of supper and bed!


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