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September 21st 2017
Published: September 25th 2017
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Greetings again from John, Bill, Joan and Sarah!
Wednesday 20th September 2017

Awake on the alarm, dog walking done and home for a quick cuppa before we started a clean up indoors and prepared for the arrival of our visitors later today. After a couple of hours making sure beds were made etc we had a quick scrub up and headed off to town to check out a dishwasher. Back into our favourite electrical outlet and deal was done in 5mins. Delivery in a day or two. Quick stop at Supreme for a snack for lunch and then home. John's brother and his partner are out on holiday living on the Crystal Bay View complex and his brother came across for a couple of hours catch up and we agreed to meet up again in a week or so. Just as he left our old army friends Bill and Joan called in, first holiday in there new home in the sun was coming to an end and they had just locked up and were heading south side for a couple of days before flying home. We are in charge of checking house and letting the kitchen man in when he has made some new cupboards for them. Quick

Rally cars in Girne main car park
chat and we said farewell, they are out here end of 2018 to live permanently so we will see them then. All jobs done we chilled for the rest of the afternoon before John took Kilroy for an evening stroll, whilst Sarah did FaceTime with an elderly relative........not sure Helen will be pleased to read that! 😂. John and hound came home and both showered so they smelt lovely and clean! At around 6:45pm a taxi pulled up and Johns uncle Rob and his wife Jackie had arrived. A good trip via Jet2 from Manchester, smooth transfer across as well. Spent a couple of hours just chatting before supper which was chicken tagine, bulgar wheat and flatbread all followed by a choice of chocolate or lemon puddings. Washed down with a bottle of fizz, some Efes and white wine. Lovely evening which ended with the usual walk around the block and time for us all to head for bed.

Thursday 21st September 2017

Same morning routine, this time we had Buddy dog with us as well. Home by 7:30am for an hour just sat quietly doing nothing but drinking tea and surfing the net. Rob and Jackie had

Girne rally preparation
a leisurely start to the day, we said there was no rush to get up or do anything as they were on holiday so must relax. The morning moved onwards and by midday we all were sat poolside just chatting and enjoying the sunshine and great scenery. Sarah went back to our place bought back a light lunch of bread, cheese, tomatoes and crisps washed down with some cold grapefruit juice. Mid afternoon and most then retired back home, John remaining poolside attempting to read a book but also interrupted by bouts of snoozing! 😌

Pool time over, Sarah and John headed down the hill with Kilroy on his evening walk and then it was back home for a shower and change. Tonight we are off out to Leman, the lahmucen and pide place in Catalkoy village meeting Norman and Jill for a catch up. As usual a great traditional, relaxing evening where the ways of the old Turkish Cypriots comes to the fore. Help yourself to drinks, write your own order and add up your own bill at the end of the night. Lahmucen, Mixed Pide, salad, chips, yogurt, a bottle of wine, Efes beers and soft drinks

Rally meet
- total of 144TL for the six of us which at today's exchange rate is approx £30! A lovely evening spent chatting about anything and everything as the conversation flowed across a wide range of subjects. Back home at around 10:15pm and John nipped out with Kilroy for his last walk around the block, Sarah made some Turkish coffees for us all and we continued the conversation whilst sat outside under the stars, before heading off up to bed by 11pm.

Friday 22nd September 2017

A cool start at 6am and with no clouds in the sky the humidity has also gone. Looks like it will be yet another lovely sunny day. No real plans apart from waiting for delivery of a replacement dishwasher plus a couple of little jobs to be done, money exchange, pharmacy, maybe an iced coffee and a quick tour of the local area for our visitors. Hopefully their first couple of days will have them chilled and relaxed and we can then plan a few trips to different places. On their list is Bellapais Abbey, a couple of road trips along the mountain roads around St Hilarion and Kantara castles, Girne old harbour,

Jackie seems to like iced coffees!
Gazimagusa, Sandouka beach plus also a wander around the shops in the old town. Plans of course subject to change! Just around 10am we received the call from the delivery men - dishwasher on its way. John jumped into the jeep and headed downhill to meet them at the supermarket and guide them to our place. Not sure why they didn't know where we were as it was the same 2 guys as last time! Just over 20mins later dishwasher was installed, Sarah had a new best friend! Time now to head into town. Exchanged money on the way in at today's rate of 4.72TL to the £. We tried to park in the main car park but it was all closed off. Reason was it was the gathering spot for some rally cars - tonight they are racing thro the very narrow streets of the old town - there were plenty of concrete barriers up and also huge bales of straw to cushion any collisions. Home via Erdener and Sah supermarkets to the enjoy a light lunch of pitta bread and dips. A quick FaceTime with Kayleigh to catch up on all her news from home. Spent the afternoon

Road flattening machine.
sat on the balcony watching the road builders putting in a new road at the end of our roadway......there is still a good difference in level between our current road and the new one so no idea what it will end up like. There was a lot of banging and head scratching going on as one of the machines appeared not to be working properly. Sarah was testing the new dishwasher, mainly to make sure that there were no under sink leaks after the new pipework was connected. All seems to be working well. Late afternoon and our goatherd wandered by as they took themselves home to the farm about a km away in the hills. Around 4:30pm it was an early walk for Kilroy as we are off to the Friday quiz night at the Club Tropicana, a table of six booked as we have two visitors and Gary also has his brother out on holiday. Hopefully some fresh brain cells will help us score well. Arrived to a packed ClubTrop with all tables booked. An hours brain test ended up with us finishing in 3rd place with a very good score. As the evening wore on it was

Advance scouts before the main goat party arrive.
very breezy and a distinct coolness in the air, the weather is slowly changing. Eventually headed home after the quiz to find Kilroy had been a good boy so rewarded with lots of praise and hugs. Supper tonight was spaghetti bolognaise, a great olive french stick all followed by a cherry cheesecake or chocolate and cream pastry. They were lovely. The day was rounded off with a nice coffee, 10min dog stroll and then bed.

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Amother cool start to the day at 5:45am this morning. Breeze still blowing as well, so much so that Sarah retired indoors to drink her early morning cuppa as she felt chilly 😲. The usual wander around the roads in the area with Kilroy and Buddy and by 7:30am we were back home for more tea whilst sat on our patio. Rob and Jackie our visitors were also up early enjoying the peace and quiet of a Saturday morning. Nice healthy breakfast of granola, yogurt and bananas plus more tea. John beat the rush for the shower and crept in first whilst everyone else sat around chatting and trying to plan the day. Nothing of importance to be done,

I know the answer!! Club Tropicana quiz night.
the girls are going to pop out to get some salad and a couple of other items whilst the boys stayed at home and chilled.

Chilled morning moved along to lunch time and girls had returned, packed up the shopping, took some fish out from the freezer.....Sea Bream on the BBQ for tonight plus some huge prawns, salad and dips. Yummy. Lunch was some kopes and cigar borek and crisps followed by cake whilst watching a film, Hidden Figures....a good watch. Lovely lazy way to spend a couple of hours. Soon it was time to retire to the front balcony as 5pm was fast approaching so football time. John and his uncle settled down with a beer to hand to watch the match, however the internet was slow and the game constantly interrupted......good job as The Posh were not very good in the first half and Wigan deservedly were 1 - 0 up at half time. A quick reboot of the router and hopefully a much improved speed so as to make the game more watchable. Indeed the reboot seemed to help, great picture and whatever our manager said at halftime also worked, the team came out firing on

Cafe Deniz......great meal, lovely music and fantastic setting. Think Jackie is pleased with her meal!
all cylinders. Soon we levelled the score to 1 - 1 and with about 10mins to go took the lead. It was a great game with both teams going for it. With only about 8mins left Wigan equalised 2 - 2 and we thought that was it. No way both teams wanted the win and with a couple of minutes to go The Posh put the ball in the net and made it 3 - 2! 😁 A bit of a cheer echoed round the site....."get in" a great goal. A tense last 5mins of extra time followed but we hung in there and took the three points. Time for another celebratory beer. Whilst all the excitement had been happening, Sarah took the hound for his evening stroll. Quick showers and change for the evening. John made a jug of Mohito for cocktails, fired up the BBQ and prepared the fish and prawns. Some nice tunes in the background, the BBQ sizzling away and most importantly sat outside in the warm under the stars. Really lovely meal, the fish tasted fantastic. There then followed the puddings courtesy of Sah supermarket. The evening ended with coffees, followed by Kilroys stroll and

Angelic Jackie after a couple of drinks!
off to bed, tired, full up and happy.

Sunday 24th September 2017

Awake at normal time and today our walk took us into the hills and past the goat farm, a route we haven't done for a while as we were waiting for Kilroys minor op on his belly to heal up. It's looking good now. Back home and breakfast for Sarah before she headed to church, John waited until our visitors were up and joined them for tea and toast. A lazy morning reading and watching a film before Sarah returned home and it was hellim in pitta bread plus salad as a light lunch. Early afternoon saw us all on the front balcony trying to read but Sarah and John's eyes were heavy 😌 so we retired for a couple of hours siesta. Our visitors also snoozed the afternoon away. Around 4:30pm Sarah went off with Kilroy for his early walk whilst John prepared a chilli ready for supper tomorrow night after a planned road trip.

This evening we are off to Cafe Deniz just outside Girne, table booked for 6:30pm for sundowners followed by a meal. Great setting right by the sea, plus

Pigeon scarer.......well it worked and scared Kilroy! Much barking!!
tonight there was a local singer singing some really relaxing chilled out tunes. After sunset we ordered our meal and went for the beach BBQ option.......small meze, followed by the full kebab of chicken wings, chicken shish, lamb shish, lamb chop, kofte and sheftalia plus salad and chips. For pudding the girls enjoyed a great home made fruit cheesecake. All washed down with beers, g&ts, plus white wine. Total cost was around £15 each. Another lovely evening sat out under the stars. Back home for coffees, Brandy and a few more tunes before bedtime.

Monday 25th September 2017

Restless night as Kilroy for some reason was a sick, nothing much but he has obviously scavenged something which disagreed with up at 3am to check on him and do a quick clean up. Decided to leave the patio door open for him so he could wander into the garden if he wanted. Seemed to help as he then settled down on the sofa outside. Up at 6am, a little later than usual after our interrupted night. John took Kilroy for his walk whilst Sarah stayed at home to give our place a good mop thro and start to

View from the mountains towards Lefkosa
attack the ironing basket. Whatever Kilroys problem was last night seemed not to affect his ability to be his normal self on his walk. Back home and it was our usual routine, watering plants and pottering around in the garden before settling down to enjoy more tea! Plans for today is a road trip for a few hours into the hills. Our visitors have had a few days to relax and feel ready to do some exploring and see what North Cyprus has to offer. Our Turkish Cypriot neighbour a couple of doors down who lives in London is out here on holiday and despite being 80years old spends a lot of time pottering around working on his property. This does involve climbing ladders to get onto the roof to look around and sweep up any price on droppings.......we do worry about him climbing around, but he won't be told that he should not be doing it at his age. This morning we awoke to see he had installed a pigeon scarer.....its a large pole, fishing line attached with a hawk like kite flying from it. Who knows if it works, hopefully it will and maybe even keep them off

Steep drop
our rood area as well. Kilroy saw it this morning and he was definitely scared of it as he had never seen anything like it before......a good bit of barking at it, before he realised it was no threat!

Breakfasted, we gathered together some cold water, hats and suntan stuff boarded the jeep and off we went. Today it was westwards up into the mountains towards St Hilarion castle, picking up the old mountain road that winds its way along the ridge line with great views both north and south. Lots of stops for photo opportunities before coming to the tank memorial where there are lots of billboards giving details of the history of Cyprus and in particular the coup in 1974 and the intervention by Turkey. A good 3hrs drive before we then headed back east to Girne and homewards. As it was lunchtime we decided to call into Cirali bakery for traditional Turkish savouries and cakes, they were very tast. Even better the cost for two of us plus a drink was only £3.50. By 3pm we were home and chilling on the balcony with tea and books. Kilroy had behaved himself so was rewarded with a

Mountain views
nice bone 🍖.

Late afternoon and uncle Rob decided it would be a good wheeze to lock himself out.......leaving the key on the inside of the door, closing the door and then walking away. Spare key called into action but of course door will not open when another key is in the lock. After much hilarity and name calling it needed ladders and John's expertise at working at heights - NOT 😬 to get back in.......good job the bedroom window was not locked, just the flyscreen pulled across. A sweaty few minutes work! Just after 5pm the goats were strolling home and it was time for Kilroys early evening stroll as well, he has been a good boy today and even he was doing a doggie guffaw at Rob's buffoonery. 🐶 Walk done, home for shower, change and sundowners before supper which tonight is pre prepared chilli plus flatbreads. At around 6:30pm, the clouds came in and a breeze got up....dark clouds as well. Rain or not? We think not but it is cooler. It was still really pleasant sat outside on our garden patio chatting with some nice tunes on in the background. Then it was chilli time

Busy mountain road
and good it was to, followed by fruit and ice cream. Then followed a music quiz challenge with us all trying to identify the artist or group as the music was playing. Things got more serious when Johns uncle pitched Sarah v John and the proceeded to cheat in favour of Sarah who went on to win by 5 points to 3. Quick walk for the four legged friend and then all home for bed for us all. Tired after our travels in the mountains.

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View northwards to the coast

Sarah doing a gnome impression

Coastal view

We were up there!


Famous tank memorial

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