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Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 12th 2017

Monday 12th June 2017 You know it's going to be a sticky day when you wake up and take a look up to the mountains and see the cloud just hovering over the top. Not very comfortable moving around as you can very soon be reduced to a watery mess, so best thing is to not move far at all! Today we will be mostly reading and relaxing, with nothing planned apart from awaiting a call from Ahmet our gate man who promised to call today to arrange to come up and take some measurements for our gates that we need making to prevent Kilroy making a break for freedom when he first comes home. We shall see if Ahmet calls, he may or he may not as is the way out here - depends if ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia June 5th 2017

Monday 5th June 2017 So we are off again to our special place in North Cyprus for a few months and will keep those who want to know about our adventures and times on the island updated via our travel blog. If you feel you no longer want to be bored with our ramblings of life here in the sunshine we won't be offended, just let us know and we will delete you from our distribution list. We are off........... After a great weekend staying with George and Kayleigh we jumped aboard the "rattler" at Fareham station and headed up to Gatwick for our overnight stay prior to our early flight tomorrow morning. It's at 5:30am. Managed to stay ahead of the rain storm heading across the UK and just ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Nicosia April 2nd 2017

Today's I want to tell you about the village, where the houses are older than some countries. FIkardou is a small beautiful village located about 40 km southwest of Nicosia (Cyprus). Kalo Chorio and Lazanias are two traditional villages located in the neighborhood. FIkardou was declared an ancient monument and carefully restored to preserve the 18th century houses with their remarkable woodwork. My very first impression ofFikardou was that feeling of calmness, peace, tranquility this village creates. There were untold stories behind those old locked doors of abandoned houses. Beautiful flowers, breathtaking views of blossoming almond trees and the untroubled surroundings made you want to stay there forever. It is believed that the name of the village was originated from the greek "figa andron" (den of fugitives) from the fugitives who were recruited by two main ... read more
flower in Fikardou
abandoned house in FIkardou
houses older than USA

Middle East » Cyprus March 4th 2017

2017 Spring Break, Cyprus Last November Belavia was having a fare sale and we searched through the list of destinations and looked up Larnaka. In Cyprus… why not? South of Turkey it must be warm (one of our main considerations). Four months later we arrived in Larnaka and were met by warm air and glorious sunshine! We rented a car and drove directly to the archeological site of Salamis (later Constantia). First established in the 12th century BC by Greek settlers, it continuously changed with modifications and additions by Greeks and Romans over the ensuing centuries. It was destroyed by earthquakes and rebuilt by Byzantine Emperor Constantine II in the 4th century AD. It slipped into obscurity after its harbor silted in, more earthquakes and Arab raids on Cyprus in the 7th and 8th centuries. A ... read more
Breakfast at Oasis, Karpas Peninsula
Walking our beach in Karpas Peninsula
Necklace of micro-trash, Karpas Peninsula beach

Middle East » Cyprus » Larnaca July 16th 2016

Day 171 Thursday 7th July 2016 – Nicosia – Pernera Damn us for booking our accommodation a week ahead, because honestly could have easily stayed in Nicosia another week – just love this city. Heading to the coast again today to a region that has been described as hedonistic heaven – still don’t know why we are, except to sample another side of life on this island. Had wanted to tour the Turkish side some more but it has very limited tourist facilities and combined with the end of Ramadan it just seemed too hard. The guy running the kitchen at our hotel is as un Greek as you could possibly meet, perhaps the happiest man we have ever met, with his favourite saying each morning being “I am better than yesterday, and worse ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Nicosia » Kakopetria July 9th 2016

Day 167 Sunday 3rd July 2016 – Pafos to Nicosia Up at a decent time to catch our 9.30am bus to Nicosia, had a quick breakfast and a very easy pack now we have sent a lot stuff home. Got down to reception at 8.30am to find the doors closed and no sign of anyone even though the opening time is 7.00am – OH NO! We rang the bell a few times, then I found some cleaning staff who located the man from the office. He checked us out and then offered us a lift to the bus station which was fantastic and saved us the hassle of a taxi. The bus was there waiting so we asked the driver if it was OK to put the backpacks in the cargo bay and he ... read more
North Nicosia
Nicosia Museum

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Kouklia July 3rd 2016

Day 161 Monday 27th June 2016 – Limassol to Pafos Didn’t get much sleep last night as my foot screamed at me constantly, but somewhere in the early morning the anti inflammatory I took started to kick in and I dozed for a bit. Whilst not sleeping I tried to think of what we were going to do today as we supposed to be moving on to Pafos. It was a struggle getting from the bed to the bathroom so I knew the ten minute walk with backpacks down to the bus stop wasn’t going to happen. Shelley didn’t sleep much either and so when we got up in the morning we went through our options and decided to ring the owner of the hotel and see if he could organise a taxi for ... read more
Ancient Pafos
Ancient Pafos

Middle East » Cyprus » Lefkara June 26th 2016

Day 154 Monday 20th June 2016 – Yerevan to Larnaca (Cyprus) Leaving Asia behind today and moving onto Europe, maybe not Western Europe, but the fringe. We would have loved to have had an afternoon flight so we could have arrived fresh as a daisy at Cyprus but instead we had to get the very early morning flight at 5am. Up at the completely unnatural time of 2.00am for a quick shower and then coffee in the hotel kitchen, the staff also offered us yoghurts. All the staff have been wonderful at the Hotel Kantar and after the first 2 nights the noisy guests moved out, so it has been a good (and eventually quiet) option. Arrived at the airport at 3am got through security quickly, well I (Shelley) did, Scott got a new ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos May 25th 2016

We spent the day at Paphos, the place where Aphrodite drifted ashore on her half shell. Her birth was the consequence of a particularly nasty father-son conflict, when Cronos emasculated his father Ouranos and the severed member fell into the sea off Cyprus. The "foam" (as they politely call it) from this organ caused the sea to give birth to Aphrodite. She was almost born on Cythera, near the Peloponnese, but the winds blew her to Paphos. (I wonder what the Cytherians have to say about that!) Anyway, her landing spot is a beach of beautiful polished stones with several impressive white rocks rising from the waves. Paphos was, not surprisingly, a major location for worship of Aphrodite and there's a large complex of religious buildings there that date from around 1400 BC through to 400 ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Limassol May 24th 2016

We spent the day in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus and a divided city. The Green Line that separates occupied northern Cyprus from the rest runs right through Nicosia, and we bumped into it just as we entered the old city. These days you can cross it without problems at certain points, but elsewhere it is still barricaded. As we strolled through the winding, narrow streets I could hear a muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. I think that's the first time I've actually heard that! It was a pretty light day - no archaeological site and only one museum, albeit one with a rich collection. We were back to the hotel in plenty of time for a swim and lazing in the sun. This is a 4-star seaside resort after all!... read more

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