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Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Polis May 12th 2022

April/May 2022 Finally the world seems to be opening up again and I have been able to confirm travel plans to Egypt & Madagascar, however the planned stopover of two weeks in Ethiopia en route to Madagascar has been cancelled as the travel compamy decided it was still too great a risk to take people there because of the civil unrest and fighting in Tigray. Ethiopians in that area are really suffering and having a struggle to find food & stay safe. Sadly they have experienced suffering in many different forms over the years. In the early 80s East Sussex County Council acted as hosts to some Ethiopian visitors who worked in Local Government there, as part of an Aid Programme. One man was placed in accommodation in Eastbourne and as I commuted from there each ... read more
Squacco heron in stream below house
Tiny harbour at Pomos
You know I can’t resist lizards!

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 25th 2019

All good things have to come to an end sadly and today is our last day here at the Constantinuous Brothers Athena Royal Beach hotel. The first time we have stayed here and whilst researching prior to booking our holiday we found so many positive reviews from mostly returning guests! Since we have been here we have only met two other couples who, like us, were experiencing the Athena Royal Beach for the first time. From the moment we arrived the service has been wonderful, attentive staff always with a smile. We hadn't planned on doing much this holiday so have enjoyed just relaxing in pleasant surroundings with like minded people. What will we remember? 1. The free upgrade to a suite room. 2. Sitting outside overlooking the sea for breakfast without the worry of birds ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 24th 2019

Only a few days left of our holiday so we took ourselves off to the old town of Paphos. Of course since our last visit over 30 years ago everything has changed! We took a taxi rather than the local bus, glad we did because the bus stopped at the bottom of a very steep hill with steps leading up to the old town. Our taxi dropped us off right outside the municipal market, although even this now has a modern facade. We sat and enjoyed a coffee but seeing the faces of those people, young, old, fat & thin who were puffing hard as they reached the top of the steps made us think that perhaps the elevator just to the right was possibly out of order!! The old market has had some renovation, mainly ... read more
Coffee stop before we headed into the market/old town
Quite some climb up to the old town!
Modern facade but inside still had the old character

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 22nd 2019

To escape from the sun one day we took a taxi to the Kings Shopping Mall, a relatively new shiny shopping mall not far from the harbour. Inside was much like most shopping malls with designer shops, food outlets and a cinema complex. Some familiar names too Marks & Spencer, Mothercare and Holland & Barrett. It was nice to be out of the sunshine but not really our scene with all the designer brands with their size Zero goods on display. We left the mall and went to the harbour where we sat in the shade enjoying a coffee and people watching. It was Saturday and lots of local families were making their way to the beach areas. En our route back to the harbour we passed a tree covered in what looked like strips of ... read more
Breakfast on a sunny morning.
Kings Mall
Water curtain inside shopping mall

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 20th 2019

Not much to report since our boat trip on Wednesday. The weather continues to be in the high 20's. Our first week is over and what time started going very slowly now seems to be picking up pace sadly. As with most of the hotels in this area they all overlook the sea and with a flat promenade for several kilometres there is always people strolling, walking or jogging at various times of the day and night. I choose strolling so will share with you my stroll today. Our hotel has a floating pontoon jetty for those wanting to have a dip in the cool sea, accessed by a boardwalk and then a rigid wooden jetty the final part is a floating pontoon, it looked rather too wobbly for me to walk on as I definitely ... read more
Wibbly Wobbly pontoon !
Didn't see any sea life.
Shady spot to rest a while.

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 18th 2019

WEDNESDAY A day of sunshine, shipwrecks, and swimming. We were collected from the hotel and taken to Paphos harbour where we boarded the yacht Ocean Flyer for a day out on the Mediterranean Sea. There were 3 decks and by the time we boarded a lot of the sun loungers had been taken but we managed to find a couple of comfy chairs, which we hoped might give some shade later in the day. We set off around 10am, the staff were very friendly and explained the safety procedures, most of the passengers were English but there were a couple of other nationalities although I couldn't detect the language when their safety reports were announced so just as well we had it in English too ! As we pulled out of the harbour the ancient castle, ... read more
Speedboat rider anyone?
Lived up to the name of Twister!
A thrill so they said !

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 16th 2019

Monday - We decided to have a change of scenery so took a taxi to the harbour area of Paphos. We passed by the Annabelle hotel where we had stayed 30 years ago, it was completely unrecognisable due to recent extensive refurbishment. Our friendly taxi driver dropped us close to the harbour, now completely pedestrianised with owners of cafes enticing you in for a coffee or drink. With a temperature of 30 degrees it didn't take us long to be enticed! Mr. M happy to sit & watch the different types of boats bobbing up & down but I took myself off to visit Paphos Castle. The man in the kiosk asked me "How old" no he wasn't referring to the ancient castle but me! As a pensioner the admission was only 1.25 Euro. Paphos Castle ... read more
Paphos Harbour
This vessel looks a little menacing!
Sculpture by local student at Lemba's Cyprus College of Art Sol Alter” by Yiota Ioannidou

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 14th 2019

TRAVELBLOG SITE HAD A PROBLEM IMAGES NOT SHOWING - PROBLEM NOW RESOLVED. Updates now a little behind. Returning to Paphos after 30 years One thing that hasn't changed is the hospitality and friendliness of the people. This is one of our Fly 'n' Flop holidays so will be mostly relaxing but I'm sure I'll find enough to photograph & tell you about over the coming days. We had a good flight and landed about 20 minutes early which made up for the slight delay we had on takeoff. There are many hotels here owned by the Constantinuous Brothers - Ours is Athena Royal Beach approx. 4km from Paphos town. We received an ice cold drink with a very warm welcome, first impression so far so good. We were escorted to our room on the 3rd floor ... read more
It's a coffee for me!
Pleasant enough room
A room with a view !

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Kouklia July 3rd 2016

Day 161 Monday 27th June 2016 – Limassol to Pafos Didn’t get much sleep last night as my foot screamed at me constantly, but somewhere in the early morning the anti inflammatory I took started to kick in and I dozed for a bit. Whilst not sleeping I tried to think of what we were going to do today as we supposed to be moving on to Pafos. It was a struggle getting from the bed to the bathroom so I knew the ten minute walk with backpacks down to the bus stop wasn’t going to happen. Shelley didn’t sleep much either and so when we got up in the morning we went through our options and decided to ring the owner of the hotel and see if he could organise a taxi for ... read more
Ancient Pafos
Ancient Pafos

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos May 25th 2016

We spent the day at Paphos, the place where Aphrodite drifted ashore on her half shell. Her birth was the consequence of a particularly nasty father-son conflict, when Cronos emasculated his father Ouranos and the severed member fell into the sea off Cyprus. The "foam" (as they politely call it) from this organ caused the sea to give birth to Aphrodite. She was almost born on Cythera, near the Peloponnese, but the winds blew her to Paphos. (I wonder what the Cytherians have to say about that!) Anyway, her landing spot is a beach of beautiful polished stones with several impressive white rocks rising from the waves. Paphos was, not surprisingly, a major location for worship of Aphrodite and there's a large complex of religious buildings there that date from around 1400 BC through to 400 ... read more

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