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Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Peyia July 8th 2011

Wednesday 6th July 2011 Awake at our usual time and down for breakfast and back to the room and our last packing for a while. Down to reception about 11 o'clock and pay our bill for the four nights. It was €70 per night including a good breakfast which, for a half decent hotel in the centre of a capital city, we thought was a very good price. Then made our way to the Metro station and purchased our one way airport ticket. The fare is €8 for a single and for some reason €14 for a couple. One change on the Metro which we are getting to know well and then a train all the way out to the airport. The only thing is the Metro doesn't link directly into the airport, you come out ... read more
Boat trip
Boat trip

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Peyia May 14th 2011

Another adventure starts, this time the Greek Islands without a car. We have a flight booked to Iraklion, Crete, tomorrow Sunday 15th May, 2011 and the general plan is to do some ferry hopping around the Islands, with no particular itinerary in mind other than where the next ferry takes us. We have visited a number of Islands over the years and obviously hope to add some new ones to the list.... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Polis May 4th 2011

The owner of our hotel in Polis doesn't seem to like me a whole lot. He's friendly with J., but when he looks at me, he squints, sending me waves that seem to express: "I know what you're up to. We don't take kindly to people like you around here." He must have me confused with someone else. He offers us a drink, or some sweets? twice and we say no thank you, waiting for him to hand over the key, so we can retreat to our room. We go for a little walk around town and find that it's neat, but not much to speak of, which is good, for we are in search of peace and quiet. When we get to the centre, there are cafés, restaurants and sports pubs lining the tiny pedestrian ... read more
Akamas Peninsula scenery
Lord Satan skanking
Brits will be Brits

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos October 27th 2010

Setting the scene - October 2010 A quick update first, we have now been living in Pegeia (pronounced Peyia)since December, 2009. We had a heatwave over this summer and enjoyed several of our friends and family visiting for holidays from more Northerly climes. When we left the UK and took four months to drive over to Cyprus, the car was only one year old and did not require it's first (UK) MOT until 18 October, 2010. At which time, as we did not wish to register it in Cyprus, it would no longer have valid insurance. As the summer of 2010 rushed past Pat and I had a discussion and decided that our only sensible option was to drive the car back to England, sell it, fly back and purchase a car locally. This would then ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos November 29th 2009

Well, it’s been a couple of months since I have blogged, so I am trying to think of what needs mentioning to update everyone. I suppose one of the key things to mention, is the continuing wonderful weather. There has been the odd spell of cooler times and we have seen some rain, but the average daytime temperature at the moment is about 22°C. Sitting in direct sunlight on the patio the temperature gets up to about 35°C. So we are still wearing shorts and T-shirts in the day time. The evenings are cooler and if you go out at night you really need jeans and a thicker top. The locals are wearing thick coats and jumpers, which we find slightly amusing. I don’t doubt they have their thoughts about us as well. My parents are ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 26th 2009

The 24th September, 2009 was one year on, from when our journey started. What a wonderful year, with many and varied experiences. They say travel broadens the mind. I agreed with the sentiment before and even more so, now. We had decided to celebrate the day, by having a day out and visiting the monastery at Kykkos. Having looked at the map, we decided to go via Polis, not the most obvious route, but some of the roads in the mountains, we were not sure about. We set off just after nine, and headed North to Polis. The drive was uneventful and we headed East from Polis in the direction of Pafos forest. Our objectives, were to see Cedar valley, visit Kykkos monastery and find Archbishop Makarios’ tomb. The area is mountainous and the road is ... read more
Pafos forest
Pafos forest
Pafos forest

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos August 8th 2009

Following several requests, I have created this entry, an update on life. Well here we are, as I start to type up this blog the date is 4th August, 2009. It has been a month and a half since the last entry and we have been enjoying the Cyprus summer. One of the more significant findings from our life, is that time doesn’t slow down. The weeks whiz past, with no lesser speed than when we were leading our “normal lives” in the UK. I don’t think I actually expected time to slow down as such, but maybe imagined a little more time to wake up and smell the coffee. We have few routines, so our existence is kind of controlled currently by the time of year and the fact that every day is hot, ………hot ... read more
The wedding

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos June 16th 2009

Sunday 7th June, 2009 We had decided on a beach day and took a drive up to Ladies Mile Beach, just outside Limassol. The wind was kinder to us today than on our last visit and we there spent a very pleasant time soaking up the sun. I hadn’t realised how gradual the drop was and you can walk quite a way out before you achieve much depth. There were a lot more people about today. We had a lunch at the Café. Monday was a visit to the Archaeological World Heritage site just off the harbour. We saw more of the mosaics, that we missed last time. A warm day and a great place to stroll around. A very big site. We had a snack lunch in the Seagull, with a view overlooking the harbour. ... read more
Pool Party

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos June 6th 2009

Sunday, 31st May, 2009, saw us with an early start and a drive off to Larnaca airport, to pick up my parents for a fortnights holiday with us. This was our first drive in this direction and we arrived not long after they had got through the arrivals and outside. We had a quiet first day as they had travelled overnight and did a wander around Kato Paphos in the evening. Monday, we took a drive up to Latchi, had a walk around the marina and a very pleasant lunch. A quick stop for refreshments at Agios Gheorgious on the way back to look at the harbour. Tuesday, was a trip around the Tomb of the Kings, archaeological site. This was my first time here and It was certainly a lot bigger site than I had ... read more
Aphrodite's Rock

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos May 23rd 2009

We spent more time travelling around visiting places, with Pat’s mother. Friday, 15th May, we strolled around Kato Paphos, had drinks at the Seagull restaurant overlooking the Lido. Saturday, 16th May, we had a long drive out and visited Kolossi castle, and the on to Akrotiri, to look at the RAF Station. A short drive around to Ladies Mile, where Pat and her mum had a paddle in the water. Lots of time spent down memory lane again. Sunday, 17th May, 2009, Pat and her mum went to Church in the morning and then we took a drive up to Latchi, and had some lunch overlooking the harbour. Stopped at the little harbour at Agios Georgios on the way back. Monday, 18th May, 2009, a quiet day and we decided we wanted to see a proper ... read more
Kolossi Castle
Paphos 23 May 2009

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