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Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos May 14th 2009

The good news is that with effect from today (Wednesday, 13th May, 2009), we have broadband wireless internet connection. We are back in full time contact with the world. Our last week has been busy, with Pat’s mother having arrived a week ago we have been enjoying ourselves as tour guides. We actually haven’t had much chance to sightsee previously, so having someone here to show around, has been interesting for us. We have now also found out that our personal belongings are arriving early June. We do have everything that we need to exist on a day to day basis, but having our own stuff surrounding us, is something that we are looking forward to. On a walk out on my own the other day, I finally established contact with the local Post Office; no ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos May 9th 2009

Following our return, we have been gradually settling further into our new life. There are a number of legal, business and personal matters that we need to sort out, not least our residency, the car, water, electricity, home internet access, finding how to best to get mail and so on. There are a number of ways of founding out information: you ask someone who has done something similar, you ask the body or organisation itself, you look at local information, advertisements can help. Sometimes, if you don�€™t want to know an answer, don�€™t ask the question, which is not a bad philosophy, but, in a country, where you haven�€™t lived before, sometimes, what isn�€™t important to you, can be very important to them, so burying your head in the sand, isn�€™t the ideal solution. One of ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos April 21st 2009

Well, so much has happened. Having settled into the apartment, time passed by. The weather was still decent. The temperatures were generally above 15°C most days and not much below 10 overnight. A fair amount of rain, which generally fell in massive deluges. The Island being short of water, this is a good thing. The reservoirs, which were at 5% of capacity when we arrived, were at 16.1% when I left. Apparently better than last year. On the 7th February, 2009, we awoke to find that a number of items had been stolen from the apartment whilst we had slept. Lost items included our credit cards, both passports, driving licences, the laptop, three mobile phones, car keys, some cash and several other sundry items. Quite a blow to us, but a the end of the day, ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 31st 2009

Steve & Pat Meadows Grand Tour 2008 / 2009 Started Wednesday, 24th September, 2009, Rendlesham, Suffolk, England Finished Thursday, 22nd January, 2009, in Konia, Paphos, Cyprus. Number of days 121 Miles completed 7210 Number of Ferry crossings Ten Number of War Graves Visited Approximately 500,000 Number of nights without a bed Two Different places of accommodation 43 ( excluding above ) Countries Visited France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus (Total 9) Cost Estimate £10,000.00 Car Accidents One minor bump with a moped Beeped at in a foreign country Countless Cathedrals visited 6 Museums visited 21 Historical sites 16 Volcano's 2 Worst Experience Italy Regrets None Blog: Entries 75 Words written 76,958 Pictures 170 Blog visits 3,0... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 31st 2009

Well we've been here a week now and gradually getting our feet under the table. At first we didn't really know where we lived. I know that's a strange thing to say, but we were driven out the first time by the Estate Agent, to this and another couple of properties. So, not knowing the area we had to ask for directions and it took us until the third time to drive straight here, without making a wrong turn. We both had a less than fully healthy week. The journey from Kos through Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, then in Cyprus was to say the least arduous. The ferry from Tasucu to Kyrenia (Girne) was very old and the pair of us picked up sore throats, which we attribute to the ferry. So, we have ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 22nd 2009

Wednesday 21st January, 2009. Today is 17 weeks travelling. We relaxed for a while in the room. Not long after six, we went to the internet room todo some surfing. Then for a walk to get something to eat. Pat was allowing me a chinese again tonight. There were a few that we had spotted, but we ended up down near the front at a place called Chloe's. Very ornate and smart on the outside. The inside turned out to as good. We had an excellent meal with wonderful service and I would recommend. Not cheap, but very good. We had a Hot & Sour Soup and a Fried Won Tons, then a quarter Beijing duck. Then Lemon Chicken and Hot Chilli beef and fried rice. With drinks and a coffee and a jasmine tea, total ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 21st 2009

Monday, 19th January, 2009. The Hotel is a large Seafront resort hotel with lots of facilities. Pat took advantage of the indoor swimming pool and sauna. I had a sleep. We left the room sometime after six and went exploring the Hotel, we found the bar. Pat celebrated our arrival in Cyprus with a couple of glasses of sparkling wine and I had a coke light and a coffee. A number of British people in the bar. We found our way round the rest of the Hotel and then ventured out into local territory. Straight across from the Hotel are several property places, showing places for sale or rent. So we may simply wander over in the morning to start our search. We walked towards the Tourist area, the evening was mild, and a pleasure to ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 19th 2009

Monday, 19th January, 2009. The ship finally sailed at two o'clock in the morning. Both of us slept a little. The crossing was smooth. We are that much further East and the dawn broke just before seven. We finally arrived at Girne at nine am. The ferry is a ro-ro, but everythiing backed off the way it had come on, we were able to turn round of course. We drove off and parked where we were told. Next came the paperwork At the first place they gave us some paperwork. Told us to go to customs, but a lorry driver told us we actually needed passport police first. So, we changed queues and went to the Passport police. Then to Customs, who gave us some forms and sent us into another building outside the port. We ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos April 10th 2001

Our family holiday to Paphos in Cyprus. Having lived in Limassol for 3 years from 88 to 91 came back for a holiday. First time round was so much better... read more
Sarah and Sam
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Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos December 25th 1995

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