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Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos July 16th 2015

July 16, 2015 - Today is my nephew's 15th birthday. Seriously, when did that happen? He was just 6. This morning I woke up before my alarm, as always. Had my breakfast, packed up, and headed out at 7:25am for the 8am bus. I made it with no trouble, and even had some waiting time before the bus left. But it was already there when I arrived, and not many people were waiting, so I put my backpack under the bus and was the first one on, in the first seat with nothing obstructing my view. I read a little about Pafos, my destination, and then slept for a bit. It was a two hour ride, which was kind of nice. I like longer rides – I find them relaxing. When I arrived, I wandered around ... read more
Archaeological park mosaics
Archaeological park
Archaeological park

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos August 29th 2014

Cyprus 2014 A february trip to Cyprus, we stayed in the Coralbay area. The area had alot of new, big, half built houses. Just left abandoned, some with fulled fitted kitchens or bathrooms. Just sitting there in rows, left completely open and unfinished. It would seem the area was doing well with alot of new places being built before the economy crashed, now they're all just empty shells of houses sitting there, its sad really. Anyway the hotel had a great supermarket right across the street which was handy and the local shops and attractions were all walking distance. It being february though quite a few places were closed simply for being out of season, but we found this to our benefit most days, as the off season meant we would wander down to a beach ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos July 9th 2014

I had an opportunity to visit Cyprus, the pearl of Mediterranean, in May 2002. That was for presenting a paper in an international conference, hosted jointly by the Commonwealth Science & Technology Secretariat and WAITRO. After a change of flights in Dubai I landed in Larnaca, the international port of entry for Cyprus. I headed for Paphos, a resort town in the western part of Cyprus and host city for the conference. The drive along the southern coast of the island was breathtaking with the azure blue Mediterranean Sea keeping company all along! We crossed the port city of Limassol on the way. Limassol also thrives on software development activities thus attracting a sizeable population of expatriate Indians. Smoothly weaving through the hillocks of limestone and plains growing oranges and grapes, the four-lane highway brought us ... read more
Paphos Harbour
Petra Toy Romiou - Birthplace of Aphrodite
Sanctuary of Aphrodite near Paphos

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos August 26th 2013

After a horrendous day yesterday, delayed flight to begin then getting stuck with a bundle of Lebanese money I cant get rid of, I then had to pay way to much for my hire car. I had no maps it was dark and it took me hours to find my guest house in Larnaka's old town. Yet today was brilliant, talked to Ruth this morning which is always nice then had an almost full English, visited the tourist office, Larnaka's old fort and Agia Lazarus before hitting the road. First I visited and old mosque on the shoreline of a dry salt lake, cats everywhere, then a pretty church in the village of Kiri. Next was an extremely old neolithic village and a impressive medieval fortress. This was followed up by some stunning Roman ruins, although ... read more
Larnaka fort
The esplanade
The minaret at the Hala Sultan Tekesi Mosque

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Polis June 20th 2013

Lynne and I have spent a couple of weeks resting and relaxing on this wonderful island where the weather has been perfect, although it is now hotting up, and the people are so friendly and helpful. We have been staying at a villa near the coastal town of Latchi which is on the North West point of West Cyprus. Both Latchi and the nearby town of Polis have a fair selection of decent restaurants and I must say Trip Advisor has been very helpful in locating the best. Most of the time has been spent relaxing around the pool at the villa and I am now on my 5th book. A swim between chapters is most refreshing.However we have not been completely lazy and we have had a few trips out in the car (which is ... read more
The beach at Agios Georgios
Harbour at Cape Drepano
Villa Mandola Rosa

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos February 5th 2013

It was late January; for more than a month, southern Britain had been shivering its way through one of the coldest winters in more than a decade. At Bristol airport, snow lay piled in dirty off-white drifts outside the terminal buildings – the cold, clutching at our chests with every indrawn breath of air. It was much warmer inside the concourse and we were quite soon caught up by that buzz that only airports have. All around us there were people arriving from or setting off for far away places. Flickering destination boards announced the latest departures - filled with the names of exciting locations; Madrid, Faro, Warsaw, Berlin and Antalya. It was the feel of a new adventure beginning. Not that we were going very far but then, anywhere seemed better than snow covered England ... read more
Paphos Mosaics
Underneath the Arches
Cyclamen Season

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Akamas October 17th 2012

SEE ENGLISH VERSION BELOW 9 de diciembre 2011 Después de pasar el día anterior culturizandome en los vestigios arqueológicos de Pafos, este día lo dediqué a airearme en la naturaleza en unos de los parajes más conocidos de la isla. Está no muy lejos de Pafos, a unos 50 kilómetros, y para llegar hasta aquí, hay que tomar primero un autobús a Polis, y de Polis otro que llega hasta los Baños de Afrodita, la puerta de entrada del parque natural de Akamas. Los baños de Afrodita es una pequeña charca rodeada de árboles, algo ciertamente muy modesto para nombre tan rimbombante. El mito cuenta que era precisamente aquí donde venía a bañarse Afrodita, y justo un día de esos, Adonis, que estaba cazando por los bosques de Akamas, vino a beber al lugar y se ... read more
Mouti tis Sotiras
Baños de Afrodita --- Aphrodite baths

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos September 23rd 2012

SEE TEXT IN ENGLISH BELOW 8 diciembre 2012 Pafos es sin lugar a dudas, uno de los lugares arqueológicos más interesantes de la isla, y posiblemente el más interesante. El día estaba lluvioso, fresco y ventoso. Después de desayunar frente al castillo de Limasol, tomé un minibus en la glorieta rumbo a Paphos. La autovía de Limasol a Pafos es bonita, pues circula siempre cerca del mar. A medio camino entre las dos ciudades deja unas decenas de metros por debajo la famosa playa de Petra tou Romiou, una playa que aparece en muchísimas postales. Según cuentan es en esta playa donde nació Afrodita, la diosa del amor, la lujuria, la sexualidad y la reproducción. Surgió después de que el titán Cronos cortara con una hoz adamantina los genitales de su padre Urano y los tirase. ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Peyia August 26th 2012

Preparations As this has happened so fast, most of my friends and family don't realise the stress which came with finding the right host family. So I originally joined an aupair website, ( which you just create a profile about yourself, your likes, dislikes and what you expect and are looking for and then you are able to search for families, the idea is to look at the information they have and if you like them email them. It works both ways as families search for matching aupairs, you can decline families and they can decline you, but it has go be right for both of you so I didn't get offended I would rather that than be lead on. Once you have a response or if a family has emailed you, you are able to ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos » Aphrodite Hills June 17th 2012

I am just going to write two blog entries about my trip to Cyprus. This one is about my week in Paphos with my lovely friend, Lorraine, and her lovely daughter, Roxanne. We actually didn't do a whole lot in Paphos, so I won't bore you with a day-to-day account. Paphos was not exactly what I expected. I think I expected it to be more like Greece. It looked sort of like Greece on the coast, but the architecture was just modern buildings and shops and Starbucks and McDonald's. There were no white, domed roofs or blue doors. There were loads of resorts housing loads of British tourists and restaurants catered heavily to the Brits. Nothing wrong with that I guess since so many Brits vacation there and own homes there, but I was a little ... read more
Church Monument in Paphos
My Crazy Friend
Paphos Sunset

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