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Europe » United Kingdom » England May 27th 2015

Made it through the flight. This time I opted for a 'lay down' seat which is done justice in my hasty photo on the plane. The trick to lying 'flat' is that you have to be of average or better height to keep from falling down the rabbit hole at your feet. I finally rebuckled my seat belt between my legs and managed to spend the night in the business class cabin instead of the cargo hold or where ever you go when your feet down touch the ground. Landing at Heathrow was the real challenge, though. Delta must not be a preferred airline as the walk from the plane to passport control was a least a five mile hike. At one point, I saw a sign that said 'Arrivals' - 'Chapel' I thought it must ... read more
Room at Cranleigh
View from Cranleigh window
Back garden at Cranleigh

Today is going to be a day on the Isle of Skye, the Misty Isle. We left the hostel around 9am and headed first towards the Coire na Creiche (Fairy Pools for those that don't understand Gaelic), in Glen Brittle. After a good long trip on some more of those tiny one-lane, two-way roads, we reached the parking area for the Fairy Pools. Our driver was a little concerned about how busy it might be, but although the main parking area was pretty full, we were able to park along the side of the road. By the time we returned from our hike, the whole road was full and overflowing! We had to hike down and across a valley to reach the pools on the other side. It was a fairly long hike, but the cold ... read more
Fairy Pools and caves
Fairy Pools Upper Falls
Close up of Fairy Pools

Ahh, a day with nothing in particular planned. What bliss after five weeks on the go! We slept in before making ourselves a latish breakfast. So nice to be able to choose what to have from the refrigerator and the cupboard without being confronted with a groaning smorgasbord or a full English breakfast. Even though I only needed some fruit and some cereal I couldn't resist a slice (OK two) of toast with lashings of English butter and some marmalade. With access to Kath's washing machine we took the opportunity to freshen up nearly all of our clothes. We have only been rinsing things out in the basins in our rooms since we last machine washed a load of clothes in Avignon so it was fab to be able to give things a proper wash and, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Ballater May 27th 2015

Edinburgh - Ballater Day 1: Seven Bridges Trail Day 2: Loch Muick Amazing treks, picturesque sceneries, quaint town, lovely hostel, peaceful time away from everything.... read more
Cairngorm National Park
Seven Bridges Trail
Seven Bridges Trail

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 27th 2015

Hello I'm back Today we are leaving Singapore it has been such a quick trip and I have missed so many places. Peter Wyllie I would like to book a trip when you are here so that you can take me to all the great shopping spots We left the hotel at 6am and spent 13 1/2 hours on a plane with some screeching children 3 seats back and a boy packing a tantrum behind Lexie and kicking her seat...not for long though....I being the lovely kind person I am asked him if he wouldn't mind not doing that any more?? He didn't annoy us for the rest of the trip 😀 We arrived at 4.45pm in London and had to wait an hour to get through customs, we told them we were part of the ... read more

We left the hostel in Inverness around 9am, but had to make a detour to a wholesale store so the manager of our next hostel could buy some supplies for us to take with us. After loading up with the supplies, we headed out of Inverness. Having done the hostel manager a favor, she bought Neil a bottle of Scotch (which he swears we are going to share, but it disappeared as soon we reached the hostel!) As a reward for our patience, he took us to a "special" place, the Clootie Well at Munlocy, on the Black Isle. Don't ask me why it's called the Black Isle, as it's not Black and it's not an island. The Clootie Well is a very unusual "attraction." More or less in the middle of nowhere, just off a ... read more
Inverness Student Hostel
Clootie Well
Corrieshalloch Gorge

Another big driving day today as we made our way from Marazion, Cornwall to Stalybridge, Cheshire. Bernie asked Ken to calculate the journey with and without a detour to Plymouth. It was only going to add half an hour to the travel time (plus whatever time we actually spent in Plymouth!) so we decided that we could call in for a very short visit. Plymouth has a long military association which goes back to 1588 when the ships of the English Navy set sail for the Spanish Armada through the mouth of the River Plym. In 1689, in the time of William III, the Devonport Royal Dockyards were built in the Hamoaze area on a section of the River Tamar. Both the Tamar and the Plym flow out through The Sound into the English Channel. The ... read more
Plymouth Harbour view
Plymouth Harbour view

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh May 26th 2015

Hi Everyone, This past weekend was Edinburgh, Scotland. Haggis - Scotch - Deep Fried Mars Bars - Iron Bru Scotland is truely a wonderful place for people who don't care about heart disease. Otherwise, it's a nice place to visit. I wouldn't recommend making a trip solely out of Edinburgh. Renting a car and putzing around the Highlands would be much more fulfilling. Cheers, Joel... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton May 25th 2015

THE END - it's been fun !!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness May 25th 2015

Today we were awake, packed, and ready to go on our Highland Fling bus tour at least an hour early. The tour is offered by MacBackpackers and runs from Monday morning through Friday evening. In 2015, we paid about 200 Pounds each, and I would have said ahead of time that I think it will be worth it, but by the end of day one I can say it will be. Our granddaughter Alexis took the tour last year and after reading about it and seeing her photos, we decided we'd give it a try, even though we figured we'd be the oldest folks on the tour. The mid-sized bus pulled up in front of our hostel right on time. We'd read in the tour notes that we should only bring smaller luggage such as backpacks ... read more
The Scottish Deli
Shops at the Highland Folk Museum
Baile Gean village

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