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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London April 13th 2024

Day 53 - Flying home - losing 9 hours Bernard left me at security, and I’m off! I wandered through duty free, I know not to buy cigarettes here for Andrea, as they are so expensive. I’ll wait I’m in Dubai. My Apple Watch died whilst I was away, I may have mentioned it yesterday’s. I’ve lost the plot! But I did buy a new one to replace it. My flight set off perfectly, and on time. My first flight, Sydney to Dubai is 12 hours long, but in transition, I lose about 6 hours. When I land in Dubai, my body will feel like it is 10:40am, but as I have dropped the 6 hrs, as I land, I go back to 4:40am. I’m not sure that my body is entirely happy about that! We ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom April 11th 2024

Traveling opens the door to a kaleidoscope of sensory experiences, with scent playing a leading role in our memories and experiences of new places. From the spicy markets of Marrakech to the crisp alpine air of the Swiss mountains, the aromas we encounter can leave a lasting impression, long after our journey has ended. But what if you could capture these scents, bottling the essence of your travels to enjoy at home? Here's a guide to 10 scents that can transport you back to your favorite destinations, from the comfort of your own living space. A World of Aromas at Your Fingertips The allure of fragrance replicas offers travelers a unique opportunity to relive their adventures through scent. By finding or creating scents reminiscent of those experienced on journeys, one can evoke memories and emotions tied ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham March 30th 2024

Heavens where do you start ? So many hits on my last blog . I am sure that readers did not dip in to hear about our small city. THEY would not have been fan club awaiting every word I uttered . Perhaps a few Americans did tune in if they followed Wrexham AFC. Was it the Boss ? Did readers expect the latest news on Bruce Springsteen? Or indeed were they whiskey drinkers and homed in to the Four Walls ? I read and reread the title and wished at times that anyone reading it might say they accidently fell upon it and it was not what they thought. Or perhaps they were fans of Mr and Mrs Met and the MLS? . I was at a loss to understand why this particular blog got ... read more
Postman Pat and his white and white rabbits
The easter bunny has arrived in the village

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 27th 2024

We're packed, esim installed, suica card loaded up and just one more sleep to go. Seems the rain and temperature has slowed the blossom so we'll hit peak blooms in Hiroshima and the Shimanami Kaido we hope. Although the weather is now looking good and warm compared to London recently. A bit concerned by jet lag as its been quite a few years since we had to deal with that.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria March 27th 2024

The Lake District is synonymous with Cumbria and most think of the two, as one. The reality is that a mere 39% of the modern day Cumbria is in fact part of the Lake District National Park, which means there is an awful lot more to explore beyond the boundaries. I think it is fair to say, the majority don't bother. A boat trip on Windemere, a thought or two about Beatrix Potter and a quick wander round Keswick and the car is pointed back in the direction of the M6. We set off in the direction of the Cumbria less visited. The rain lashed against the windscreen on a bleak March morning. The weather was to put it mildly, less than promising. The North West of England is not known for a lack of rainfall ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 27th 2024

Thu: Arriving in style on Airbus A380 The highlight of the day: was the arrival of our British Airways Airbus A380 pulling into our gate. That thing is a mammoth! You couldn't have missed it slowly making its way to the gate. Of course, we booked early and paid extra to secure the upper deck window seat 💪 The anticipation is building up! The flight was delayed for a half hour and the boarding area was a mess but Y got us in the special boarding group 🙌 The boarding tunnel was split into two. We were going with everyone else to the further entrance. Upon seating, I realized it was directly connected to the upper deck entrance. No stairs, nothing, meh. The upper deck could only be felt from the increased distance to the wings ... read more
Getting a glimpse of the Changing of the Guard
A pelican
Frenzy at the Buckingham Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham March 20th 2024

How many thousands of turkish lira do you need for a holiday ? We had little idea as most of our holidays had been in Europe and we had with the exception of Croatia and Denmark used the euro. A trip to pick some up gave us a good idea . It seemed we did not need that many . The Turkish Lira was so devalued the locals preferred to be paid in American dollars, English pounds or euros . We had a stack load of euros left over from France last year . So we changed a few pounds £85 to lira just to tide us over and worked out meals could be paid for in Istanbul in euros and it would be easy to change euros to liras if we needed them in the ... read more
Dixie the dragon
The Boss
The Fourth Wall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 14th 2024

Hope and Irene from Uganda had the opportunity to attend a leadership training for non profit leaders put on by Girls Not Brides in London this winter. Normally this time of year I would visit them in Uganda to check on our work, but since they were in London I thought I would take the opportunity to meet them there. This was the first time both of them had left Africa. It gave us a chance to reconnect as well as review the status of our current loan recipients. England is quite expensive for them compared to home and my first time there so the three of us explored for the first time together. We started with taking in the sites of London. Then we rented a car and headed into the countryside. We stayed in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent March 11th 2024

"Beside the noble art of getting things done , there is a noble art of leaving things undone." Lin Yutang The plan had been to visit a different town with different shops and places to see . Ticked the box. Visit a museum - done . See a castle and a cathedral . Both visited . Take in a dockyard and ships and a mighty river . Been there done it worn the T shirt. So what was left - a garden . Not just any old garden but one of the finest in England . That was the order of the day today . Tomorrow would be a stately home . More a stately house owned and lived in by one of the greatest prime ministers of the 20th century. Well that was the plan ... read more
The tower looking from the garden
the tower
The Elizabethan ranges of Sissinghurst

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Chatham March 9th 2024

Chat Ham /Chath Am - we pondered on the pronounciation of the town on the Medway. Of course it is Chat Ham we said . But being Welsh the th could be pronounced slightly differently . Did a Man of Kent say it one way and a Kentish man the other ? That was the chat over a large meal in the restaurant attached to the Premier Inn. A meal of fish and chips and a steak and ale pie for me. Sadly no brocolli and I was looking forward to that . A pudding rounded it off . A large glass , scoop of ice cream , Cadburys buttons , lots of cream and a dousing of chocolate sauce . We slept well . For a Premier Inn it was quiet , the bed hard ... read more
a room full of models - all as intricate as this one
Museums full of ships artifacts - memory of sail
Figureheads saved from destruction

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