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Europe » United Kingdom August 9th 2019

Thursday dawned bright and clear, and the plan for today was to have a relaxing morning before heading a few miles east along the coast to Burton Bradstock. The reason for this was that another old friend of the teenage Helen had moved there many years ago, and Helen wanted to see her if she was still living there. We had passed through the pretty village on our journey to Lyme, and saw that there was to be a church fete this afternoon. Helen's friend, Pat, had been very much involved in the church, so if she was still alive, there was a chance she might be there, or at least there might be others around who knew of her. I decided after breakfast to explore parts of Lyme as yet unseen, and so set off ... read more
Burton Bradstock beach
One that hadn't made it . . .

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 9th 2019

This morning I took the Tube to Kew Gardens. I have a dim recollection of having visited it before, but it has been many years. Kew is a world famous horticulture center with many rare and tough-to-grow species. It is also something of a pleasure garden in which people stroll when the weather is fair. The weather was nice enough today and I enjoyed walking around. I visited the Palm House and other specialized environments and I also liked the manicured gardens and occasional sculpture. I had lunch at The Botanical Restaurant - parsnip and potato soup, salad with cold sliced duck, rolls, and Diet Pepsi. Delicious! After Kew, I took the Underground to the Tate Britain gallery to see the British art on display. I spent most of my time in the room with the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 9th 2019

Et pour ma petite "Madame Canaille"... c'est le grand jour !!! Audrey faisait partie de mon cours de jardinage aux enfants... Là elle doit avoir plus ou moins 11 ans... très assidue elle est restée accro au jardinage et lors de cette belle fête combien ne m'ont pas fait part de la beauté de son jardin... Elle a donc gardé la main verte mais elle a aussi choisi à notre avis un Excellent mari.... Cette belle fête fut pour nous tout un plaisir, non seulement de la retrouver, de connaître l'homme de sa vie, de revoir ses parents, sa soeur et son frère, de connaître leurs conjoints et de partager beaucoup d'idées avec leurs amis... Nous avions parfois un peu l'impression de nous retrouver en Asie vu la diversité de nationalités rencontrées... La température était aussi ... read more
Le bus !
Grove House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Southwell August 9th 2019

Today was a day of reflections. A funeral always brings out the old memories doesn't it? Memories of the person who has passed away and a realisation that relatives are getting fewer and farther between. After the funeral we made the short drive from the crematorium to the Museum of Timekeeping and on this journey my mind flitted back and forwards to school. Mr Hughes my old teacher was small with glasses. Everyone appeared small and wore glasses in the 1960's. He talked about "procrastination being the thief of time" He made me write this 100 times over. I cannot remember why he asked me to write this . I must have done something and I must have been wasting time. He commented on my silver brace which was trying its hardest to bridge the gap ... read more
Tempis Fugit
Upton Hall the home of the clocks
When did you last get an egg timer to time when your tea was ready

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Malmesbury August 9th 2019

Malmesbury is a mouthful; sounded like marmalade in a bun. Motivated by a historical novel, I followed the protagonist who travelled to Malmesbury abbey on a horse to find answers to a riddle during those turbulent times. I took local 40 minutes bus ride from Swindon to Malmesbury with a bag of crisps and bottled water. During the reign of the Henry the eighth, Malmesbury abbey was one of the monasteries which got dissolved to fill the royal treasure. Geographically, it is set on top of a small hill with the two tributaries engulfing the town to join River Avon. The vast meadows with the fresh water was ideal for sheep husbandry. Wool was a major export and this town prospered. Malmesbury abbey was an ancient hermitage set up by an Irish immigrant, Maelduph in 600-700 ... read more
Wooden model of Malmesbury Abbey
Church Altar
Saint Aldenheim

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 8th 2019

Avion bien pris... escale rapide à Oslo, arrivée parfaite ! hôtel bien trouvé !!! Très pratique depuis l'aéroport, un bus de ligne gratuit... Et nous voici à Londres pour ce mariage tant attendu... Nous aurons toutefois l'occasion, la veille, d'explorer Londres... Il y a bien longtemps que nous sommes venus ici et comme il fait très chaud... afin de voir le principal, nous décidons de prendre le bus Hop-on, Hop-off et de n'en descendre que quand ce sera vraiment nécessaire.... Ce sont les vacances... et la foule est bien présente... la circulation est très dense, entrer dans un musée est tout un défi... voyons-donc le principal ! Demain sera un autre jour, nous changerons d'hôtel afin de nous trouver plus près de l'endroit du mariage... et faire la fête à fond ! --------------------------------------------------------- Avión bien tomado ... read more
Hop-On Hop-Off Londres
embouteillages d'un 28 juin 2019
London Eye

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 8th 2019

I had a good day trip to the city of Bath yesterday. I took the train from Paddington Station to the city of Bath. It’s a 90-minute journey and there’s a lot to see there. Firstly, I took a (free) walking tour that emphasized Georgian architecture. Much of Bath was built in the 1700’s when successive kings named George were on the throne. Jane Austen fans will appreciate the familiar places such as The Assembly Rooms and The Pump Room where people used to gather to dance and play cards and socialize. The best sight, IMO, is the ancient Roman Baths. This is the only place in Britain where hot mineral water naturally bubbles out of the ground. So of course the Romans (two thousand years ago) built a bath complex on the site. I became ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall August 8th 2019

We reached Penzance and I went up to the hotel reception to check in. We had booked into a more expensive hotel for tonight, mostly due to a lack of availability on a Saturday night rather than a desire for a better hotel. The hotel was probably upmarket fifty years ago. The world has moved on since then but the hotel hasn't seen the need. The decor was... how can I put this delicately... dated. The receptionist looked me up and down and said "We had better put you in the wing... the furthest wing." She handed me a large iron key and I fetched the luggage and Madam. We went slowly up to the first floor in a stuttering and clanking lift. Along a long corridor, around a bend and a up further corridor. Down ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland August 8th 2019

August 8, 2019 At Sea Today, we woke to the gentle rocking of the ship. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to worry about. A one meter swell. Just enough to get the ship swaying like the hips of a lazy hula dancer lost in thought. Not much at all. When one wakes up full, is that a bad thing? The thought of breakfast holds no interest for me, at the moment. Dinner last night is a fond memory. A fabulous meal, and I didn’t finish anything – I still heard faint strains of “those starving children in _________” as I left portions of my meal untouched. I think they need to follow the lead of the “Fine Chefs” at a multi course meal….SMALLER PORTIONS. You KNOW some damned fool will complain – at least there’d ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset August 7th 2019

"It doesn't taste anything like American cheese!" exclaimed Madam. We were heading to Wells in Somerset for a couple of days and stopped off at Cheddar on the way and, after a brief look at the end of the gorge, had gone in to the only cheese shop to actually make Cheddar cheese in Cheddar. They had a wide range of samples and we worked our way around them from mild to mature. The first cheese sample was the mild, matured for only a few months. Madam savoured it slowly and said "Mmmm... nice." The second was more mature with a stronger taste. Madam's breath quickened and said "This is NOTHING like American cheese." When the cave aged Cheddar touched her tongue her breath became heavy and she let out a long soft moan. Several women ... read more

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