Peter and Dianne Wilson


Peter and Dianne Wilson

In July 2011, Dianne and I returned from three fabulous years in China where Dianne was an administrator for Maple Leaf International Schools. To read about our China adventures, click WilsonsInChina. Dianne spent the next 4 years as an administrator in three elementary schools in B.C. In September, 2015 she officially retired. So what happens now? The nickname of this blog is ToBeContinued for a reason...

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina January 30th 2020

What else can go wrong? I accidenally published this blog entry withut the photo captions. Sigh. The rest of the tet is the same. The saga continues… I was in considerable pain from the left hip down to my ankle. Barb and Dianne drove me to the ER at Maui Memorial Hospital where I got to hurry up and wait for someone to talk to. The triage nurse was hilarious. After asking all the important questions he turned with a serious look on his face and asked if I had considered that it might just be "old man's disease". I'm pretty sure he knew his audience and wouldn't have said that to just anyone. They did x-ray my hip area and assured me that wasn’t a problem (I was concerned after my fall a few years ... read more
A view from the resort
Banana plant

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina January 24th 2020

We were very happy that our trip hadn't been delayed any longer as on our first morning in Maui the resort put on a breakfast out on the main patio. Lots of fruit, cornbread, muffins, cinnamon buns and great fun. The resort manager is a native Hawaiian and he gave a great talk on reverence for the sea and some of the local customs. He also gave a great presentation on how to process a coconut into coconut milk. He also demonstrated how to turn the husks into rope by holding one end in his toes and braiding the strands. Fascinating. Because they go to Maui regularly, Barb and Bob have developed a series of regular walks. This made it very easy to see the sights of Napili. It's a beautiful area north of the resort ... read more
Maria Lanakila Church
Banyan Tree
Typical scene

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina January 15th 2020

Well, we are actually back in Canada after two weeks on Maui. Where was the blog you say? In the excitement described herein, I managed to lose my computer charge cord and my iPad Mini isn't up to the job of blogging. So back to the beginning... In 1994, Dianne and I went to Hawaii. We had such a great time that we said we should come back "next year". Well, next year finally arrived, albeit 26 years later. Friends go to Maui every year in the January time frame so we decided to bite the bullet and join them for a couple of weeks. The weather in the south coast area of B.C. has been a bit weird this year. Snow and strong winds have played havoc with ferry and air travel. Because we had ... read more
Victoria airport
Day one in Victoria
More of the same on Day Two

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 19th 2019

Okay, I know we have been home for almost three weeks and this latest (and last) blog entry is long overdue. We had many things waiting for our attention when we arrived, not to mention volunteer shifts at the library and local thrift store. Dale and Pat (Dianne’s brother and sister-in-law) arrived for a week of fun and games (and a chance to update some of my spreadsheets for scoring our card games). But now to the blog. Flight to Brussels Getting to Toulouse to catch the plane was fairly straightforward. The flight was RyanAir which went into Brussels Charleroi rather than the main Brussels airport. Mistake. The flight was what you would expect from RyanAir and the airport itself was OK. It was looking a little dark as we got ready to leave the plane. ... read more
The view from Vimy
Memorial up close
Lawn mowers

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse May 6th 2019

Leaving Toulouse Back to the train station to rent the car. The staff was very friendly and helpful giving us directions on how to get out of town. We only made one small mistake which was amazing considering the road works at the station and the narrow, winding streets. Luckily, the drive out of town went along streets we had walked the day before. This was helpful because there were a couple of unusual intersections and I am glad I didn’t have to drive through them unprepared. The drive was only just over an hour and we were heading towards the Pyrenees which made for great views. Aurignac The couple we were house sitting for were a lot of fun. They introduced us to Caramelle, the cat, and the three chickens. Wait a minute, I thought ... read more
Lettuce be friends
Meal time

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse May 5th 2019

Here we are again, travelling in France on a Saturday. The day started well with our trip to the market in Arles (see last blog). It got even better as we approached Toulouse on the train and I noticed we didn’t have to cross the river; it was the Canal du Midi we had to cross. Frequent blog readers will know the only thing I like better than churches and aqueducts are canals, especially the Canal du Midi. Toulouse The not so good news was that they are doing a bunch of road work right outside the station where the canal passes and it was quite an ordeal getting away from the station. But that was nothing. What we hadn’t realized was that Toulouse was the city that had been selected as the main target of ... read more
Gilets Jaune protests
Aftermath of Gilets Jaune protests

The Apartment Airbnb has been getting a lot of negative press lately about its shift to corporate listings and away from its owner-operated roots. Well, this apartment was probably the best place we have stayed in all our European trips. Roomy, well equipped, bright, quiet. Tastefully decorated and run by the nicest couple who met us on arrival and explained everything about the apartment and discussed opportunities in Arles. Made us feel like we should have stayed longer. There are many sites to visit in the area if you have a car (and time), The Pont du Gard and Avignon are two places within easy reach from Arles (we had been to both from Montpellier) but there are lots of smaller attractions we couldn’t get to because of not having time or a car. The closest ... read more
The Rhône
Les Alyscamps

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Périgueux April 28th 2019

Dianne says I decided we should go to Périgueux, one of the cities mentioned in the Bruno, Chief of Policeseries, but I am not sure why that it was chosen. It is the smallest centre we have stayed in. When we arrived, we had our first day of rain this whole trip. We had a few sprinkles before but this was actual rain. Luckily, the walk to the Airbnb was pretty straightforward and we weren’t that wet upon our arrival. Walkabouts were in order and we found our usual supply of churches, city hall and government buildings, as well as lots of old buildings. The cathedral was a lot bigger that we would have expected in a town of only 25,000 or so people. Interesting styling too. One of the first things I noticed ... read more
Conjoined buildings

Europe » France » Île-de-France April 22nd 2019

We were rapidly coming to the end of our Paris stay. Funny how long a week seems when you’re waiting for it and how fast it goes when you are having fun. The Louvre Anyone who has been to the Louvre knows you can’t possibly see everything in one visit. Luckily we had been there before so we were able to concentrate on one area of interest: Egyptian antiquities. We hadn’t booked tickets for a particular time so we got there half an hour early and were near the front of the line. Of course, they let in those who had tickets for opening time but we were in in no time. Again, it is so big the people spread out pretty fast. We headed off to the Egyptian section but made a slightly wrong turn ... read more
Pop-up restaurant
Calm before the storm
Footings of the old fortress

Europe » France » Île-de-France April 21st 2019

After two days of long walks, we decided to try something a little different: the D’Orsay Museum. We got a bit of a late start so, by the time we had walked to the D’Orsay, the lineup to get in was very long. Hmmmmm. Maybe we should come back the next day and make a point of being there before the opening bell. Good idea. But what shall we do instead? How about going to the Louvre? Hmmmmm. The lineup there is probably even longer. Hmmmmm. How about going for a walk? Third day of long walks The other monument we wanted to walk by was the Arc de Triomphe. Last time we were in Paris we went to the top to see the fabulous views of the city. This time, just walking around the base ... read more
Another Park
Another sign

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