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Okay, so we are actually home from our month in Utah and Colorado. It is so nice to have a good Wi-Fi connection and lots of electricity to charge computers etc. Now, to complete the blogs I should have been able to do on the road. Next up on our agenda was Natural Bridges National Monument. We discovered that the difference between a National Park and a National Monument is that only the U.S. Congress can set up a National Park but the President can establish a national Monument on his own. Anasazi State Park Before we got to Natural Bridges we ran into Anasazi State Park in Boulder, Utah. In this area of Utah there were many groups of village dwelling farmers up to the end of the 12th century. The museum discussed their life ... read more
Anasazi Museum
From above
Elevation gain?

North America May 18th 2018

The second target on our trip was Bryce Canyon National Park. We decided when we entered Zion to buy an Annual Pass to the National Parks even though we didn’t get the American Citizen rate or a seniors discount. I am not sure if it was a financially good deal but it was certainly convenient. There are a couple of ways to get from Zion to Bryce. One is to go back the way we came and take the long way around Zion (147 miles). The other is a shortcut (72 miles) that involves a road with many twists, turns and switchbacks plus a one mile tunnel. There are rules about over height and over length vehicles as well as stories about delays when they restrict traffic to one way to allow these behemoths to use ... read more
Rock walls on each side
Red Canyon
Desert Phlox

Well, Dianne’s long standing wish has finally come into being. For years she has wanted to head down to Utah to visit the various canyons she has heard about from her parents, her brother and his wife, and many others including friends from Europe. She has been reading books and pouring over various articles on the internet. She has an agenda and a porter to do the heavy lifting. We headed out on May 11th. But first, because we would be away on our daughter’s 50th birthday, we stopped overnight in Mission to take the birthday girl out for a pre-birthday dinner. Happy Birthday, Christine. The blog is a bit delayed because we have had a problem getting consistent connections to charge the computers and access to WiFi. Also had trouble reading the screen due to ... read more
On the way
Lots of Mountain pictures
More mountains

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Montpellier July 5th 2017

How bad is this? Home two weeks and just realized I forgot to post the last blog entry for our trip to France! The only excuse is that we have been pretty busy getting caught up here on Pender. Back to the Blog The beauty of having 23 days in the same city is that you don’t have to rush around every day. You can take a day or two and just do nothing, or something close to it. Not that we did much of that, it’s just that some days we were content to take a tram to a park and just walk around. Of course, we managed to find a place to have a cappuccino pretty well every day. I have blogged about the day trips we took from Montpellier so here are some ... read more
Barrels of fun

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Nîmes June 18th 2017

Unlike Montpellier which has no Roman or Greek heritage, Nîmes has a very rich Roman history. The first thing that struck us when we started walking away from the gare was that there must be a mandate for all cities to have rows of trees lining the boulevards that lead away from the stations. This town was no exception. The Arena of Nîmes The biggest difference is that this tree lined lane leads you to one of the best preserved Roman sites we have seen to date: The Nîmes Arena. It might even be older than the Colosseum in Rome. It has the best information signs of all the sites we saw in France with many of them in English as well as French. It told us not only that the arena was still in use ... read more
Arena of Nîmes
Palais de Justice
A statue of a bullfighter

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon June 14th 2017

We didn’t plan to go to Béziers twice but, as with all good holidays, not everything goes according to plan. The City tour As I probably have said before, Montpellier is a great town in itself but is also well located for visiting other places. Béziers is one of those. A sort train ride dropped us off right at the edge of the old city. One of the things Google maps don’t give you is an idea of what the hills are like. I should have been suspicious after looking at a picture of the cathedral on the internet. We knew where the tourist information office was located and made a beeline for it. Uphill almost all the way. But they were very helpful and our visit to the old city was very successful. It started ... read more
The entrance to the city
Lending library
Pierre Paul Riquet

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Montpellier June 11th 2017

Well, back in Montpellier for 23 nights. Whatever will we do to fill our days here in the south of France? We have already visited many of the sights in Montpellier and know our way around the old town. We don’t even need our map (most of the time). Time to get out train schedules and visit some of the towns in the area. Sète We had already visited Sète (see previous blog) but didn’t have dinner at either of the places we had identified. Peter and Bev had recommended the Gourmet Walking Tour which is run by a Canadian woman who has lived in France for 30 years. Hmmmmm. Food, wine, desserts… Sounded good to us. We met up with Nancy and another couple at the Grand Hotel and off we went. Nancy was able ... read more
Did I mention desserts?
Head cheese
See food?

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 8th 2017

Other neat stuff in Paris, in no particular order…. Versailles The Palace of Versailles is certainly one of the highlights of any trip to Paris but, for me, it was quite an eye opener. We toured the Palace itself and quite enjoyed it. But the biggest surprise to me was when we went to tour the gardens. While “everyone” raves about how great they are, I am not the biggest fan of gardens in general. I was surprised to find them closed. Well, not closed exactly but there was an additional fee, not covered by the Museum pass, because there was a special show that evening. Bummer. We couldn’t stay for it so chatted with one of the gals in the ticket office who pointed out we could visit the Grand and Petit Trianon which are ... read more
Hall of mirrors

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 5th 2017

Oh, boy… 7 nights in Paris… This has to be great! If we can find our Airbnb. Our SIM card doesn’t seem to work so we can’t phone the Airbnb to let them know when we will arrive. Two metros take us to the closest station and, while we were standing there trying to figure out which way to go, a man walks up and asks if he can help. Turns out he is from Chile and he has a brother in Canada. Whenever he is in Canada, many people are helpful so he is glad to be able to help. He even phoned the Airbnb for us. He was leaving the next day for Brazil so our timing was great! Airbnb The airbnb is in the Latin Quarter and within walking distance of just about ... read more
Viewed from across the river
First view of Notre Dame Cathedral
No Quasimodo in sight

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 26th 2017

So, the time had come to head off on our two week “holiday” while Peter and Bev from Perth, Australia, did their home exchange with Sheila and Kevin. Dianne’s plan had us visiting Brussels, Lille (Vimy Ridge) and Paris. As usual, it was a great plan. The trip We flew Ryan Air to Brussels and getting to the airport was easy: walk to the bus stop, take a city bus to the airport and check in. How could it be easier? Well, we had tried to walk to the bus stop a couple of times and with the crazy curved streets that criss-cross an old city we managed to make mistakes the first two times and walked a lot further than we should have. This time, we made it. But just as the bus got to ... read more
Old Buildings
Three amigos

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