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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vernon January 30th 2014

The immediate future But we are not going to be moving to a new city come the fall. A fourth city in four years just isn't in the cards. On the other hand, neither is a final move to Pender! Dianne has been asked to stay on in Vernon for a second year, so that is what we will be doing. The really good news is that we won’t have to move! With the new truck, the move would have been easier, but not as easy as not moving at all. The summer holiday will be shorter as Dianne is expected to put in more admin time than we have had to do the last couple of years as we changed cities. But she is really happy to be able to spend another year here and ... read more
More Coquihalla
Lake area
Fr. Pendosy Mission

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vernon September 15th 2013

Off to Vernon Well, we are off to our third Canadian City in three years. The end of June saw us packing our bags and saying goodbye to Kamloops. The year went incredibly quickly and was full of great memories. I never thought I would like living in Kamloops because of the heat but it was a pretty good experience. Of course, it is a bit of out of the frying pan into the fire…. we’re moving to Vernon, a notorious hot spot. Big Red On the Mother’s Day weekend, Dianne and I decided to walk to McArthur Park in Kamloops for a picnic. The 6.5 km walk winds along both sides of the Thompson River and ends up at the big athletic park I wrote about in an earlier blog. When we got there we ... read more
The boys' Mother's Day trick
Big Red on the move

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops April 23rd 2013

This time last year I quoted that famous philosopher Yogi Berra by saying “It’s not over until it’s over”. Another slightly politically incorrect sports quotation is “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”. This was probably referring to opera in its original usage. But, in this case, this fine singer can rest her vocal cords because she is not needed yet. It ain’t over, folks. Dianne completes her year here in Kamloops knowing she did a fine job. Many people, staff, parents and students were disappointed to find out she was a one year wonder. However, the contract was for one year. The idea was to give them time to find a suitable long-term vice principal. Well, they found one, so it is time to start thinking about packing our bags and moving on. But ... read more
Uniform Day
Yellow Cone

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops January 24th 2013

The Christmas vacation is now a memory and we have entered the second phase of our Kamloops adventure; the run up to Spring Break. Not that we gauge everything by school holidays, but it does give me some reference points for the blog. It was pointed out to me during our Pender visit that I had not published lately. So here goes. The north side of the South Thompson River In our trips back and forth between Alberta and Victoria we had driven along the south side of the South Thompson River many times. We had seen the formations in the hills and thought they looked “nice” but we didn’t appreciate what was there until we took the road that parallels the river on the north side from Kamloops to Chase. It seemed like a different ... read more
Sign of the times
Salmon habitat
Same river

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops October 16th 2012

Since the late 60s, we had passed through Kamloops many times on our way back and forth between cities in Alberta and Victoria, BC. We even have stayed at various motels on the highway when splitting the long drive into two days. However, we had never actually visited Kamloops. Our impression was that it was dry, dusty and just plain too hot. So there were some misgivings when we decided to extend the adventure to this "new" city. We made several trips from Williams Lake in late June and it didn't seem too bad. Dry, dusty and hot but there was a certain rugged beauty to the area. Quite different from Williams Lake and certainly from the Gulf Islands but it looked promising. Leaving Williams Lake We couldn't believe a year had gone by when it ... read more
Stampede Parade
Another moving story

When Dianne retired as Principal in Chemainus in June 2007, we thought we were moving back to Victoria. Dianne took on a couple of part-time projects with her school district to ease into “retirement” and things started to settle down. Then she heard about the opportunity in China and things geared back up. As we approached the end of our three years in China, she learned of an opportunity to go to Williams Lake for a year. Since we had never been to Williams Lake, the Cariboo or the Chilcotin, it seemed like a good idea. And it was; we have really enjoyed our year here. Another year would have been fun but the contract was for a year so we started to think about packing up. Then other possibilities started to appear. An opportunity in ... read more
What's for breakfast?
Neighbours were a bit squirelly

It’s hard to get my brain around our Christmas activities since it is now June! Our first Canadian Christmas since 2007 was very exciting. We got to see all our children and grandchildren for a few days around Christmas itself and also to visit Dianne’s family in Alberta. We had driven to Mission to visit our daughter and her family then flew to Calgary to visit the Alberta relatives. We arrived back at close to midnight to discover they had freezing rain that evening. Hmmmm. The trunk was frozen shut as were the back and side doors. Luckily, I was able to get driver’s door open and we could climb in after pushing the suitcases into the back seat through the window. Good thing we travel light. Our suitcases for China wouldn’t have made it. Dianne’s ... read more
Snow Girl
The Mad Hatter
Ski Girl

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Williams Lake January 18th 2012

Okay, okay…. I haven’t been as faithful a blogger as I should have been. Maybe life in Canada seems tame compared to our activities in China. But actually lots has happened …. Another road trip Because I was going to be on Pender from Labour Day to Thanksgiving, we tried to hit as many places as we could while there was still a car in WL. Off to 150 Mile House. Not a very big place but home to Thyme for Tea, a great restaurant and gift shop. We were very popular and our credit card is still warm. There are many places on the way to WL that are named Something Mile House but I never knew where the starting point was. We finally learned that it was from Lillooet. Who’d have thought? Lillooet isn’t ... read more
New Principal
The Boss
Old schoolhouse

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Williams Lake September 25th 2011

Editor's note I have taken the liberty of copying the recipient list from WilsonsInChina to this new blog. If you don't want to receive notice of new entries, go back to the email and click "unsubscribe". If you have seen this before, sorry about that. Chalk it up to growing pains (mine, not yours) The next adventure begins Dianne “retired” in June 2006 but decided to keep her hand in by doing a few projects for her old school system. Then the opportunity to go to China was too much for her to resist. Went for two years, stayed for three and would probably have stayed for one more but the Chinese government has age related policies for “foreign experts”. There can be exceptions but we decided it would be better to be closer to our ... read more
Typical vista
Sacred Heart School
School grounds

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian June 6th 2011

Editor's note This entry was written to test the new ToBeContinued blog and wasn't planned for general release. Several people who received the test asked for more details. To see the final result in the WilsonsInChina blog, click . The Adventure We are starting the Big Pack prior to returning to Canada. Dianne decided she wanted some bubble wrap. After reviewing the various entries in the school email system and having several conversations with people ”in the know”, she decided she wanted a roll of bubble wrap that was 1.2 meters wide and as long as necessary. She heard about a wholesale place that had “half a roll”, about 70 meters. This should be more than enough and we could sell the excess to other movers. Now, how to get it from the wholesaler to the ... read more
Life saving cab
Lvbo plastic mall
More LPM

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