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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Nîmes March 31st 2019

When we were in Montpellier two years ago we traveled to Nîmes. We thought we could do the town and the Pont du Gard (the famous aqueduct that brought water to Nîmes) in one day. Then we discovered how far it was from Nîmes to the Pont. We did the town and regretted our inability to see the aqueduct. If you are interested in our previous experience in the town, click I did and it brought back some great memories. The Roman museum in Nîmes Nîmes was everything we remembered. As soon as you exit the train station you find yourself walking up this incredibly wide mall lined with trees and benches. A few blocks into town you come to the amazing amphitheatre which in many ways is more impressive than the Coliseu... read more
Now that's a coffee break!
Nîmes amphitheatre
New Musée

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Avignon March 28th 2019

So what did I know about Avignon? I could only think of two things: “Sur le Pont D’Avignon, L’on y danse…” and the fact that the Popes moved there for almost 100 years in the 14thcentury (and I had to look that up). Still, it seemed like a good idea to visit this site from Montpellier even though we would be closer when we are in Arles. As we are in Arles only a few days, we booked the train from Montpellier. The walls of Avignon We had recently been to Carcassonne so it was going to take a lot to impress us. There have been walls in Avignon since Roman times. They periodically got torn down and rebuilt further out to increase the size of the protected area. The effectiveness of these walls was questionable. ... read more
14th century walls
One of the two main courtyards

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne March 23rd 2019

Apologies to anyone who had trouble with the pictures in the last blog entry from St Guihem le Désert. There was a system problem that prevented all photos on all blogs from displaying for about a day and a half. All seems to be well again. Carcassone We had google mapped Carcassonne before we left home but we cleverly just got off the train and started walking. We figured we could find the tourist office without a detailed map and we did. The very helpful lady gave us a city map and told us to turn left, go through the square, cross the bridge and follow the road up the hill to the entrance on the other side of the fortress. Twenty minutes. Piece of cake. Pride goeth before a fall. We cut through the square ... read more
Main entrance
After the double portcullis is the moat
Some of the towers

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Montpellier March 17th 2019

We have long been interested in the Chemin de St Jacques, the Pilgrim’s Way from all over Europe to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Well, not enough to actually walk it ourselves but it has been fun to follow the adventures of various friends who have walked it. One of the trails passes through Montpellier and we have walked the route through the city, several portions of it before we discovered the streets we liked to walk were actually part of the route. In our readings about the Camino, we found references to St Guilhem le Désert, a small town not too far from here. The web site says it is one of the most beautiful villages in France. How could we pass that up? Our preferred method of exploration is to look places up ... read more
La Grotte de Clamouse
Cave picture
Cave picture

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Montpellier March 8th 2019

In the last blog I mentioned I had come down with a nasty cough and cold. It really got in the way of being an energetic tourist and blogger. Fortunately, Dianne didn’t succumb to the cold and I seem to be on the mend. During this period we took it pretty easy. Fortunately our base camp is well situated for walks around the old city and, being near a tram stop, we can jump on a tram and go all over Montpellier to start our walks in different locations. The low point of the trip so far, was Thursday, February 28th. How do I know? Well, Dianne took exactly one picture. It was of me taking a nap. Zoo Getting to the zoo involves a long tram ride followed by a transfer to a local bus. ... read more
You looking at me?
New construction
Une journée venteuse

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Montpellier February 28th 2019

Our latest adventure takes us back to France where the centre piece is a five week stay in Montpellier visiting with Mr. Darcy, the cat we sat with in 2017. Several other stops are planned in what will be a 68 night trip. In the two months between Dec 20th when the big windstorm hit Pender (and other locations around us) and Feb 20th when we left for France, things were pretty wild. Lots of devastation because of the wind storm (but no fatalities) and two major (for us) snow storms cancelled lots of activities. Snow on Pender is a problem because of the hills and limited snow removal equipment. So it was with some pleasure we left for France and temperatures forecast in the 17-20°C range Our itinerary took us through Vancouver and Frankfurt. Both ... read more
What we left behind
Why we were happy to get to Lyon
Not for the faint of heart

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City July 5th 2018

Our camping days are over. It’s motels for the rest of our USA trip. Salt Lake City You can’t go to SLC without visiting Temple Square. We were just outside the free transit area of downtown SLC but right beside the trolley that took us to Temple Square. It’s a pretty well organized site with several information centres. These centres are staffed by young volunteers who were very helpful in explaining the many aspects of Temple Square as well as their Mormon faith. You can’t tour the Temple but the visitor centre has a great model so you can see what you are missing. Considering the conditions in this area in the latter half of the 1800s, it is amazing. The assembly hall is beautiful. The conference centre is huge; it can seat 21,000 people. It ... read more
Handcart Pioneer Monument
The Tabernacle
Conference centre

So we have finally arrived at our last stop in Utah: Moab, a city near Arches National Park. The heat has continued so we were glad to have some shade in the campground. We made sure we got out early to do our hiking. And the wind was often with us. It was so windy when Dianne was preparing supper one night that she put the salad on the plates in Ziploc bags so it wouldn’t blow away. Arches National Park The park is aptly named. Most of what people come to see is arches and there are lots of them. The park is huge and you can put on a few kilometres getting from one place to another. There is a lot of up and down travel but this lends itself to lots of spectacular ... read more
Arches National Park
Campsite visitor
and a little rest

North America » United States » Utah May 28th 2018

Despite the “off” day in Durango, I was a little concerned about our next stop: Hovenweep. This National Monument was given the name by a Mormon missionary in 1854. The name is a Paiute/Ute word meaning “Deserted Valley”. It is. It was reportedly home to as many as 2,500 residents prior to 1300 but they are long gone. How different from what we have been seeing can this place be? Plenty. While a lot of the ruins we have viewed have been built under overhangs in the cliffs, these ruins were actual structures built on top of the mesa. Some right at the edge of some pretty steep drop offs. One is even called Hovenweep Castle. Many of them look like miniature castles from Europe. The main trail takes about 2 hours to tour all the ... read more

Dianne had rearranged our schedule so we wouldn’t be arriving at Mesa Verde on the U.S. Memorial Day weekend. A good plan. The National Park campground was listed as First-Come, First-Served. We got there early but when Dianne asked for 4 nights, she was told we could have Thursday and Friday but Saturday and Sunday were booked solid. Huh? What about First-Come, First-Served? It appears you still have to have a reservation but the reserved sites are handed out First-Come, First-Served. First time we have seen that. The woman at the desk did provide us with a reference to a commercial campground just outside the park that was actually quite nice. More about that later. Mesa Verde National Park One thing I found out about Mesa Verde after we were well into this trip is that ... read more
Life saver
View from the mesa
Far View Terrace

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