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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 26th 2016

Editor's note: We have tried to keep the comments on the pictures short but sometimes... If a comment appears to be cut off, try double clicking on the picture or the link under the picture to see the rest of our riveting text. Travelling to Rome Milan to Rome is no big deal once you figure out the Italian train system. As Canadians, we aren’t used to good train systems but theirs is pretty good. And fast. We noted the overhead sign showed we were going 300 km/h. The temperature showed 32°C which I thought was warm until I noted later it was up to 33°. Not a good sign. Our good Italian friend, Eddy, picked us up and drove us to our apartment. It was good to get together again; it has been quite a ... read more
Home away in Rome
Getting up in the world
Road works

Europe » Italy September 22nd 2016

Milan daily life Now for the real test: walking about the city. The first thing we did (of course) was stop at a local café for cappuccino and brioche for a total of 2 euros per person. Best deal we had found yet. Because we like to know how to get out of town, we took the bus to the train station to make sure we knew where everything was. Dianne also bought the tickets for our day trip to Lago di Como. Nothing like being prepared. Took the metro to Fortress Sforsa. Nice to look at something that wasn’t a church. Our main goal was to see the town as well as ensure we knew where the events for which we had tickets were located. The streets in major Italian city seem to change names ... read more
Milano Centrale Statzione
The inside track

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 18th 2016

Goodbye Denmark Up really early to get breakfast at the hotel before heading to Copenhagen airport. We were getting to be such pros at navigating the Copenhagen train system that we were only stymied for a couple of seconds when we approached the ONLY ticket machine at this station and saw the Blue Screen of Death. Broken. Into the 7/11 and bought tickets there. Copenhagen airport is pretty big (understatement). It doesn’t help that they tell you Ryan Air flies out of Terminal 3 (which they do) but the check-in is in Terminal 2, at the far end from the access to Terminal 3. And they tell you to be there two hours early. See pictures. Milan Our hostess suggested we take the airport bus into the central train station and then a city bus to ... read more
Good thing we got here early
Our new home in Milan
Living room

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Ringkobing September 13th 2016

As our summerhouse visit continues, I would like to give credit (again) to the photographer who travels with me taking all the pictures and editing my work. It would not be as much fun without her. Thanks, Dianne. Dinner with cousins One of the highlights of the trip was getting the three second cousins and their spouses together for a family dinner. Lots of laughter. Mads’ English was a bit suspect but he managed to regale us with a few stories that I think I actually understood even if they weren’t in English. Bunker walk We had had no idea that the west coast of Denmark consisted of mile upon mile of sandy beaches. Or the fact that they were littered with the remains of World War II bunkers that had been part of the Atlantic ... read more
Three second cousins
Three spouses
Kids are kids

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Ringkobing September 9th 2016

Ribe Domkirke The cathedral in Ribe, like many other cathedrals, was started in the 1100s, and had been modified many times over the years. The biggest difference seems to be that they are proud of the recovery they made after the 1283 collapse of one of the two Church towers that killed many people. They rebuilt the tower in the 1300s as a joint Church/state project. The Church used the lower half and the state, the upper. The view from the top of the tower was great. We were just leaving the top when the bells rang. Luckily, it was the quarter hour so it wasn’t too long a chime. Up the coast road Heading up the northwest coast we discovered just how much of the Jutland peninsula of Denmark was water. We passed between the ... read more
Volkswagen up!
Ribe Domkirke
Ribe bells

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Ribe September 5th 2016

Thanks to all the faithful readers of this blog. I can’t tell who reads it but I get a count of the number who do (some may be counted twice if they come back later). And a special thanks to those who commented. I used to reply to each one but it is a bit complicated, especially on the road with an underpowered netbook,-( Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Italy who were affected by the recent earthquake. It occurred in a part of Italy where we have been but will not be going this trip. For the past eight days we have been out of easy WiFi access so it has been difficult to update the blog. But we are now back online, so here goes. Last full day in Copenhagen Our ... read more
The long haul?
The aurochs from Vig
The Sun Horse

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen August 22nd 2016

The plane trip was pretty uneventful. We were flying on points and it turned out flying on a Thursday was the cheapest. It appears Air Canada flies to Copenhagen through Dublin that day and the taxes are less there than Heathrow, the other choice. Unfortunately, we had already fixed our itinerary for Denmark and Italy. It would have been nice to arrange a stopover of two or three days in Dublin. But I guess that will have to wait for another trip. We were booked into an Airbnb apartment and received great instructions on how to get to the place. We took a train from the airport to Copenhagen Central station and then switched to the train going to Valby. We found this second train with no problem and jumped on just as the doors were ... read more
Ready to go
Our home street in Valby
Our place

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan September 30th 2015

Dianne said I had to finish the blog for our last holiday because we are about to embark on our next holiday. Two months in Denmark and Italy. Yahoo! And since I am writing this as we are in the plane, I had better get on it! So here comes the conclusion of our Saskatchewan/Alberta trip… The Cypress Hills Despite living in Alberta for many years, we had never been to any of the three Cypress Hills parks. We decided to go to the Centre Block and it was a great choice. The camping loops are huge and roomy with lots of separation in the sites, at least in our loop. The good news was they had flush toilets in the outhouses. The bad news was they shut off the water on September 21st due to ... read more
Cypress Hills Centre
They say Saskatchewan is flat.

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan September 15th 2015

OK, so this trip was in September and October. I've been busy and just got around to continuing the story of our fall holiday. But, first, a return to the “scene of the crime” from last April. I was surprised to see just how high the platform I sailed off actually was. If you missed the story for last April, click here. But, now, back to the Saskatchewan trip... Preeceville We had visited Preeceville once before when we came home from China for the summer. This time we planned to see more of it and also the surrounding area. We were visiting our old Pender friends, Kathleen and Michael, on their Saskatchewan acreage. There are miles (or maybe there are kilometres) of trails on the property and we walked most of them since they walk with ... read more
Just a little wet
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to walk we go...

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan August 31st 2015

The summer fun had ended, including a fun-filled week with the six grandchildren. There was no excuse for not getting onto the planning for the long-awaited trip to Saskatchewan. But first we had to get there. It is a fair distance from Pender Island to Preeceville, SK. We loaded the truck with all the “stuff’ we needed for a fairly complex trip. Camping equipment, “visiting” clothes, dress-up clothes for the Celebration of Life for Dianne’s Dad, books, cameras, computers (in case I get inspired to write the blog as we go; as you can see, I didn’t)… lots of stuff. Dianne had been reading a lot of material about camping holidays. Especially the part about pulling off the road and camping for free when you are just stopping for the night. She planned our route with ... read more
A campfire at last!
Leaving the mountains behind
Memories of a former life.

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