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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire September 20th 2019

After dropping off my colleagues, I made my way to Avebury. One of my biggest gripes about driving in England are the roads themselves. They make just enough roads to accommodate traffic, which in theory is fine; however, when construction is necessary, you're basically screwed. So I got completely turned around in Marlborough and I was frustrated further when my GPS crapped out again. I was able to see my location, but no further directions, so I had to use a map - normally I like, but the tiny country roads with fast moving cars added to the stressful experience. One of the saving graces was that due to the change in approach to town, I was able to see the Alton House White Horse on the side of the hill as I made my way ... read more
My haunted room at The Lamb
Stourhead Gardens

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Wilton September 6th 2019

6 September 2019, Friday Day 5 on Thames Path, Tadpole Bridge to Newbridge, day 20 of travel. We will start by describing one portion of our dinner from last night. Dinner at Tadpole Bridge - Oh my, we cannot forget our dinner at Tadpole Bridge last night! It was a gastronomic dream. I will only describe my soup as it will suffice to give you an idea of the culinary delights we had. First of all Harlan and I love soup and it is an item that lends itself for easy experimentation while traveling. Our waitress was quite young and we find out she has just been working there for just a few days. She is kept constantly running to the kitchen to find the answers to our questions. It was like the old game of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Lacock August 29th 2019

The big,black pot from where all the magic portions where churned by the little wizards of Hogwarts school in Harry Potter. Yes, I visited the Lacock abbey which was the site for this magical film shooting. Pride and Prejudice, The other Bolyen girl, Fantastic beasts, Harry Potter etc were filmed in Lacock and in the surrounding little village, now preserved by National Heritage Trust of England. "It is our choices, Harry that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter. It was a splendid choice to visit Lacock from Swindon by changing two buses ( approximately 2 hours) on a week day because of good bus service and sunny weather. I observed the the pleasant countryside of Calne, Royal Wootton village and others, all once belonged to the old wool ... read more
Black cauldron used for cooking by the nuns
Medicinal garden
Lacock country home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Avebury August 18th 2019

What a lovely English summer and I put together a picnic for a day trip from Swindon to Avebury with a friend. Thankfully, I reached the bus stop early. Being Sunday, the bus was set to leave a little early. I immediately bought a ticket and called my friend who was also nearby. We made it in easy 30 mins bus ride! Avebury is famous for ancient circles of large stones which were built during the Neolithic age (New Stone age) around 2500 BC. Yes, it was built during the times of the famous Egyptian pyramids.These are nothing spectacular like the pyramids. There is an artificial mound called Silbury hill, Kenneth Barrow (a burial site of about 35 bodies) and a few other sites in the vicinity. Still, something to make us wonder. We walked about ... read more
Sheep grazing leisurely
Early man
Morris dance- Women

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Malmesbury August 9th 2019

Malmesbury is a mouthful; sounded like marmalade in a bun. Motivated by a historical novel, I followed the protagonist who travelled to Malmesbury abbey on a horse to find answers to a riddle during those turbulent times. I took local 40 minutes bus ride from Swindon to Malmesbury with a bag of crisps and bottled water. During the reign of the Henry the eighth, Malmesbury abbey was one of the monasteries which got dissolved to fill the royal treasure. Geographically, it is set on top of a small hill with the two tributaries engulfing the town to join River Avon. The vast meadows with the fresh water was ideal for sheep husbandry. Wool was a major export and this town prospered. Malmesbury abbey was an ancient hermitage set up by an Irish immigrant, Maelduph in 600-700 ... read more
Wooden model of Malmesbury Abbey
Church Altar
Saint Aldenheim

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Longleat July 26th 2019

While visiting friends in England my friend Amy and I decided to go on one of our famous road trips together. This time our destination was Longleat Safarie park as they have one of the longest maze in the world. After stopping for a typical sainsburys breakfast, donuts and cookies and an hour in a hot car we finally made it to the park. Around 11.00 am we thought it would be a good idea to drive through the safarie park first before hitting the maze. Very soon we realized that this was not our brightest idea. With a broken air con and not being allowed to open the windows it was stop and go through the midday sun. It was absolultly boiling in the car. We had no time to enjoy the animals as the ... read more
Cute little amordillo
Cuddly koala
The maze

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Warminster March 14th 2019

Am on the countdown now. Birthday/Bon Voyage Party Saturday. Last week at work next week All getting real now... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Salisbury November 16th 2018

Leaving Salisbury yesterday was tough. I’ve become attached to my daily walks along on the Avon, so on my final morning, I revisited “my” tree at the river‘s confluence near the Cathedral. I sat on a bench and listened to the birds, the bells, and the city. Like throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, I hope it guaranteed my return... One hopeful indicator is that my AirBnB hosts are discussing a future in which they will spend time in other parts of the world (she’s from Indonesia and they’re building a home there). Serendipitously, they will be looking to rent out their lovely Salisbury home (with art studio ”at the bottom of the garden...) for six months at a time. We‘ve promised to stay in touch! Attached are a few more photos of this lovely ... read more
Market Day in the town square
In nearby Wilton

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Salisbury November 11th 2018

I admit that the last few weeks I’ve been feeling increasingly fretful about my three-month reconnaissance. I’d become resigned to returning home with no clear favorite place, and certainly no plausible ”home base” to which I’d want to return. There are some fabulous places to visit, but they were too big/small, too congested/remote, or lacked infrastructure/amenities to tempt me to stay for long. Then I arrived in Salisbury - and everything changed! Now cautiously optimistic, I won’t say it’s the “be all, end all,“ but it’s certainly ticking a lot of boxes.... It’s a compact city with a cathedral and college, plenty of shops and eateries, myriad attractive and historical buildings strewn about, and ample green space, with the rivers Avon, Nadder, Ebble, Wylie and Bourne veining the downtown and countryside. Named url= read more
Salisbury Cathedral Seen from adjacent park
Salisbury Cathedral
Cloisters, Salisbury Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire August 4th 2018

Larmer Tree Larmer tree The festival was from Thursday 19th till Sunday 22nd July, I was there for a week, giving me four extra days of an empty field, a view, the shade of a beech tree, and nearby woods. The festival was slightly different this year; more bands I hadn't heard of, fewer workshops and strolling players, more of the woods open. I did two Gong Bath sessions (no water, just lying on the ground under a canopy of trees, immersing oneself in the sound of the gongs and other percussive instruments). I was outside the tent (I'm always late for these things) so didn't get the full vibratory experience, but the sound drifted me off to the cacophony of traffic, a steam train, and a plane taking off, as well as the usual whale ... read more

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