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James Delaney

So this has become more of a general blog for all of mine and my fiancées' travel adventures, may it long continue!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Haywards Heath January 4th 2020

Welcome to 2020, happy New Year and back out into the wild for us! This time it’s a journey out in the Bongo into the South Downs and to Wakehurst, the sister gardens of Kew Gardens in London which we went to last year and really enjoyed, well recommended if you’ve not been. What and where is Wakehurst Place..? It’s in West Sussex and is a nice drive from Shoreham by Sea, about 30 minutes through lots of small villages such as Ditchling which has a great pub/restaurant called the Bull, well worth a visit with great food and an open fire. Just past the Bluebell railway, we arrive at Wakehurst Place and get parked up and into our walking boots, apparently, it’s dirt tracks and woodland marshes… On getting our tickets, we are told that ... read more
Into the wildhurst!
The Elizabethan Mansion
Overlooking Horsebridge Wood

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Petworth December 30th 2019

It's not quite the New Year (2020), but, it's a day out and start on getting fit and healthy again after the Christmas binging with my family who were down in Brighton with my brother, not to mention all the food at home with Helen... It’s Bongo'ing off we go to Petworth Park, it’s a short drive through the South Downs to get these wobbly bodies moving and test out the all-terrain tyres I added to the Bongo in December, thanks Dad! So, what is Petworth House I hear you ask..? It’s one of many Sussex’s fancy stately etates that can be visited, this on is a late 17th-century Grade I listed country house, rebuilt in 1688 by Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset and the owner of a huge estate, no idea what Charles did ... read more
Deer park
Rolling hills

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 10th 2019

United States of America, New York – December A Festive treat for me and Helen to experience Home Alone 2 in New York at Christmas :) Day 1, Tuesday 10th December 2019 We fly out of Gatwick and leave home around 3am, not much sleep that night, way too excited for the adventure! Empty roads and pretty quiet and quick to get through security, a good start so far and some Jamie's breakfast before the 7 hour flight. Boarded on the plane and its an near empty flight, which is crazy since we had to pay extra to get this flight and it wasn't available via any brokers, only direct via Norwegian Airways. Festive movies of choice for the flight: Home Alone 2, Elf and a few Simpsons Christmas episodes! It's over in a flash, we ... read more
Rockefeller Centre
Grand Central Station - Snowing!
The High Line

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » s'Arenal August 10th 2019

It’s holiday time and we are off to a villa in the south east of Spain’s Mallorca, super excited for a week off from work and life in general, time for a San Miguel, beer us, stat! Preparation time and Narla is not happy at been dropped off at the cattery, our parting words consisted of “bye Narla, see you in a week…. Narla, urmmm, hiss!”. Sad times for the fur-baby. All packed and parked up at Gatwick and looking forward to some Airport lounge champagne and Eggs Royal, we head to the Gatwick Lounge, or at least we thought we were about to... we apparently didn’t book “The Lounge”, we booked, “My Lounge”… oh no… On checking in, it was not as fancy as the other one and was a bit basic on the food ... read more
View from the villa!
Cocktail time!
Balcony with a view

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Chewton Mendip August 3rd 2019

Another adventure out in The Bongo, still not named it! Day 1. Mendip Hills This time off to Somerset to stay over in the Mendip Hills, staying at Brook Lodge Farm Campsite and with a plan to drop the Bongo back to the garage, JCS (SW) LTD, to have a few issues that were there from purchase, they were good and agreed to fix all issues if returning in the first 3 months. “Issues: Roof had a gap at the top right, folding mirror didn’t fold and a screw was missing from the steering column, all sorted on the Monday so no complaints with JCS in Bristol, JCS (SW) LTD: Company number 09589353 for anyone looking at a Bongo” Onto the fun bit, the drive through Jane Austin country was easy, lovely woodlands and small villages ... read more
Blagdon lake
Field hopping...

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » New Forest July 13th 2019

130719 - New Forest, Hampshire First time out in the Bongo for a test trip out to the New Forest in Hampshire. We had some fun and games trying to figure out what to pack, we're a bit rusty on this travelling thing, it's been 10 years since the days of Oz and New Zealand camper-vaning after all! In the spirit of past adventures and taking us all the way back, we bought a box of Australian Shiraz, only a bit fancier than goon! A short drive out of West Sussex via Petersfield and the South Downs and we’re in the New Forest heading for Burley. On our trip, we come across a very, very posh, one-percenter posh Polo Club in Cowdray, Midhurst. Not to feel too out of place, we park the Bongo next to ... read more
Forest  Walk
UK  Hamptons
Highcliff Beach

Europe January 4th 2019

This is a whistle stop blog from the start of 2019 and what looks like two fingers up to lowering my carbon footprint this year as it's all about enforced jet-setting, apparently! Amsterdam, Schiphol, NetApp Work Trip First off, a work strategy outing to NetApp's head office in Amsterdam Schiphol, March 6th flight out. Not too much to talk about apart been as it's work, but, work to one site, a lovely evening put on by Steve at restaurant Westeinder Paviljoen Aalsmeer, westeinderpaviljoen.nl, great views over lake Grote Poel and some great steak tartare followed by a sirloin steak, who doesn't love a double steak all paid for dinner and some great red wine as well. Highlights: Johnnie Walker's blue label whisky, top shelf! Double steak at Westeinder Poland, Krakow, Dad's 65th Adventure Next trip out ... read more
Dad's 65th
Krakow, Market Square
Prague, Club lights-on!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » St Ives July 13th 2017

Cornwall, the most southern and tropical part of the UK and also one of the most remote parts. Day 1. So our journey begins... at 2:30am to travel the predicted 6 hours to Marazion, Cornwall’s oldest Town. I've got the car packed, its down on its wheel arches and a super strength coffee to go! The drive from Shoreham By Sea was pretty uneventful with not a soul on the roads until we got past Bodmin which goes on forever, to our surprise there is a dual carriageway that goes all the way into Cornwall that opened last Friday. This motorway knocked two hours off our predicted time and we got to Cornwall in under 4 and a 1/2 hours, good going! We took the time to have a drive around Marazion and Penzance to hunt ... read more
Cornish Coast
Dune hiking
Dune loving!

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Cala Millor June 10th 2017

Anticipation out of the way and an early rise, the usual no sleep the night before from been too excited about a week off with the family in Majorca. We arrive at Gatwick and meet up with Oli, Maia, Phoenix and little Indigo for a Wagga-Momma breakfast before the TUI flight, a nice airbus plane with a bit of mood lighting, why not! It's a nice chilled out flight watching plant of the apes and a bit of Mario kart on the DS, losing to Helen which was a sad day for my Mario Kart skills, all those years at uni gone to waste! We land at Palma airport, usual feeling when we got off the plane, feels like an oven, beautiful weather and ready to get to the hotel but not before we find Mom ... read more
Out and about
Spikey Spanish plant
Hotel evening meal

North America » Mexico » Yucatán May 29th 2016

Mexico – Rivera Maya 29th May – 13th June It's that time of year again and we are off for 2 weeks of sun, sea and non-pebble beaches in Mexico! A nice early 5am start, bound for Gatwick for our flight on the Thomson Dreamliner (apparently ubér modern and fancy) to Mexico for two weeks of 5-star sun, sea, sand and Mayan hospitality. Some airport fun and games at Alfonso's restaurant, quickly seated but no one to server us for 20 minutes... in a very British way we depart for Jamie Olivers after saying no thank you to Alfonsos bad service. Tradition is the order of the day with a full fry up before out inflight (no-doubt) delish food! Boarding the fancy DreamLiner plane which was pretty uneventful, few movies down on the flight and a ... read more
beaching it!
Chicken, Pizza!
Mayan temples of death!

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