Delaney's Guestbook

22nd August 2010

i love travelling
Nice pictures this is really amazing.I really want to visit Byron Bay beach houses.
11th February 2010

u been to the ramsay street?, wow
23rd April 2009

I want to travel again!!
Sounds like you guys had an great time!! I am a little concerned at the number of times you were phished! haha good work! And Jim, we all know what you do in 1hr shower sessions....It will make you go blind my friend!
22nd January 2009

Its all about the 'street drinking' out about 7p a glass of beer. Nearly as cheap as sheffield!
22nd January 2009

Minging Foot
Some cool pic's there matey, especially enjoyed the one of the foot. Wish i saw the incident as i bet it was funny as!

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