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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire July 29th 2019

Day 2 dawned bright and clear, but the fierce heat of Thursday had abated somewhat. We said our goodbye's to Amelia and Gareth (apparently Amelia is Helen's niece, not a cousin. family relationships are SO confusing!) and we set off for today's destination, Boscombe, just outside Bournemouth, where Helen's brother John Mark, and sister-in-law Jane, live. Not without a slight detour to visit Salisbury though. Salisbury is probably famous for may things, For me, though, two stand out. One is the cathedral, perhaps the finest of its kind in England, and with the tallest spire. the other is Gibb Mew beer, which I remember reading about in one of Dave Lines books on home brewing. He reckoned 'Bishops Tipple' was one of the finest brews in Britain. so I was looking forward to trying some. Once ... read more
Salisbury cathedral
the world's oldest working clock

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire July 29th 2019

So, with our inner cravings satisfied, albeit temporarily, we continued our journey to Boscombe. This took us through some pretty countryside until we reached the urban sprawl of Bournemouth. Serena the SatNav deftly directed us down numerous identical looking roads and round a myriad of roundabouts, until we reached the genteel leafy green of College Road, where lay our destination and home for the next three nights. This was the first time we had seen John and Jane's pad which they bought when they retired and moved down from Surrey. And very impressive it was too. Allocated our bedrooms we dumped our stuff and with John as guide, set off for the beach, which is first seen from the clifftop as a breathtaking sweep of golden sand and invitingly blue sea, stretching for approximately 7 miles, ... read more
Boscombe, view towards Bournemouth
Boscombe and the isle of Wight

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » New Forest July 13th 2019

130719 - New Forest, Hampshire First time out in the Bongo for a test trip out to the New Forest in Hampshire. We had some fun and games trying to figure out what to pack, we're a bit rusty on this travelling thing, it's been 10 years since the days of Oz and New Zealand camper-vaning after all! In the spirit of past adventures and taking us all the way back, we bought a box of Australian Shiraz, only a bit fancier than goon! A short drive out of West Sussex via Petersfield and the South Downs and we’re in the New Forest heading for Burley. On our trip, we come across a very, very posh, one-percenter posh Polo Club in Cowdray, Midhurst. Not to feel too out of place, we park the Bongo next to ... read more
Forest  Walk
UK  Hamptons
Highcliff Beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Portsmouth June 19th 2019

Right - not had much time for blogging the last few days, as it's either been long travelling stages, or lots of time with people. But now we're at Port Solent, Portsmouth, with time to kill before our overnight ferry, so here we go. It was getting on for 11 by the time we rolled out on Sunday, after lots of packing up, stowing away, and swapping back of borrowed kit. (as far as we know, we DID succeed in getting back all our own stuff, and nothing of anyone else's!) The rest of the morning the weather was grim, all the way up the M5 and M42, but started to clear a bit on the M6, so that the long A14 stretch was in really nice weather! Still, a long journey, right across to Wrentham, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Winchester November 17th 2018

The plane ride was good, a picnic with complimentary wine and cheese and crackers that I’d brought were a great way to start the flight. After customs, we found the location of our bus ride to Winchester then found some Italian coffee to pass the 3 hours we had to wait. The bus ride would have been interesting if we would not have kept falling asleep. We arrived in downtown Winchester, hopped into a cab and went to our hotel. We wanted to go to dinner in downtown Winchester but couldn’t find the wherewithal to leave so ate at the hotel restaurant. This was actually a good choice as the food was good and gluten-free. The buffet breakfast had lots of choices so we could fill up on food that would last for several hours. We ... read more
Mulled wine stand at the Cathedral
A Street Performer sword swallower
The Winchester Cathedral by day

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire November 6th 2018

Part 3 The trip so far has been great, but we like the sea side so we set a course for the home of some more old friends and a long overdue catch up. A few years back our friends Dana and Paul bought a Pup in Pevensey Bay, they’re not on the Brit Stop list but that didn’t matter to us. We didn’t call ahead so it was a picture to see Danas face when we pulled into the car park. Luckily it’s a big car park, on a bit of a slope so we had to park right outside on the level bit. Useful for Paul if he wanted to check the guttering from our roof, ha ha. We had a very pleasant evening with great company and great food. Pevensey is a bit ... read more
The Castle Inn Pevensey Bay
Pevensey Bay
Pevensey Bay Kisses

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Winchester October 11th 2018

After witnessing yesterday‘s epic traffic/gridlock at Waterloo Bridge, my brain would simply NOT shut off during the night, trying to calculate the best way for me to catch this morning’s train to Winchester. Every mode had risks: the Tube involved carrying my large, heavy case on stairs at each end, all surface-modes involved rush hour. So, after about three hours’ sleep, I showered, packed up, woke Fae for a hug, and took off for Waterloo Station at dawn. Naturally, I caught the first bus and arrived a ridiculous two hours early. However, I made the most of my time, ensconcing myself at a luxury mezzanine cafe, enjoying Eggs Florentine and a latte while watching the mayhem on the station floor below.... Tonight I’m in a cozy Air BnB room near the rail station, and have spent ... read more
Winchester (rushing the season a bit)
Winchester Buttercross
Winchester riverside park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Alton May 31st 2018

On 16th May we caught the No 38 bus at Petersfield and headed for Chawton. The bus went past Selborne where we visited previous day. We got off at the pub, opposite to Jane Austen’s House. Like Selborne, there were a lot of thatched roof houses in Chawton. Jane Austen’s House Museum We entered the shop and paid for the admission fees. Jane Austen is one of Britain’s best loved authors and lived in this brick house for 8 years. This was the house where she wrote and revised all her major works such as Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park. Despite its countryside location, there were a lot of visitors.. We were asked to enter into the house from the Drawing room, west side of the house. To commemorate her proli ... read more
Plaque of Jane Austen
The Austen's Garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Petersfield May 28th 2018

We got on the 10:15 bus for Alton on 15 May. The No.38 brought us to Selborne in 40 minutes. We got off on the B3006 road, and walked past the village café and the village hall. There were a number of thatched roof houses as described on Gilbert White’s book. Gilbert White House with Oates Collections Dr Gilbert White’s house was on the B3006 road. We paid £10 each for the admission fees. At the Orientation Room, we were informed that Gilbert White House was the home for Revered Gilbert White and visitors can find his and his family’s memorabilia, and because of the later extension, the house acquired collections of documents of two very different explorers of the natural world: Captain Lawrence Oates who undertook the epic journey to the Antarctica with Captain Scott; ... read more
Mark standing in  the grass land
woodland garden
starting point of Selborne Common

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Petersfield May 24th 2018

Petersfield Earlier this year I read Dr Gilbert White’s ‘Natural History of Selborne’. His beautiful illustrations of the village and countryside and descriptions of birds attracted me; we decided to visit there for our holiday. However, Selborne doesn’t have the train station. The nearest town is Petersfield; we decided to stay in Petersfield from 13th to 18th May. The Old Drum Mark found ‘The Old Drum’ through This B/B hotel was conveniently located both to the railway station and to the town centre. We soon found our hotel as we walked down the street from the railway station on 13th May. The Old Drum is one of the historic buildings introduced in the leaflet of Petersfield Blue Plaque Trail. Petersfield’s his... read more
Physic Garden
Heath Pond
Swan nesting

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