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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 20th 2018

Well the 6 hours on the train went pretty quickly, the first 2 hrs was on the fast lines and that flew by, but then kicked into the slow track which did take another 4hrs to do just what we had done on the fast lines. So glad we had an extra night in Sarria, the train did not arrive until 7pm so that gave us the following day to explore around Sarria, with a population of 13,500 it is big enough to have lots of restaurants and bars but small enough to get around and see everything and the people were very welcoming. If it wasn't for the Camino Walk a lot of these towns would find it hard to survive, Sarria has become a major starting point for the Camino for people who only ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria September 28th 2017

Today we left the albergue a bit late, at around 8am. I was out of bed by 6am, but took my time getting ready, having a cafe con leche since they were open. Eduardo and Silvia left with us. Silvia said her backpack felt a lot better, but she was taking it easy, and Raresh was off to the races. Somewhere along the way, Eduardo, who had been keeping up, had a problem of some sort, so we left them behind. We passed through Biduedo, but paused for a photo at a high point, along with several other pilgrims. On our way through the tiny town of Fillobal, I had to stop for a photo of a ladder against a wall, with steep stairs above the ladder, leading to a house. I think there was ... read more
Awesome View of Misty Triacastela Valley
Entering Fillobal
Weird way to get to your house

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria May 16th 2017

We left Ponferrada a little late; breakfast too good and the bike workshop in the basement of our auberge too interesting; checked tyre pressures chain action, pumped up tyres etc. Made our way slowly to Villanfranco del Bierzo where there was a market we bought oranges, nuts,cheese and sausage for lunch. Began the ascent cautiously through the vineyards of Villafranca, knowing these were the biggest hills yet. Made it past Herrerias stopped for goodies and water bought at the market in Villafranca del Bierzo, then the real peaks;Cabriero at -1300m and finally alto Poio at 1330m. Amazing descent into triacastella, we saw the most amazingly luxurious auberge imaginable, mountain views, barbecue terrraces and a swimming pool. The town of tricasteela was like like something from middle earth, beautiful, picturesque with singing canaries. We cycled another 20km ... read more
Templar castle at Ponferrada

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 19th 2016

Sorry Mr and Mrs K., it's not about you, not this time anyway. I love walking with the poles and can't imagine it without them. Used properly, they help drive you up hills, lower you gently into valleys and get you going on good surfaces. They are a second pair of legs, and it's surprising how much of the load you're arms can take. Not many people use them properly, just placing them out in front and then walking past them. Still, they would help steady them I suppose. Today we had breakfast at Triacastela , me, coffee and tortilla , John, coffee and a smoke, and away we went. A long steady climb out of the valley saw us at San XII before light, and Alto del Riocabo, the highest point, about 30 minutes later. ... read more
Still Dark, Near San XII
Lovely Views On Lovely Paths

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 18th 2016

Sarria is tomorrow, Triacastela is not an option on this site. The walking today was mainly on natural paths and was quite steep both ways, up and down. We passed though early morning oak forests before climbing into the high country and being treated to some of the most amazing country scenes you will see anywhere. The views across Spain and deep into the valleys were breathtaking ( or was that just the walk up the hills?). We stopped for coffee at a small hamlet before beginning the slow steep descent into the valley, and Triacastela. You pass through many small hamlets and farms and witness the daily lives of the inhabitants; milking cows, mucking out sheds, or just tending to other farm work. Large dogs are always on the scene but are oblivious to anyone ... read more
Cows being milked

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria May 25th 2016

Walked from Alex and Jill's place to the bus stop. Something of a rush because the bus driver decided to leave 5 mins early. A beautiful sunny day in London. We took freeways across town to Stansted airport for our Ryan Air flight. Catherine had a minor hassle getting through security because they were concerned she had something more than 100 mls of liquid. Debate come down to whether stick deodorant could be counted as liquid or solid. Sheesh! Onto the flight which was pretty full. Coming into Santiago de Compostela airport we could see the rolling green hills of Galicia and while cumulus clouds. Great walking weather. During the flight an English woman was sitting next to us. She was also planning to travel to Sarria, and had organised a taxi. We asked if we ... read more
Cobble stones in Sarria
Mosaics of the Sarria monastery
Practicing the Camino on the day before starting

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 7th 2015

7 October 2015, Wednesday. Stage 32 Sarria to Portomarin. 8 October is a rest day in Portomarin. GPS: a day with errors but 16 miles, 6 hours moving. Left at 0830 and arrive at 1730. Fitbit: 15.68 miles, steps 35,894, stairs 158. As we are checking out of the Hotel Alfonso IX, we are joined by Thor and Vinca from Norway. This is their first day on the Camino and they have booked through a travel service to Santiago. They have a home in the South of Spain and so took the bus, 9 hours, from their home to Sarria. Sarria is at kilometer 110 from Santiago so it qualifies for a Credentia at the Church in Santiago provided you get at least 2 stamps per day. It is not hard as every cafe and souvenir ... read more
12th Century Igrexia Santiago
The caretaker of Igrexia Santiago Church
View of the church and altar

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 6th 2015

6 October 2015, Tuesday Triacastela to Sarria, Stage 31, GPS: No data as watch died and operator error after recharging. Fitbit: Steps: 29149, Stairs:101, Miles: 12.73 We have a buffet breakfast associated with the albergue, several doors down street. It is a full breakfast and delicious. Complexo Xacobeo is a place to remember. Xacobeo is the Galician word for Jacobeo which translates into James. So the Way of St James and the Camino de Santiago are terms used interchangeable through out. We don our rain gear and are out the door a little after nine. We walk to the end of the Main Street and turn right toward the San Xil route. I would have so enjoyed the other, longer route to the Samos Monastery but the weather is iffy and it adds six kilometers to ... read more
The fog and the Camino
An hour later and still fog on the Camino
The first few hours are along heavily wooded paths

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 3rd 2015

October 2,2015 Today we took the alternative route to Samos where there is the largest and oldest monasteries in the Western World. It was founded by the Benedictines in 960. The trails were beautiful as we walked through a canopy of trees and brooks. We enjoyed our own tapas on the roof top of our Albergue with an awesome view of the country in midst of laundry but lovely. Again we happened upon some Camino friends/family and enjoyed a harty Italian dinner.... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria October 3rd 2015

October 3,2015 For the Compostela in Santiago a pilgrim must walk the last 100 km. today we reached the 100 km marker. Feeling good! Today as well we saw several buses come to the highway just outside the 100 km and drop off loads of new pilgrims. The roads have suddenly become crowded. I have heard that the crowds in Santiago are large and services for the mass at noon has about 1000 people. I understand why now. Today was again a pleasant walk in and out of tree groves. The morning was very chilly at 4 degrees and fog. We started off and pulled back to have a great coffee con leeche. The fog never fully lifted until mid day and it was pleasant. Our hotel this evening is out in the sticks and we ... read more

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