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Denis Jenkins

Recreational Cyclist

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Narathiwat February 10th 2020

Our hotel was a city style, clean and comfortable, the breakfast was adequate. In the morning we travelled in the van to the west to the railway station at Phunphin , we cycled through a busy town and across the chulachomkaou railway bridge and on through into rural southern Thailand along the banks of the beautiful river. To the temple at Wat Tham Sing Khom , an ancient cave was uncovered during construction work, it has examples of wall paintings and Chinese pottery embedded in the ceiling. The cave has become a place of worship and contains many buddahs! A quick snack and we headed on through a rubber plantation where we met local people harvesting the rubber, counting, weighing and transporting it to the factory for processing. I’m this area there were also many mango ... read more
Railway bridge at punphin
temple entrance
Cow at the temple

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Takua Thung February 9th 2020

We had a wonderful buffet breakfast in the dining room at the Nana beach hotel. This hotel was far busier than any others we have stayed however the food was great a good selection of American and local Thai food. I tried a banana leaf wrapped sticky rice with egg custard, it was delicious! We set off on the bikes around 8:15, stopping at the small town of Thungwualaen beach “literally the bull that ran away” to admire the bull statue and beach. We headed on along the coast again turning inland to stop at a rubber plantation and see how the latex is extracted and saved in cans strapped to the trees. Very rural and rich in beaches and rivers we encountered, cocunut plantations,shrimp farming fishing villages, cows and buffalo. The cows are often accompanied ... read more
Denis and Nick at the bull
our guide
rubber extracted

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Narathiwat February 8th 2020

It was a cooler morning and we had a lovely breakfast in the barn porpla resort Prachuap Khiri Khan. The cycle team arrived promptly at 8am and we set off through the town and over to the Air Force base. Pi Golf explained about the Japanese invasion where many Thai policeman were killed during the Second World War so Japan could access Burma across this thin peninsula. We cycled On to visit the Waghor aquarium and further through beautiful jungle with verdant palm trees with occasional glimpses of the shore line. We wound on through an area mainly populated by Scandinavians within the Wat Hanakon national park and had a rest stop at a local police station, where we ate snacks and chatted with a policeman. We continued through similar landscape winding through small roads often ... read more
Nick rising through the park
Nick and Denis in the park
houses in the park

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Prachuap Khiri Khan February 7th 2020

The sun rose behind the hills at the southern tip of the bay as we enjoyed our breakfast at the privacy beach resort near Khao Sam roi Yot national park. Our guide Pi Golf arrived just before 8am and we were on our bikes and cycling south along the coast by 8:15. The sea was calm and a light breeze cooled us as we headed into the park. We were greeted by buffaloes then monkeys and steep limestone cliffs predominant throughout the park there were lakes, palm trees and wonderful views. Stopping off at a beautiful temple by the sea we were schooled in the role of the Naga protecting the Buddha and how this snake connects the land with the heavens. We had cycled 65km before we stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant where ... read more
Beautiful presented
Monkey in the park
Buddhist temple

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Khao Yai NP February 6th 2020

60 Km day so an early breakfast at the excellent Golden beach hotel Cha Am. a lovely beach, many bars and a great atmosphere. Our guide picked us up at 8am and we drove 30 Km to Hau Hin the starting point a beautiful temple as always! We followed cycle paths inland towards and along a lovely beach seeing statues of the kings of Thailand throughout the ages along the way. Stopping for a break to see a pineapple farm and sample the produce, delicious succulent fresh pineapple and some cocunut dumplings. There were rivers with fishing villages and shrimp boats and 3 temples, Hindu Buddhist and Chinese. We ate local bananas. Then headed for the cave at phraya Nakhon it involved a sea boat trip and 1km each way hike over steep and slippery terrain. ... read more
hua Hin temple
Hau Hin
Nick Denis and Golf

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand February 5th 2020

A lengthy day in Bangkok started with a swim in the hotel pool, breakfast and then a sky train trip !To the park. Made our way to the river went floe a river cruise, saw lots of temples and a very large lizard. Many lock gates then back to the city for lunch at a coffee house. Picked up the subway back to Sukhumvit then we headed to the vertigo in Banyan tree hotel. The views from this 72 floor restaurant in downtown Bangkok were amazing? This morning after an early morning swim and.breakfast at the buffet we met our Guide Golf and our driver Oi we were driven east to the coast at Samut Sangkram, where we were fitted to our bikes and began our journey. It’s hot 35C but the land is flat and ... read more
River temple
River boat trip
River boat temple 1

Asia February 4th 2020

We met up with Nicks wife Marisa at Bangkok airport, the took a taxi (all electric) heavy traffic in the are around our hotel. We are in the Grand President and had our rooms upgraded to suites, on the 17th floor with excellent views all around the city. First stop was the pool area, where we had a beer and a quick swim its a sultry 33C. Decided on a local Thai restaurant just the other side of the sky train adjacent to Nani station. Marissa selected some excellent dishes; Pla Kapong Neung (sea bass in lemon and chilli sauce) and some Tom Kha Gai, lovely hot and sour soup! Really tired after the flight so an early night, but of course awoke really early.... read more
Denis and Nick  day 1
Food at Via Via

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 3rd 2020

Getting final packing finished, being picked up for the airport at 2.30pm! Leaving behind grey damp cool weather for blue skies and warmth! In Heathrow Terminal 2 lots of masks. We arrived in Bangkok after a 10 hour flight a little ahead of time at 3:10pm... read more
Via via around the corner from our hotel

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 18th 2017

It's the last day, we could have finished it last night but with 33 Km remaining it started to rain and we looked around to see an auberge, lovely old building set back from the road and that was that! Over supper we met Karen a kiwi currently living in Sydney and 2 Germans from Frankfurt and from Munich, good company and interesting conversation. This morning it was still rainy so we set off in waterproofs. Along the road with about 20 Km to go we joined the trail, it was very full with pilgrims so we got back on the road again until 12 Km near to Santiago airport where we picked up the trail again and meandered into Santiago. On arrival we headed for the Sella (stamp) to validate our journey; picked up a ... read more
Santiago Cathedral
Santiago Cathedral Botafumeiro
Approach to Santiago Cathedral

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Arteixo May 17th 2017

We are checked into auberge Ocas 33km from Santiago. We could easily have finished it tonight but it started to rain so we sheltered in this lovely Auberge; We are planning to be on the road early tomorrow.Today we passed through Porto Marine with its wonderful lake (man made) and bridges.This is the only city on the route that we skirted around ather than cycling through the centre. In Palace de Rei we sat in the covered square in front of the town hall and ate our lunch. The weather had started rainy, then dried off but cool we agreed to time but once it started to rain time for a break... read more
The peak of O'Cabriero
Denis at the top

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