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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista October 4th 2018

It gives me the shivers walking into Población. Four years ago, Sue Tim and I were entering the village, when Sue tripped on a raised concrete road and landed on her head with the full weight of her pack behind it. I recognise the exact spot, because there is still a dent in the road. It was a problem that was eventually resolved, but clearly showed how your fortunes can change in an instant. I’ve experienced numerous examples of that since and realise that we can’t control everything and sometimes things go wrong, through no fault of your own. I’ve learnt it not what happens in life that matters, but how you react to it. Mindfulness 101. Last night was pleasantly quiet in the albergue , and after breakfast l left the village with a torchless ... read more
San Anton
Albergue Rosario, Castrojeriz
Dinner In Rosario

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 15th 2017

First, let me apologize for the photos. I didn't realize the lens was dirty until we had been in Carrion de Los Condes for a while. We left the albergue around 7:30, heading towards our final destination of Carrion de Los Condes, about 20 kilometers away. Since the dining area of the albergue wasn't open and we weren't sure which if any of the four small towns ahead had any place to eat, we stopped at the Cafe Bar Puzzles for a light breakfast. I had my heart set on a delicious looking fruit pastry, but there were only 2 and Raresh and Livija ordered them while I used the bathroom. I ended up with a big glazed doughnut that was pretty good. After a few kilometers on the Camino, we passed through the little town ... read more
Entering Poblacion del Campos
Entering Revenga del Campos
Church in Revenga del Campos

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 14th 2017

This morning we left the albergue rather late at 8:30 or so because Raresh and the young couple wanted to see the sunrise from the castle. Unfortunately, it was rather foggy so I doubt it was anything special. I waited below at the Albergue to watch their backpacks. Not far outside Castrojeriz we began a very long, very steep climb. At the top they had a very welcome rest area. After a fairly long and fairly steep descent, we encountered an old albergue called Albergue San Nicolas, where I gladly used their restroom. This is also where we left Alex, for some unknown reason he stayed there and Livija continued on with us. Also, I am pretty sure the bridge next to the albergue over the Rio Pisuerga is the bridge in the movie The Way ... read more
Welcome rest stop
The long road ahead
The bridge from the movie The Way

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista May 13th 2017

We started out early; expected to get breakfast at the supermarket opposite but being Saturday it was closed, so we set off regardless and ate energy bars roadside at San Juan de ortega then coffee and croissants in Burgos. Wow what a cathedral! Took some photos and a quick visit for sello (stamp) then continued on through Hontanas, Castrojeriz and on to Fromista. approx 104 Km not bad with 10 mph wind against all of the way. We met lots more walkers and a few more cyclists a couple from Columbia on mountain bikes and a girl riding road bike; she was from Liverpool and had started way back from us at Pau. Found an auberge easily by the Fromista railway station and ate a filling supper ready for sleep after 11 hours in the saddle. ... read more
Water transfer canal at Fromista

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista October 5th 2016

Again, the village we are in does not rate in this blog site, so I have listed Fromista as its the last village we were in and was also the destination according to our guide. We just walked a little further to be ahead for tomorrow. We had the luxury of turning the lights on this morning as there was no one else to disturb and left the Casa Rural at 6.45am. Using my new head torch, we were able to easily navigate our way out of town and I didnt see a soul as we left. I had only walked about 50metres in my new socks when I changed back to the others; John must be very patient, or he just silently hates me. You can't go on if something is not right. We walked ... read more
Tiny lights of Castrojeriz
Dawn at the Top
My Boots

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 19th 2015

September 19, 2015 On to Carrion de Los Condos The walk was about half at the riversides of the Rio Ucieza which was beautiful and quiet. The other was on a path beside the road. It was a challenge to find the divergent path and in the beginning one had to have faith that we were on the right trail. About half way through the walk we visited the Santa Maria la Virgin Blanc church which was built by the Knights Templar in the 12 century. We arrived in Carrion requiring a beer to quench our thirst. It was a pleasant day discovering the town of 2200 people. It was once 10,000 strong. We attended a beautiful concert at the church followed by mass. We received the Pilgrams Blessing which was moving. The nuns provided a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista October 9th 2014

This day was meant to be an easy walk but seemed to be mentally difficult for some pilgrims. Sue was keen for it to end,as were a few younger walkers with very few pain issues. I think the first 7 kms were testing and set the tone for the day. We left Castrojeriz at about 8am to the sound of doves cooing in the ancient eaves of the church, as it was a short leg to walk, but after a steady couple of kilometres with a few ups and downs, we crossed a long stone levy bank/sort of bridge, we faced a 12 degree, which looks more like 45 degrees when you see it, mountain to climb. It left the rio Odrilla and rose 110 metres over about one kilometre. I like to set a pace, ... read more
Castrojeriz restaurant, dinner last night
Tiny dot in the middle is Castrojeriz , just climbed for 1 1/2 hours,  to leave town
Ermita de San Nicolas

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 28th 2014

Today began in the dark at 7.30am, after waking the hotel owners to pay our bill. Trudging out of town it began to rain as we ascended the steepest part of todays walk, 3300ft. With pochos on it became a battle as to whether we were wet from the rain or perspiration. However from there on the journey was very pleasant through various types of farmland, beside rivers, over an old Roman built bridge, to irrigation canals. Part of the journey we shared with a mother and son from Canada. He is a postman, she a semi retired realtor who loves to travel and has walked most major walks of the world. David & Kathy are a couple from Minnesota; he is a Pastor in a Presbyterian church, but used to minister in Fontana. Tonight we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 26th 2012

Sept 25 Carrion de los Condes Only 20kms today so we left late 8:30,thinking it would be a really easy day after yesterday.Nice track,level along a tree-lined river,sounds nice?Turns out one of the worst days yet!Cold and even higher winds than yesterday,with more heavy cloud.Aiden's blister acting up about 8km in.We had some trouble dealing with it in the wind.We just kept our heads down and walked,both a little cranky(the wind) I'm thinking.It started to rain the last 2 km which really didn't help,needless to say we arrived wet,exhausted and fed up with the Meseta!Forecast for the next couple of days is more of the same.I can see a bus in my future.They did wash our clothes for us and we had a great dinner with some people we had met before,so it ended on a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 12th 2012

Hola, I have finally come across an internet PC with a working card reader for camera cards _ yippeeeee! Today was excellent with a 10% gradient climb shortly after leaving Casterojiz in time to see the sun rise from alto mostelares. Later in the walk of 25km it became very humid. Along the way was a beautiful river and puente and a 6km walk along a canal into the town of Fromista. Today I also had to commence major drainage works on a big blister on the heel of one foot but the surgery seems to have been a success! Rain is forecast for tomorrow all along the NW of Spain and should make for interesting conditions on route. Still can´t get a grip on how inexpensive things are here. Along with a shopping list including ... read more
Alto Mostelares

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