Cindy Dunne


Cindy Dunne

My husband and I wanted to experience living in the high arctic and it's given us the confidence to try new challenges such as the Camino de Santiago which we are about to embark on.


Europe » France » Brittany » Chartres-de-Bretagne October 21st 2012

Oct 21 It is still raining and I am finally getting a cold.We have travelled by train working our way towards Paris.We will be there for a week,spoiling ourselves.... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 21st 2012

Oct 11 Yes ,we made it! We left around 8:30,just getting light;Started with a light rain,and then it came down in earnest.We did not run but definitely our best time,10:30We stopped just short of the cathedral to get a coffee and warm up a bit.No trouble getting a seat and recognised some people from the walk.One of them ended up on the alter, serving mass.The mass was attended by about 14 priests,some had done the walk.The pictures tell a better story than I can,so I will just say it was amazing. Just stayed another day and then tried to find a dryer spot.... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña October 10th 2012

Oct 9 to Arzua 13-14 kms Another ´short day´It took us as long as yesterday,for half the distance.Rained again,pretty much all day.Really slowed us down,with the humidity,we were soaked.Made a stop around 12pm,really raining now,and I guess I looked a sight.The guy came over with water and added 2 packets of sugar and wouldn't leave till I drank it.Kept saying ¨Buen,buen¨.I ordered a big plate of pasta and I swear it tasted just like Franco American but with real spagetti.This just happens to be my comfort food from my childhood,so it couldn't have been more perfect! Oct 10 to Labacolla 28.5kms,and guess what?It's raining.Thank God it's warm and no wind.We met up with Roger and his wife from Quebec.They are the couple we celebrated their 1000kms in Burgos.I can't believe how fast he walks.His wife is ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 8th 2012

Oct 6 Sarria to Portomarin 22 kms.Left really late today 9:30 with about 50 school kids.So much for a peacefull day.Took a while for them to get ahead of us.We passed 2 women cleaning pulpo on a scrubbing board,They cook them in big copper pots. Today more wooded paths,and farmland.People harvesting apples and grapes.Arrived 3:30,tired and sore.A shower does wonders for that though.Walked around after a good rest,people were going to mass,now at 6pm,the music in the plaza was beautiful.We passed some guys unloading grapes and one of them had rubber boots on and yes he was stomping them.They also gave us grapes.So much going on behind these doors,you would think nobody lived here sometimes.Supper for me was pulpo and local cheese. Oct 7 To Lestedo 20kms Pretty good most of the way,a little steep at ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 8th 2012

Oct 4 Triacastela 21 kms.Left 7:30 Breakfast served by a really cranky woman,coffee and burnt toast,we just laughed about it and hoped her day didn't get worse.First 15kms loose rocks,steep in some places.We are surrounded by mountains,lots of cows and every bit of the mountainside right to the tops are cultivated.The paths are full of manure,small places,2 or 3 houses and barns and cowshit everywhere.We had just got through one and we heard a guy yelling,he'd fallen from his bike right into it,not a happy boy.The last 7 kms were straight down again.We stopped halfway and had lentil soup at a little surprise of a place.Arrived and found our bags but not our reservation,and they were pretty rude about it too.Turned out great,found a much better and cheaper place,laundry and internet and a restaurant. Oct 5on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 8th 2012

Oct 3 O'Cebreiro,only 10kms but it is straight up.Very foggy and danp,but this is Galicia and this is normal they tell me.This track is brutel,narrow and a lot of rocks.Tough on our feet,trying to avoid what the cows left behind.Heavy fog and rain part of the way and the rest was some guy spreading liquid manure.Aiden got a great laugh at me trying to out run the tractor, gagging the whole time.Wet and cold when we arrived,but the shower was hot and they had turned the heat on.We had to do laundry at the albergue,too wet to hang anything out.This place is pretty high up and from the pictures they get wicked snowstorms.The local priest here was responsible for kickstarting the camino,apparently his idea to use the yellow arrows for the waymarks.There was a miracle credited ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada October 8th 2012

Sept 30 My leg will not stand up to the climb to Rabanel and definitely not down the other side.I'm disapointed but I do want to finish,so we are taking a bus to Ponferrada.This is a large town 62000,but the old part insulates you somewhat.Being Sunday everything is closed,so we didn't get to see the castle built by the Knights Templer.Denis I did get some pictures for you though,I know you are a fan.I also had my first plate of pulpo (octopus),pretty good actually. Oct 1 Villafranca 23 kms.Tested my leg today,we walked with Mary and Paul from Ireland.Mary walks faster and talks faster than anyone I know.Seriously!It really made the day go byquickly.Sampled some wine at a bodega along the way.The warm weather is back and the vineyards.We saw people harvesting the grapes so I ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León October 4th 2012

Sept 26 Awoke 6am to loud banging on our door.This lady is yelling in Spanish and the only thing I understood was the name of the last place we stayed in.Apparently Aiden still had the key and they wanted it back,not sure why at 6 am though.So we were up and it was cold and damp.Met Dan and Mercedes,she wasn't feeling well,lot of people getting colds.We decided to take the bus to Leon,good idea as it turned out,the weather was miserable. Leon was uneventful,big city.Saw 1 church,then beer and pizza. Sept 28 Left late again,packs still heavy and I did dump some stuff,only to find Aiden had been getting rid of stuff for awhile.Smart guy.Cloudy and cool but no wind.We walked 15kms but it was slow going.The town was called Hopital de Orbigo in a place ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista September 26th 2012

Sept 25 Carrion de los Condes Only 20kms today so we left late 8:30,thinking it would be a really easy day after yesterday.Nice track,level along a tree-lined river,sounds nice?Turns out one of the worst days yet!Cold and even higher winds than yesterday,with more heavy cloud.Aiden's blister acting up about 8km in.We had some trouble dealing with it in the wind.We just kept our heads down and walked,both a little cranky(the wind) I'm thinking.It started to rain the last 2 km which really didn't help,needless to say we arrived wet,exhausted and fed up with the Meseta!Forecast for the next couple of days is more of the same.I can see a bus in my future.They did wash our clothes for us and we had a great dinner with some people we had met before,so it ended on a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos September 26th 2012

Hornillos 21kms We left at 7.00,had our cafe con leche and tostado and walked 11kms beforem we stopped for more cafe.Aiden could'nt believe how far we had come.We made such good time that first part,we stopped twice more and slowed down.It was sunny,with a little wind,more fields,flat,Meseta country.We saw a shepard with his sheep,and then 2 guys with a donkey loaded down.They were stopped drinking beers when we passed.This was a very quiet town in a peaceful way.We had lunch with 2 Aussies,Judy and Hugh and supper with Olan and Suze from Norway.They had a lot of questions about Canada. Sept 23-Castrojeriz 20kms our time today was good,left 7:15 to 12pm.We stopped in Hontanas for cafe and pastries (seems like we are always eating?)Small town,but seems busy.After that more Meseta,some cloud cover and wind.The last few ... read more

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