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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza June 17th 2008

Chica Bonita is a little three month old black kitten, who at the moment is aggressively pouncing from my lap to the keyboard and back, purrirng violently. As cute as she is, she is being a nuisance. she acts like no one loves her, even though last night she laid curled up next to my head - that is after an hour trying to get me to constantly pet her between her investigations throughout my blankets, jumping on my head, etc. oh, and there are two other identical kittens like her - puma, because she acts like a wild beast at times, and virginia, because as Nacho, from Madrid, explains, she has always acts emo, just like virginia wolfe. i am livig at one of the weirdest places. it is called falcon blanco, located in the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza June 13th 2008

Like the journey that I am about to embark upon, this blog is also an experiment. I am creating it so that I can share some of my experiences with who I care about and also as a personal documentation. As many of us are disappearing into foreign lives, hopefully we can all feel connected in one way or another. I remember one of the strongest realizations from the solo journey during vision quest was knowing that there were 15 others out there alone in the desert. Itinerary: Tomorrow I take-off = SFo to Hearthrow to a shuttle bus to EasyJet via Ibiza, Espana. one large backpack, max weight 20kg plus an obese carry-on bag. I will be gone until dec 8th or 5.5 months or the most difficult unpacking process. cleansing lesson: let go of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza November 19th 2007

Paintball! What a great way to say goodbye to my friends on Ibiza before embarking on my round-the-world trip! My ibicencan and multiple-nationality friends agreed to have it out in the paintball battle-trenches near San Antonio! We all got bruised and had sore muscles from getting hit, running, crouching and carrying the weapon in the air. It was a thrill to hit our opponents, fun to try and avoid those whizzing, stinging, dastardly little balls, not so much fun feeling their bite and see the paint-splash! All in all, we had a great laugh and made some interesting discoveries; like the need for tactics and teamwork, how long fifteen minutes can be, how annoying a steamed up visor can be and how impossible real war must be! Long gone are the days that Horace wrote his ... read more
Everybody can get shot at.
Warrior Bunch?

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza November 8th 2007

Sant Joan, Ibiza, Spain Almost winter in the village! The birthday boys (all foreigners in their 50's) just came back from the famous Benirras beach, having enjoyed the sun and a few beers, happy to be alone in paradise...not at all like the almost 3000 (!!!) on a certain drumming Sunday in August!! Winter indeed! there is hardly any parking and the sun is shining, while some of us are sitting in the Vista Alegre, connected to the world with Wifi and good conversation! The tea and the excellent café con leche cost 1,20 euro's and the chickpea soup (filled to the brim) 4 euro's...some quick and easy sustenance! There are fewer people, despite the parking shortage, so the contact and communication is improved, parties are private affairs and we are going Paintballing on Sunday! People ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 6th 2007

July 13-17th- My big Ibiza holiday of the year finally arrived. I had such an amazing time that I've found it hard to write about and add to the blog because words and photos, which I've already shared with most people, will not do the experience justice. But I'll try for anyone interested. Ibiza is an island east of Spain and forms part of the Balearic Islands. David and I traveled with six others from London. There was an oil spill so we were not able to go into the sea but after a few sangrias on the beach we went to the water slides. It was a pretty exhausting lead up for Manumission, a party at Privilege. Although because it is so spectacular, being the biggest club in the world and all, I was hit ... read more
Potters Field
Stroll along a canal
The new and improved Ben & Jerry's

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 1st 2007

I was sooo very excited to finally be going to Ibiza. Friends of mine had already been and said “you’ve got to get there at least once in your lifetime”. So this was going to be my at least once. I met up with Anton & Conor at Gatwick and we were all soo excited, even though we were all very tired from the previous weeks travel. On the flight, lots of giggles, even when we landed, lots of giggles but we weren’t expecting the 300m long queue for the taxi when we got there. We landed at 2am but by the time we got our bags and got a taxi it was already 3.30am so our plans of hitting ‘Space’ were thrown out the window for tonight. All we could manage was a quick catch ... read more
Roger Sanchez
New Friends
Cafe Del Mar

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza August 15th 2007

I may be crazy but I did it! I finished my chair with ample time to go to Ibiza comfortably and back! It was my 21st birthday present to meet my sister and cousin as they traversed through Spain and I did it! Last Thursday to Sunday I was in Ibiza with Jenny and Jason and their buddies Rex and Stephanie. I welcomed the hot and humid weather and the opportunity to sunbathe and swim as much as possible. We visited caves, the saddest most man-damaged caves I've ever seen. We went parasailing, about 1000 feet into the air over the Mediterranean. We went "scuba diving". We ate a lot of delicious food including the world famous Paella partnered with Sangria.... read more
Puerto de San Miguel
Puerto de San Miguel
Getting Ready to Parasail

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza August 3rd 2007

Now, you know how I like to be doing what all the kids are doing. Well, all the kids in London go to Ibiza, so obviously, I had to check it out. It’s not my fault that I somehow ended up attending a bucks weekend (I didn’t know when I booked the tickets - promise). Luckily, I am one of the blokes - and … there was another girl. We both adopted boys names for the weekend, so it was like we weren’t even there! Now, obviously, what goes on tour stays on tour, so I can’t write that much (thank goodness I hear you say). What I can tell you is: • We went to three clubs - Pacha, El Divino and Space - the sound systems are all that - awesome! The clubs are ... read more
At least
Some of the fellas
Pascha rocks

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza July 21st 2007

Some couples have matching fleeces, others have matching shoes or bookbags, today as we wrap up the Ibiza leg of the trip, we have matching pimples on our noses and nausea in our stomach. Yes, we are ready to leave Ibiza, don´t plan to come back in the near future. And this could be good or bad, read on and you decide... Since yesterday was our last full day here, we were committed to live our day in pursuit of the essence of the island and to live it up. What that meant was getting up at the hedonistic hour of 3PM, then go for a dip and some tanning in the pool. As 6 pm approaches, we ate, tried our best to glammed up, and set out for sunset drinks at the world famous Cafe ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza July 20th 2007

Yesterday, we took the bus to a nearby beach by the name of Cala Compte, known for its crystal-clear waters. This beach really lived up to its reputation! We waded into the water until we were up to our necks, and still we could see our feet, not to mention schools of small fish swimming by. Note that I only mentioned the water, and not the beach itself. The sand was quite nice, but you don't really notice the sand because one's first impression of the beach is that it is teeming with Italians. And in case you are getting the impression that that is a bad thing, let me make it clear for you all that it certainly is not. We saw couples tanning in the sun together, whole families of all 3 generations sitting ... read more

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