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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza May 22nd 2009

Sunday early morning we will leave for Ibiza and wil stay on the North rough side of the Island. We hope to arive on Ibiza around 8 am and then 1 hour in bus to Hotel. What are we planning to do , snorkle , scooter, caves, cliffs , boats , sunbath, jeep safari, Formentera Island visit, Old town ibiza. But you never know who you meet and what you wil do by then . We do know the entertainment is very very good because we met the other team in Mallorca. I do hope this time all will works so i can write what we have done , if we liked it and maybe even put some photo's in soon or later. I got a new underwater camera so i hoop to get some ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 9th 2008

(Please keep in mind this is during and post trip) Aug 17th 2008. Later that day we all ate at the Blue Marlin beach club, which is this nice semi-upscale isolated location close to our villa. It was great; we all had some fresh sushi, drinks, and probably spent a good 5 hours there before heading back to the villa to relax. It was Sunday evening and we decided to pace ourselves before the week, so we all sat in the moonlight, chatted a bit before calling it a night. Monday some of us decided to go into Ibiza town and shop around. It was nice as I never really been to Ibiza town, so it was good to wake up early enough and tour around. In Spain, everything starts later so there’s no concept ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 9th 2008

So after a few months of working in the UK we were off on our first big trip for the year! Finished up work for the day and made a dash for Gatwick Airport where we caught our flight to Ibiza! Arrived at about 2am and by the time we made it to our hotel it was getting late so we called it a night so we could get up bright and early for a big day/night! We were staying at Hostal Rosalia in San Antonio, and yes, everybody is right about San An - It is full of poms, and pom restaurants, and pom pubs! But nonetheless we were enjoying the sunshine, watching the olympics and drinking pints! We caught a boat to a beautiful beach called Playa d'EN Bossa and stayed there for a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 8th 2008

Ibiza - Balearic Islands Here's the first entry from my blog I'm taking some time to write, starting with a couple weeks back during the trip sometime mid-August. **** So here I am for the third time on the island of Ibiza. I got here Friday afternoon from LAX via Amsterdam. I then boarded a private jet on the other side of Schipol airport with a few people and I swear I wanted to pinch myself. I am so stoked to be back here. The flight only took a couple hours down to the island passing over France, and it was nice to reminisce on the frequent trips I use to make. , I managed to get some sleep on the jet and took some awesome aerial shots of Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza town right ... read more
Cockpit view
Palma de Mallorca

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 4th 2008

Sorry it's been so long since our last update. We've been spending the last week or so at a couchsurfer's place in Granada. His place is really nice and has an amazing view of all Granada. Through him we met a lot of other couchsurfers too, from all over the world - Germany, France, England, Serbia, Italy, Canada... and for the most part they were all really cool. We went out for a few nights until the sun was coming up and ended up spending most of our days resting up from that. Unfortunately we missed our chance to actually see the inside of the Alhambra while we were there, but we might make our way back there at some point. We took a day trip yesterday to Malaga to go see the Picasso museum there ... read more
The view
The view 2

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza August 17th 2008

What else is there to say apart from... - 13 girls - 1 villa - IBIZA - booze and fags - lots of dancing and streaking - birthday BONANZAS - crazy chat - no sleep - best time ever - best friends forever I'll let the pictures do the talking, because what happens in BEEFA stays in BEEFA, right girls???? HERE COME THE GIRLS!!! 2009 ANYONE?... read more
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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza July 11th 2008

Almost a year to the day since my last trip to Ibiza, I was back again ... and for another bux do.....! I think this could be my third bux ... is there some kind of rule that I should be aware of like 'Three time on a bux do, never a bride?' Oh well, it's done now. This time it was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Terry and Jai. Brigid and I arrived on the 'party plane'(1) from London at 2 am on Friday morning. For once, we did the sensible thing and went to bed rather than joining the boys (who had arrived that morning) at Amnesia. Next morning - after admiring the fabulous view of Playa d'en Bossa beach from our hotel room, we hit the sands for a swim and exhausted ... read more
Hotel room view
Tough life at Las Selinas
Las Seilnas lunch with Benny's crew

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza July 1st 2008

I am quickly learning that life likes to be the one in control and when you surrender to that, things get very interesting. so my three month life experience idea at falcon blanco came to a crashing end. I decided that I really want to be in a community where food consciousness was an integral component. Where i could learn to garden and work in a field, pick crops, and then eat a big salad all in one day. The unbelievable amounts of saved 'waste' at the place also were just piling up, being saved for later use. Unfortunately there seemed to be little 'processing' or reflection of what was being brought onto the property, which, we all know, I like to process, reflect, and talk about what is going on. So, I quickly packed my ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza June 21st 2008

I forgot how European radio stations go from Enya, to some spanish song, to britney, to enrique. it is either the best mix or the worst. im going for the latter. the days lose themselves into one another. i have been experimenting with cooking recipes from a moosewood cookbook i found. The oven here is a dial turn without numbers, so i never know the temperature. today i burnt some potatoes into chips. Daily meal at around 5. however, it has sort of turned into a free for all, if you show or not, if someone decides to cook or not. and with the small number of people here, it is sometimes just a few of us around the table. I missed dinner the other day because peter nacho and i went down to the beach. ... read more

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