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September 9th 2008
Published: February 16th 2009
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(Please keep in mind this is during and post trip)

Aug 17th 2008.

Later that day we all ate at the Blue Marlin beach club, which is this nice semi-upscale isolated location close to our villa. It was great; we all had some fresh sushi, drinks, and probably spent a good 5 hours there before heading back to the villa to relax. It was Sunday evening and we decided to pace ourselves before the week, so we all sat in the moonlight, chatted a bit before calling it a night. Monday some of us decided to go into Ibiza town and shop around. It was nice as I never really been to Ibiza town, so it was good to wake up early enough and tour around. In Spain, everything starts later so there’s no concept of getting up early and getting things done, early there is around noon even 1pm. Very few get up early, and there’s always a siesta. We ate at a little café before setting off cruising around the shops and having a look. Only some of the shops were open because it was during siesta so unfortunately we couldn’t go around too much. We left relatively early because we had dinner plans later that evening before heading to Tiesto at Privilege. As soon as we got back, we all got dressed, called Coco our driver and then headed off.

Prior to our arrival at the club, we all ate at a very nice restaurant across the road from the club. The one part that is new in Ibiza that wasn’t there the last two times I was there is a four lane highway. Most of the roads there are two lanes, small, country roads, so this is a step up for the island. Assuming because of the summer traffic and I’m sure with all the people that try to cross the road in the middle of the night, I’m sure there were a few deaths that contributed to this improvement. Fortunately for our crew, we had chauffeurs the entire trip who knew where everything was, waiting for us, and took us where we needed to go. The late dinner was fantastic and it was the perfect way to start off the evening before arriving at Privilege.

Once we got there, we were escorted into the VIP section with a spectacular view of the whole club. It’s so mind blowing to experience this exotic Spanish island in style. I had to keep telling everyone, “I have to pinch myself, I have to pinch myself.” Not many people get to experience this type of luxury, and this is only the 3rd day! I felt so very grateful for the opportunity and also was so fortunate to enjoy with a bunch of great people. With that being said, we were escorted to our table and proceeded to drink the Crystal, Dom, Jager, Vodka and whatever else was on the table. I stuck to Jager for the evening since I did a shot of it already and instead of drinking it out of a regular glass, I drank out of a champagne glass. I was pacing myself I guess you can say.

When Tiesto came on, the entire main room went crazy, and towards the middle of the set, I was able to go back stage and see the crowd from stage perspective. Bob who is Tiesto’s friend, took me back and on the way, we stopped to steal a couple Jager shots from his little Jager dispenser that was made for him. After that, it was a maze walk through the back and onto the stage. I asked if I could get a photo taken of me with the crowd as a back round and as soon as I turned around, one of the smoke machines went off and I probably jumped 3ft in the air and screamed like a little pansy. The few guys that were there to watch laughed so hard, even I had to laugh just as hard because I know I looked stupid. Oh well, I still got my photo.

After I was on stage, Bob and I walked into the middle of the main room onto the platform over the pool where all the wiring and engineering was located. I managed to get a couple shots of the people behind me and the people in front of me and of course I was dancing again. After a short time there, we walked back to the table where everyone was dancing and drinking, watching the show. Some people were wandering around, and we had a couple girls try and scam us into giving them drinks. One of the women that was in our party, said she over heard a small group of girls conversating how they can get a drink off us. Sorry ladies can’t do that.

I stayed at the table for quite some time while Bob went back on stage. Some people had left to go back home and some went to Amnesia across the road, so there were only a couple people hanging out. So I decided I’m going to go back onstage, with out an all access pass. For those who know me, I always find my way and sure enough I walked right back on stage. Bob was behind Tiesto in the middle of the stage, looked over to where I was, walked over, and said, “how did you get back here without a pass?” Well, I just walked right back there. LOL Impressive.

The night was coming to an end so my girlfriend and I headed back to the table to grab our things. Once Tiesto finally finished, I called Coco to see where he was and he was right outside the door waiting for us. The ride back to the villa was hysterical, some people were faded, and a couple even walked out of the club with the bottles from the table. When we got back, I took a shower and called it a morning, a few others decided to keep partying until about 10 am before finally getting some kip. My girlfriend Tevy packed all her stuff and had to leave back to Paris that morning so she was on fumes. She did manage to catch her flight and make it back but I’m sure she was hurting a bit.

This is now Tuesday and for the most part everyone was spent from the night before. The good thing about our trip though, is we can lounge around and relax at the villa, not have to go anywhere and do much. Once everyone was finally up, we drove to a small town near by to have Tapas. I haven’t had Tapas in quite some time so it was nice to eat them again. We didn’t have a big meal because we had a chef coming over to the villa later that evening to cook food for us. On the way back to the villa, we stopped at a small market to pick up a few things, and ten people bum rushing a small market being loud was pretty funny. We were meant to pick up a couple things but it turned out into a grocery adventure. We even picked up snorkeling kits, a floaty tire, and whatever else that was ridiculous. What’s even funnier is there were two guys in the trunk of the Rover, holding onto the tire hanging out of the back. We looked so funny piled in this Rover, all eight of us. Luckily, it’s only half a mile way from our villa. Once we got back, we all relaxed, listened to some house music and watched the sunset.

Since the chef was there to cook for us that evening, some of us decided to put the table together for the much-anticipated meal. Kelli who is 6 months pregnant (and yes in Ibiza and no she didn’t party) was in full effect setting everything up, we all joined in to put in the finishing touches of the table. I took so many photos with my camera that unfortunately disappeared. It was probably the most beautiful table setting I’ve ever seen. The outside table is perched on a small hill just right of the villa overlooking the whole mountain. We had candles, fresh prepared food, wine (though I don’t drink wine) and amazing music for mood. Everyone sat down to eat and the ambiance overall was lively and serene. What I really enjoyed about our group is that we weren’t all young morons partying all day and night, taking tons of drugs, being rowdy and stupid. Some were couples coming to Ibiza for their first time. I mean don’t get me wrong, party favors were around and I can honestly say I didn’t even touch any drug and didn’t drink much either even though I was on holiday. I did smoke some weed and hash that was brought from Amsterdam, but that was about it. Overall, it was just a good setting with good people.

Since this was Tuesday evening, some decided they weren’t going to go out, but five of us decided we were. Carl Cox was playing at Space and we managed to get a table there even though apparently you can’t get tables there unless you’re Russian. I don’t know what’s up with that rule or story but that’s what we were told. Since I haven’t seen Cox play since I was seventeen years old, I figured it was time to pay my respects. The only ones who decided to go were Bob, Craig, Fran and Katie from Toronto and myself. We first made a stop at Amnesia for Armada to see Sharam, and the place was pretty dead. We waited outside Amnesia for Dubfire to show up and walk us in. Craig from Toronto is friends with them, so it was his deal to stop by. We were then walked to the VIP area, said our hellos, saw Matthew Dekay there along with a couple other dj’s and then we bounced off to Space at 2:45am.

When we got there, we got our hook up for the table, walked through the back hauls to our table right behind Cox. The table we managed to get was anything less a table. It was one bench with a little tiny table you can probably put on the side of your bed. It was incredibly hot, no air at all. You stand there and you are drenched in sweat head to toe, you almost don’t want to move an inch because sweat starts pouring out of you. It was unbearable, in fact, I almost wanted to leave after ten minutes but I thought I didn’t come all this way to leave a club because of sweat. It was Carl Cox at Space, and as nasty and dirty, and filthy, and sweaty as it was…IT WAS WELL WORTH IT. His set was insane, the atmosphere was dirty house and dirty it was. I loved it, we all loved it, and glad only five of us went to Space because if we brought the entire party, there would have been absolutely no room to move, and I’m sure people would have been miserable. I’m glad we went and after nearly three hours of taking it all in, we split back to the villa.

The following day, which was Wednesday, some of the people who were with us were heading out back to the states with a pit stop in Barcelona. Coco our driver came to pick them up so we said our good byes and saw them off. Once they left, a couple arrived from Italy who now lives in Hong Kong who is from New York. We all sat outside talking and some were lounging in the pool, others were doing their own thing, the weather was a bit chilly so it was nice to feel the breeze for once as oppose to the heat. A few of us decided to go back to Ibiza town for some more shopping, trinkets, and whatever else to see. There is a row of vendors who line up selling all sorts of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hand crafted on Ibiza and some from other places. One of the guys who I was with, Bob, both he and I were there for quite some time checking out all the stuff, being tourists. We lost track of time for a bit and had to meet everyone else to head back. Once we finished, we met up at the port, made our way to the car. When we were driving off, we happened to see the villa we were staying at for sale at an estate agency, 6.9 million Euros it was selling for, unbelievable. I took a picture of the advertising because again, I had to pinch myself about this trip.

Later that evening, we had dinner reservations at a Moroccan style restaurant about 30 minutes away in a small town called San Rafael. This night was calm as the following day we were booked to go on a yacht for an all day excursion. So around 10 pm we set out to have dinner and in Spain dinner is very late at night. We had a party of 12 and had a great round table so conversations were flowing all over. Around 1:30 am we all called it a night and headed back to the villa to get some sleep. Who goes to Ibiza and doesn’t party every night? Well you really don’t need to every night you are there. It was nice to have a great meal and chat amongst a good crowd from all over. Of course there was some crap talking but harmless fun. The meal lasted a few hours, and before we knew it, it was 1:30 am so we decided to call it a night. We wanted to be fresh for the day on the yacht and not have any hang over. ☺ Piled into the rover and x5, headed back to the villa and called it a night.

I couldn’t sleep that night for some reason, tossing and turning. I decided to get up and check my email while everyone was sleeping, but then it turned into insomnia because I couldn’t sleep. Definitely couldn’t have been jet lag because I was fine the following day I arrived. I stayed up all morning, made some tea, smoked some hash, went out on the couch by the pool and watched the sun come up. It’s very difficult to describe the view and how it made me feel. I also told myself the following night that I was going to hike up the steep road from the bottom of the hill to the top. Since driving up it at least twice a day, I know that if I lived here and hiked it every morning, I would have extremely sleek thighs. ☺ So lack of sleep, holding up to my word, I got dressed and headed down. It’s about 8:30 am and this was my time to take in the island with a walk that makes me happy.

It only took about an hour to conquer the road, down and up. The sun was shining and the weather was getting a bit hotter, so I needed to step up my speed before I was going to really get bent out o shape. By this time it was 9-9:30 am and I needed to make sure I made it back in time to wake some people up. When I got back, only another person was up and the drivers were already there. Slowly but surely, everyone got up, dressed, hopped into the cars and headed to Ibiza town. The yacht we were taking for the day was parked at the harbor next to El Divino. Anyone who has been to Ibiza would have to ask yourself if you ever woke up at a respectable time in the morning to actually see part of the island? Funny I know, but it’s an honest question as most are going back to the hotel at this time if they are not still partying. Seeing Ibiza town and docks early in the morning was refreshing and it reminded me why I loved the island apart from the greatest clubbing. Once we loaded up the food and everyone jumped on, we were underway sailing the exotic currents of the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Formentera.

I dosed off on the ride over to the small island, the currents were rocking me like a baby and since I was lacking sleep, it was the perfect time to catch up. The journey didn’t take long to get there, the skipper of the boat seemed like he knew what he was doing for the most part. Once, we reached the clear blue water of Formentera and the white sandy beach in front of us, we dropped anchor, and got the party under way. Eric Morillo who is a pretty well known house DJ had his yacht next to ours. All the dancers from Pacha were on it partying, so we were neighbors. Not to mention neighbors to the other side of our yacht were naked frolicking around their small boat. I would not mind as it’s more acceptable here to be comfortable with your body, but the guy was not cute. I would have been more appreciative if he put clothes on. Oh well, what can you do?

Formentera has a very exclusive restaurant right on the beach and you can get to it by a water taxi. We made reservations for 1 pm so while we were waiting to make our way over there, we had the house music blasting, swimming in the water, soaking up the sun catching some rays. The view was lovely, and it seemed more and more boats were coming in for the day to do some R and R, getting away from the main island. When it came time to taxi over to the beach, we jumped on the inflatable boat, and taxied over. I was reading that last week Kate Moss was eating at the same restaurant we were at, and by the looks of the people coming in, it was exclusive indeed. I just had to take this all in as I was so grateful to embrace this opportunity of experience this. The food was great, the weather couldn’t of been more perfect, the atmosphere was superb, and our crew was nothing less then fabulous. After we ate our lunch a few of us decided to swim back to the yacht. A few of us meaning, me and two other guys, bad move after a full meal. I haven’t swam long distances in years let alone in the seawater. I wanted to get some exercise, but once I finally got to the yacht, I had to take 10 minutes to catch my breath. Half way through the swim, I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I did. Hooray!

A couple hours later, we decided to cruise around on the yacht slowly making our way back towards Ibiza. We set out towards the Blue Marlin beach club back on Ibiza, which is south of the airport and Ibiza town. The journey there was nice, short trip over to park in front of the club. So we thought. The skipper of our yacht definitely had some close calls earlier that day pulling into Formentera, near misses and dodging other boats so we were already a ware of his less then stellar performance. Nevertheless seeing that he has done this before we weren’t going to judge him. However, when pulling into the coastline in front of Blue Marlin, he came pretty close to another parked yacht. So close in fact, we hit it! We all looked at each other and thought this couldn’t be good. Then, he ran under the yacht to fix something, while he was running, he tripped and fell on his face. Was he drunk? We have no idea what his deal was, we just told him we needed to pull the anchor back up and get out of there. As we were making our way out, everyone around who was on his or her yacht just starred at us. You can tell we were welcome in that cove, because of our skipper. So that was a short-lived trip to that part of the island.

We set sail over to another spot just south of the airport where the cliffs were, dropped anchor there and jumped into the water. I wasn’t going to get back into the water as I thought I had enough for the day, but then I saw the men jumping off the top so I decided I had to get into the mix. I put my bikini top back on, took off my dress and started doing back flips off the yacht. It was a lot of fun to goof around being kids on this huge boat, basking in the sun enjoying the water. By this time, the sun was setting upon the horizon so we all watched it in front of the yacht, enjoyed our time together, before we headed back into the port to call it a day. We had plans to go to Amnesia that evening, and since it was my last night, I was determined to go to Amnesia.

When we got back to the villa, everyone decided to go to sleep and I mean everyone, except me. I figured I am low on sleep as it is; I’m going to drink Red Bull and just stay up. I took a shower and got ready, but this time it was about 12:30 am when Coco arrived at our villa. A couple people woke up and the women decided they were going to stay in for the evening. I was bummed but I thought, it’s cool, because I’m not going to be talking to anyone anyways, I’m going to be dancing my little heart out to some great music. So once all the men were ready, we piled into the rover and headed off to Amnesia. As soon as we arrived, our VIP host took us around the back and brought us to our table, which was in the best location. It was four older guys, and myself who were in our party. Again, I took off my skirt, put on my shorts, put my chucks on and there I went. The Vodka started flowing and I was having the time of my life. The guys were too; they were great fun, Bob, Sean, Buck, and Ari. I made my way back to the terrace room to check out the scene and that room was packed as well. I like deep base in house music so I stayed in there for a while dancing alone in the VIP section. I say alone because where I was there was no on around. LOL I eventually made my way back into the main room and ran into a friend of mine from England who helps the headlining DJ Paul Van Dyk out with sound engineering. He was shocked to see me, but then again I always randomly run into people I know.

Throughout the night, the crowd was getting into the music, the guys were enjoying themselves, I was enjoying myself and before we knew it, the club was over at 6am. We stayed until the very end; it was crazy to walk out the club empty. This was the grand finale to my week here in Ibiza and it couldn’t of had gone any better. We were still pretty drunk during the car ride home; I can’t even recollect what we were talking about but then again, who can? The drive back to the villa is about 30 minutes away and once we were there, I took a shower and passed out for a couple hours. I set my alarm for 10:30 to pack my stuff and head out. I was flying out with the couple that was married and pregnant, Sean and Kelli so we all gathered our stuff, said our good byes and headed to the airport. I was still a bit tipsy when I checked in and I was walking around the airport aimlessly for a bit before I got something to eat. I also went to Duty Free and bought some stuff to take with me, because I was headed to England after this trip for a week to visit friends. I met up with Sean and Kelli before our flight and of course, it’s delayed. Typical in Spain, but mind you the Spanair flight happened just two days prior so it interrupted a few airlines and airports. After waiting an hour extra, we finally were able to board our flight to Madrid and funny enough I was sitting in the same row as they were. On top of that, Carl Cox was on our flight as well so that was cool. I didn’t speak to him but it was cool to say that. Once our flight was underway, we flew back to Madrid and I haven’t been to Madrid airport in years so it was strange for me. I guess there is a new terminal there or so it seemed because I didn’t recognize any of the terminal I was in. After we taxied for 15 minutes, we pulled up to the gate, exited the plane, I said my good byes to Sean and Kelli as they were staying in Madrid for two days and I had to catch my next flight from Madrid to Heathrow. What an adventure, now off to England.

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