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Desiree Crossman

The world is our oyster, it allows the freedom of exploration, wonder, discovery, insightfulness, and cultures paralleled with complexity. I hope you find some connection in the stories I share.

Asia » Thailand October 17th 2012

Yoga Retreat - Koh Phangan, Thailand June 4-8th ~ I booked my classes well in advance back in the states to come to this particular yoga retreat on the island of Koh Phangan. I had the option to stay on the grounds or book a resort close by which I did instead and it was a good decision as it would take me 15 mins each way to get to the retreat. Going there was a bit more strenuous as I had to walk up hill but coming down was refreshing. The classes offered were Mysore Asthanga in the am and Hatha Flow in the early evening, both at 90 mins long with Mysore Asthanga being closer to two hours long. I had two teachers, Melanie from South Africa and Angela from Spain. Angela had an ... read more
Front side

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu October 11th 2010

My personal Celestine Prophecy of finally visiting Machu Picchu I always envisioned the very thought of standing high on the peaks of the Andes captured by the spiritual history transcending upon me as my feet carry my soul across terraces through the lost city of the Incas. Since the day I learned about the Machu Picchu during elementary years in world history, as a child I knew, that was a place I needed to fully experience in my lifetime with body, hands, eyes, soul, heart, thoughts, and to accomplish yet another journey on my bucket list. There is something spectacular about ruins, the shear magnitude of manpower to achieve these modern marvels during the times of ancient wonders. Machu Picchu was one that stood out to me for a particular reason; lost, ancient, elevation, self-sufficient, ... read more
Libertador Hotel, Cusco
Jeff and Marcial

The thrills of traveling always seems to uplift us when we allow it to do so and with every adventure regardless if it was exciting, enlightening, or perhaps exhausting; we must all value the lessons and memories we gain whilst visiting far off lands of the unknown to take back what we now know. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica for the first time in my journeys by invitation of a long time friend. I’ve often heard from many people how beautiful Costa Rica is and how seemingly amicable the people are known to be through their hospitality. I told myself I would eventually visit the country when the timing was right and fortunately enough, this time it was. I went to visit a friend of mine, Chris, whom I have known ... read more
San Jose Marriott
Sansa Regional

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City March 17th 2009

Finishing blog the following week recapping. Well, it is now Monday again and I have to really take the time to remember everything I did within the last few days. Time flies faster the speed of light once you cross a certain time in your life you know the quarter century old mark? Yes that’s where it suddenly goes 0-950 mph in .5 seconds and then you stop to reflect after the fact that it’s too late. That is why I definitely take each day more seriously conjoined with not taking myself too seriously. Who should take themselves too seriously? Just do your job well, don’t hurt anyone around you and have fun. Being interns here at Bigfoot, part of our job is to be prepared to shoot even if it’s last minute and last Wednesday ... read more
Streets of Beverly Hills

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City March 13th 2009

Saturday afternoon we went and shot at a place called Mactan Oasis approximately ten minutes from Bigfoot for a couple more scenes. Kiss came and met up with us as well since she was my ‘supporting actress’ in this scene. We shot at this abandon building that I couldn’t quite figure out if it was still under construction, being reconstructed or taken down. It had this distinct feeling to it since it was so industrial yet sits along side a main road in this gated apartment complex. It’s a fabulous place to shoot for something raw and edgy. I started getting ideas in my head for a shoot, but quickly went back to my primary reason of being there, and that’s to play my character, Bailey. It was a great location as we were the ... read more
shot by TJ Pamintuan
Punta Engano Shots

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Mactan Island March 2nd 2009

It’s more then half way through my internship here at Bigfoot and things seem to be slowly getting underway. Well, I have to admit as of this point into this week; I can’t really recall much of last week in chronological order as my previous blog. So as I write my story which seems to be an endless supply of impulsive and random moments that have accumulated over the years, I continue to document them all and laugh about it along the way. So to start off from my music video shoot dating back nearly two weeks ago already, I start off by saying I’m terrible at remembering what I did last week but seem to master long term memory as if I’m a scholastically inclined prototype that can recite the entire dictionary from A-Z ... read more
Cebu city and Mactan
Hello Cebu
Saree inspired

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Mactan Island February 16th 2009

It’s been a week already since I was on Mindanao and already going into my fifth week here in Cebu for my internship. This past week was pretty relaxed to start off with, had a couple meetings with the Fashion TV department regarding shooting and also with concepts. We finally had a shoot last Thursday inside sound stage one with one of the fashion interns from India, and I also did a few scenes for a student here working on his director debut music video. So I guess I shall start back from Monday leading up to today which is again another Sunday evening, listening to Jennifer Rene’s “fall to pieces” by Jonas Steur on In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza. I do like to include some of the music I listen to when I ... read more
Taoist Temple
Hello I'm Desiree
There is another one

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Northern Mindanao » Cagayan deOro February 13th 2009

Last Friday night after work, I took off on a weekend getaway trip to another regional island south of Cebu called Mindanao. I packed my backpack for the weekend to see one of my best friends for roughly 36 hours of non-stop fun. My friend Mike, who used to live in Los Angeles last year, moved back here to the Philippines for his corn milling business in an area called Initao Beach. I haven’t seen Mike since last year prior to him leaving nor have I had the opportunity to take time to go visit him since I’ve been here. I did tell him before he left that I would find a way to come visit him here in the Philippines no matter what. Thankfully, with the internship here at BigFoot I was able to ... read more
Damayo Beach
Meat market

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Mactan Island February 6th 2009

Today is Thursday nearly three weeks into my internship here in Cebu, This week has been relatively quiet as we’re still coming up with concepts and ideas to produce with the inter photographers to capture with the limited budget we are given. On Monday we did the usual, so it’s wasn’t too productive, however on Tuesday we got together with the producers of Fashion TV Asia and brain stormed some concepts we can potentially achieve whilst here. Once we were finished with that meeting, Ken Ken who is our diving instructor took us to the beach for a quick moment to check out some Filipino surfers before we went to scuba world to train. We drove north on Mactan for ten minutes, driving through tiny villages on a very small narrow two-lane road with constant ... read more
Labrinth stairway
The goat

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Mactan Island February 1st 2009

Philippine Adventure # 2 The temperature in my room is humid, strictly humid with the just the fan on, if I were to put on the air conditioner, it gets too cold. There is no particular number the Celsius or degrees needs to be when you feel sticky regardless. I’m starring at my computer writing my fifth installment of being here on Mactan in the ‘PI’ as it’s known. It’s half past 5 pm on a Sunday afternoon, it’s turning into night with the wind dancing around the island and the trees parading along with the tropical weather here in Mactan. I just finished listening to Telepopmusik in my itunes library and that song never seizes to bore me with its melody. It’s one song that is emotive with it’s calmness and vocals, so describing ... read more
scuba world
Oiling, Merrile and I

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