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July 11th 2008
Published: October 7th 2008
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 Cafe del Mar Sunset  Cafe del Mar Sunset Cafe del Mar Sunset

(Yes, I know everyone has this photo)
Almost a year to the day since my last trip to Ibiza, I was back again ... and for another bux do.....! I think this could be my third bux ... is there some kind of rule that I should be aware of like 'Three time on a bux do, never a bride?' Oh well, it's done now.

This time it was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Terry and Jai.

Brigid and I arrived on the 'party plane'(1) from London at 2 am on Friday morning. For once, we did the sensible thing and went to bed rather than joining the boys (who had arrived that morning) at Amnesia.

Next morning - after admiring the fabulous view of Playa d'en Bossa beach from our hotel room, we hit the sands for a swim and exhausted by all that exertion, a lie on the beach. As the boys were still sleeping off their big night out, Brigid and I met up with another group of mates at Las Selinas, on the southernmost tip of the island. Was especially good to see Peacock, as we never seem to be free at the same time to catch up in London.
Hotel room view Hotel room view Hotel room view

Yes, it was tough
However - as they had been there a week, their tans put me to shame (although Roy actually looks a bit burnt in the photo don't you think?).

It was a tough day - swimming, relaxing on the beach, reading, drinking cocktails, swimming. We had a break from all that exertion for a delicious seafood lunch at the 'jockey club' (no horses to be seen) while listening to some 'smooth grooves' (see I was into the Ibiza vibe straight away). After lunch Peacock and I took a catamaran out for a spin, which was great (it's been a long time between sails), followed by a bit more swimming and relaxation on the beach. There was plenty of eye candy for the boys and some (but not as much, or as quality) for the girls.

Later we met up with (the now well rested) Terry’s crew and made our way to San Antonio to watch the sun set, not at the historic Cafe Del Mar, but close by. It was lovely to sit there with a beverage and watch the parasailers glide across the horizon as the sun painted the clouds orange. A highlight was the way the crowd
Tough life at Las Selinas Tough life at Las Selinas Tough life at Las Selinas

Lilo - best purchase ever
clapped when the last sliver of the sun finally sank below the horizon. Because the boys had had such a large one the night before, they were keen for just a meal and a few drinks post sunset, so that's exactly what we did.

The next day was (surprise surprise) pretty similar. As our boys had not had the opportunity to check out Las Selinas, Brigid and I acted as tour guide for the day - more sunning, swimming and scoffing - all good. We had some new arrivals too, Terry's brother and his future sister-in-law, over from Oz for the weekend and wedding, as well as a bit of a jaunt around Europe. That meant back (to Cafe del Mar this time) to San Antonio for another sunset viewing, at least as spectacular as the first. Then Terry took us to a meatlover's paradise - a restaurant where your meal comes out on your own personal BBQ. The boys were in heaven (and luckily Brigid is no longer a vegetarian). Bar hopping followed - but you know the rules about 'on tour'.

Brigid and I even found time to check out the old town, which was pretty cool.

Sunday was for 'Space on Sundays' a fab end to a great weekend (although I was not that excited about our 5 am flight back to London - at least a much more subdued experience than the flight in!!!!)

(1) Surprisingly, the 'party plane' was not an Easyjet flight, but a BA one, full of people very VERY excited to be going on holiday to Ibiza - yelling and singing and drinking and yelling and singing and .... pity those families with young kids on the flight (and there were a few!)

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 Skin shades  Skin shades
Skin shades

Yep - I am the pale one
 Las Selinas - sunscreen up Las Selinas - sunscreen up
Las Selinas - sunscreen up

Is that the whitest Aussie you have ever seen?

Those 'come hither' looks don't work if you are holding a pink drink
Best boys meal everBest boys meal ever
Best boys meal ever

Meat, meat, meat

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