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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza July 13th 2005

I´m not Muslim but from now on I am praying 5 times a day towards Ibiza. What can I say about this place that hasn´t been said before. I love this place. 24/7 partying from June till October. I had to stay an extra 2 nights because i just couldnt get enough. I spent the days roasting under the sun on the beaches, the nights at the beach bars/clubs, and the late nights at the best clubs in the world. Only to do the same thing over again. Big name DJ´s like David Morales, Eric Morillo, and Armin Van Buren. Oh and not to mention some of the most beautiful people in the world come here. Those are the pros. The cons, well, you´ll end up paying through the nose to get into clubs, and through ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza May 4th 2005

At Sea John and I are thoroughly enjoying our cruise- we have definitely found our niche in the cruise market. We are likening it to Charleston place or Kauai Hyatt for comfort, experience and service. Orange Roughy sandwiches to die for! We met two really nice ladies, from England, last night as we sailed away to the beautiful music the play each night as we set sail. Their names are Adela “mum” and her daughter Lynn. Mum has been everywhere and it sounds as if her children and grandchildren have as well. Lynn is a pharmacist. Ibizia The island of the stars- Said to be the playground of European celebrities and known for its nightlife. John and I spent most of our day in the winding streets of Dalt Vila, very reminiscent of the Greek ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza September 23rd 2004

Sitting under the palm trees on Ibiza surrounded by Gods and Goddesses I could not help but thrill to the synchronicity of it all, even though I don’t really subscribe to any ‘pattern’. In a background window, my hilarity may even have cheered up the jetlagged Goddesses for some short time but after a few hours of core dumping the table folds back into two cars, Richard W. and girls, plus Dennis Mckenna, in the one car, Joey and I in the other. Joey looks at me and we both start laughing. I guess we both know that, although it’s after 2.00 AM, we’re on Ibiza and the night is still young. Though we attempt to follow Richard, Dennis and the girls back to Richard’s place to persuade Dennis into coming out with us, we get ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza June 26th 2004

Ibiza is THE clubbing capital of Europe, it is a small Balearic Island just off the coast of Spain and during the summer it literally never sleeps. There are clubs all over the island with most concentrated around San Antonio, we stayed at the Jet Apartments in Playa Den Bossa our room looked over on to Bora Bora beach a beach that is known for its all day parties. When we arrived my friend Freddy AKA “Freddy one beer” and I went to a local bar, it was at this bar that I was first introduced to Tequila in a new way, instead of salt & lemon I had it with Cinnamon and orange, it was beautiful. Then the plan was to go to Pacha night club, at least that was the plan, however Freddy had ... read more
The random person the told me about the club Lucifer
A gilr that was on our flight

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza May 24th 2004

This morning we had an early wake up as we had about a 5 hour drive down the coast to the town of Denia in order to catch our ferry over to Ibiza. It was quite sad to leave Barcelona. We were only here for 2 days and in these 2 days, the city became my favorite city in all of Europe. However, I was very much looking forward to 4 nights relaxing on an island in the middle of the Meditteranean. The ferry ride to Ibiza took about 5 hours and was pretty uneventful. When we first pulled into Ibiza harbor and looked out into the town from the upper deck of the ferry, I was amazed. It looked like such a gorgeous little town with a fortress on top of a hill guarding ... read more
The harbor in Ibiza town
First night in Ibiza
Overlooking the Mediterannean Sean

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza June 1st 2003

YOU CAN CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM. YOU CAN GO THROUGH THE PHOTOS IN THIS ENLARGED FORMAT OR RETURN TO THE TEXT/PHOTOS. IBIZA, ONE OF THE BALEARIC ISLANDS OF SPAIN - JUNE 2003 Yep, I'm at it again, doing the blog time-travel - knocking off the easy ones, of which 5 days in Ibiza qualifies. Looking through my journals and notes, I see that I was remise in writing about our short but lovely visit to Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands of Spain, in June 2003. We were living in Germany then and decided a trip to Ibiza might be fun because friend Cecila Simon, cousin to Victoria and Marcela Sahade, our Argentine daughters, was living and working as a masseuse on the island of Ibiza, not far from Ibiza City, the main ... read more
Sign - Camel Barn
Camel Barn
Me, Bernie and Ceci

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza June 23rd 1990

Mel and I hit San Antonio at 18 ... ... read more

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