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August 3rd 2007
Published: August 14th 2007
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Now, you know how I like to be doing what all the kids are doing. Well, all the kids in London go to Ibiza, so obviously, I had to check it out.

It’s not my fault that I somehow ended up attending a bucks weekend (I didn’t know when I booked the tickets - promise). Luckily, I am one of the blokes - and … there was another girl. We both adopted boys names for the weekend, so it was like we weren’t even there!

Now, obviously, what goes on tour stays on tour, so I can’t write that much (thank goodness I hear you say). What I can tell you is:

• We went to three clubs - Pacha, El Divino and Space - the sound systems are all that - awesome! The clubs are huge.

• Pacha was really, really crowded (too crowded for me - I like my own space for dancing). Space starts in the afternoon and had the girls wearing the least clothes (poor boys, they did not know where to look).

• I am a stayer - stayed out until 6am the first night, 5am the second night and 2am
At least At least At least

I was not the only girl!
the last night (but we started there at 5pm).

• There was a surprisingly wide range of ages of club attendees.

• Swimming in the ocean (sorry - sea) was awesome. It reminded me how much I miss the beach.

• Owning a club in Ibiza is a lucrative business - with entry fees of 50 - 60 Euros, beers at 10 Euros and waters at 7 Euros - how could they not be.

Had a great time, but if I told you more, I’d be breaking the code.

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Stand aside Daniel CraigStand aside Daniel Craig
Stand aside Daniel Craig

Can you believe he's found someone that will marry him?

15th August 2007

Ibiza Madness
Smith, we thank our lucky stars that you did not take close ups of those budgie smugglers.

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