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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow September 12th 2016

My grandfather, my mother's father, Israel Glickman AKA, Vascili Gubin, left his homeland suddenly in 1897. The police were searching for him for unknown reasons. The only crime or insult he committed was to violate his Christian beliefs. We lost contact with his family or rather Israel Glickman kept in contact with his family by letters until he died. Once he died the family lost contact with his Russian family. Later it was believed that they all died. They assumed the family was murdured.... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow September 11th 2016

We are preparing for our journey. Today is Sunday September 11, 2016 & we leave for Moscow on Thursday September 15th. This trip has been building for me for years, but it came to a head when skyping with my 2nd cousin. He had emailed me after the tragic loss of life at the Orlando, Fl nightclub & offered his condolences. I had been entertaining joining a group that was traveling to Moscow & St Petersburg. I had told Maxim, my 2nd cousin, that I might join a group traveling to his country, but only if there was still space in the group for me & if I might visit him afterwards. Given his intro English abilities, he immediately took this possibility as a certainty. My grandfather, Israel Glickman, his wife, Sarah & my uncle, Hirsh ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 30th 2016

A Summary of our Russian Experience In the centre of the big cities big cars occupy most road space: BMWs, Mercs, Jags, Audi, Toyota, Kia, Volkswagen, including a few Porsches, Lamborghinis accelerating with boy racer menace down city streets. English is spoken in most settings, it's not difficult to get by if you can speak English ...... being able to read the Cyrillic alphabet is a big bonus , especially when on foot around the cit"y: street names and metro names. Carrying a table with Cyrillic / Roman letter equivalents helps or having Marion Farmer with you. Visa and passport controls were efficient and non threatening. People are friendly, helpful, smiley and care about you and each other. The blank / sullen face that we've seen in Eastern Europe is almost gone .... our research informs ... read more
Buskers in St Petersburg
Trip advice.... Mind the herbs in St Petersburg
Good food: stews in pots

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 28th 2016

Today was catch up on history day. We went to two museums: the History of the Gulag and the Jewish museum and Centre for Tolerance. Both unmissable . And we went through some great metro stations on the way. The Gulag Museum was an unprepossessing building in the suburbs, but inside a marvel of modern museum display. Inside were interactive display cabinets relating to objects and furnishings of the horrific gulag experience, but also, far more importantly, wonderful films of interviews with ex-gulag prisoners telling their stories from the time they were arrested to the time they were released and rehabilitated.. This was really well done, cutting from one to another in relation to different aspects of their experience. How it was for an 18 year old girl, living with her parents, to be visited by ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 28th 2016

Day 3 and 4 Moscow Our day started crossing The Krymsky Bridge, the first cablestayed bridge in the Soviet Union, built by Stalin in 1938. Around the same time, the granite Krymskaya and Pushkinskaya embankments were laid down, which still border the Muskva River, making similar to the Thames or the Seine in the middle of their capital cities. On the site north of Gorky Park in 1923 was the All-Russia Agricultural and Industrial Craft Exhibition with pavilions from Germany, Italy and elsewhere. Lenin visited the exhibition three months before he died. During the Great Patriotic War (what we call WW2) aircraft guns were stationed near Krymsky Bridge, and by the late 1940s, a vast, empty space had appeared that became the city’s largest snow-dumping ground. The Central House of Artists was built in 1965 amidst ... read more
Peter the Great Monument
Kremlin Palace, Deep Purple sound checking behind?
Metro pedestrian tunnel from Biblioteka

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 27th 2016

The mosquitoes were out in force by carriage No. 1 at 21.00 on platform 2, Novgorod Station. Each coach had a hostess in uniform, arms and legs exposed to the giant sized, voracious vampire insects ........ ours checked the passports and assigned cabin No 1 to us..... I'd like to think this was because we looked very important but in reality it'd be because we were the first to book our tickets to Moscow way back in April, on the Internet........ The cabin had a shower/toilet, upper bunk and lower, wider bed, table laden with food and drinks, 2 x comfort packs with slippers and toilet bag, TV, & towels ...... Hoorah! As we made the booking way back then we debated whether we should spend a bit more for a two berth cabin on the ... read more
5.15am Moscow
Syrian Embassy Moscow beside our Hotel
St Basil's

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 27th 2016

This is our third day in Moscow. The first we arrived at 5.15 in the morning on the overnight train and made our way by public transport (as is our wont) i.e. Metro, to the Kebur Palace Hotel. A little early I suppose butchered were 2 young English speaking receptionists, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, who welcomed us and arranged coffee and breakfast but unfortunately could not get us into out room till after midday. So we set out to,explore, up our street and past the church of Christ our Saviour with it's many golden domes and extensive parklands, along the riverside till eventually we came to Alexandrovsky Gardens and the external walls of the Kremlin. We weren't quite in shape for a dose of that so we wandered thro the gardens which are well laid out with ... read more
Nicotiana in Gorky park
Ken in wonderful Garage art Gallery cafe
Chekhov's grave

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 25th 2016

We spent two days in Veliky Novgorod. It proved to be a rather beautiful place smaller and rather different than St P'sburg. We arrived there mid morning by train and walked our suitcases from the station to the apartment address. This seemed to be part of a fairly rundown apartment block with no visible sign of Prusskaya Apartments. We were rather early so sat on the concrete steps and waited for something to happen. Eventually a couple emerged who had been renting there and assured us we were in the right place. The owner would be arriving in an hour. So we wandered off with our bags and found a great cafe on the corner which served us coffee and delicious macaroons. Eventually the owner turned up and was very pleasant and helpful but had no ... read more
Sun through the trees in VN park
St Sophia's cathedral ( I attempted to sketch it)
The beach by the river

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 3rd 2016

We have been busy little tourists - walked 20km yesterday and followed this up with another 11km today. Moscow was worth every step of it. It is a beautiful and stunning city. It is undergoing massive redevelopment and renovation all over the city. The Metro is a breeze to use and is being increased with a second ring. The stations are magnificent and are a delight to be in (not something you can say about most of the Sydney stations). Yesterday we were woken at 3.30am by our friendly train stewardess to allow all her last minute tasks (collect and tally the sheets and towels, lock the toilets, etc) to be completed prior to the train arrival into Moscow at 4.11am. We were met by our driver at the station and taken to our hotel to ... read more
Birthday cannon in Red Square
Church of the Annunciation
Regional Expo park

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow July 22nd 2016

Try getting that song out of your head... Ok so you haven't heard from us for a while. Germany and Austria kept us busy but we are trying to catch up. This will be interesting in internet starved Cuba... Stay tuned. After a long wait the Moscow blog is yours to enjoy. Moscow greeted us with a massive rainfall which literally flooded the streets. At one stage we were concerned that our taxi would get stuck in the floods. The unfortunate side effect of this was that the toilet in our hotel overflowed. Nice welcome Moscow! Moscow made up for it though. What a city! We spent most of our time in Moscow on foot exploring the city. According to my phone we did 14 km on the first day and we have come close to ... read more
One of Stalins 7 towers.
GUM department store at red square
Stalin was given two suggestions for the facade...

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