Trevor Sheahan


Trevor Sheahan

Travelled to Europe in 1975, entered the tour business as a tour leader doing camping tours all over Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa. After 10 years started my own travel company specialising in European travel - particularly to Austria. Our most popular tours are "White Christmas" tours to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I still escort selected tours - which keeps me abreast of what's happening in the tour business. As they's not the destination..but the journey that creates the memories.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 31st 2017

Very tired after all the walking yesterday. I am still blown away by the activity and nightlife along Nevsky Prospekt near the rail station. This is the area to stay when visiting Moscow. Anyways - another day another city. We pretty much packed before going to breakfast. Again - just settled for some cereal and toast and watery scrambled eggs. Still not turned on by all the other pickled stuff and the weird looking cheese and cold cuts. We took our bags down to the lobby where our transfer assistant was waiting for us. He wanted to know why we were going so early as our train was not until 11.40am. I replied that we were just cautious - not knowing traffic etc etc. Our driver also knew we were too early and, unannounced - took ... read more
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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg December 30th 2017

We took a well-deserved sleep-in and almost missed breakfast. After yesterdays experience - I was not getting excited about pickled herrings, pickled cabbage, dubious looking meat cold cuts. Just stuck to the water scrambles eggs, overcooked bacon and toast. In "western" hotels - I hate it when they water down all the juices. It was no different here. Watered down orange, apple and multi-vitamin juices. Still - I need to have some to wash down the aforementioned food. Decided on tea this morning instead of the extra strong coffee. We decided to try the "Metro" and go to St. Isaacs church. I did not try the Metro in 1980 - but I knew that the Metro in Moscow was spotless so knew it would be the same in St. Petersburg. 45 rubles (1AU$) let's you ride ... read more
2017-12-30 14.07.00
2017-12-30 14.07.24
2017-12-30 15.35.08

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg December 29th 2017

After what seemed like a long day - especially finishing with the 2-hour night walk - we did have a good night's sleep. Our tour of the Hermitage was schedule for a 10.30am pick-up. We woke to darkness outside - so automatically thought it was still very early. We had forgotten that we are close to the north pole - so the sun rises later in the morning. On checking our clock - we found out it was 08.30am - and still pitch black. We never did see the light of day until around 10.00am!!! After the usual "prep" time we made our way down to the breakfast room. What seems like a massive spread - closer inspection told us that about half was the usual "northern" country dishes of various pickled vegetables, fish and meats. ... read more
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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg December 28th 2017

Our Austrian White Christmas tour finished after breakfast this morning - and we had to depart the hotel early to get to Munich Airport by 09.30am for check-in on our flight to St. Petersburg. I was last in this city (when it was known as Leningrad) in August 1980. I was a Tour Manager (then called "courier") for NAT Eurotours. My special areas of guiding beforehand had been Europe and North Africa. As the company was winding down it's camping tours - I was advised that as the particular tour called Scandinavia, Russia and the Greek Islands would be the last offered - I should do it. It was not a hard decision to make! My driver for this tour would be Neil H. - who had done this particular tour earlier in the year. He ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An July 3rd 2017

Originally clients - but now also good friends - the Farraway Family have been doing organised and private travel with us since earlt 2000's. we have introduced them to some great sights in both Europe and Asia. Usually we have various members of the family 6 and some years we have all of them (usually for Austria Christmas). This time - 3 of them have come to Vietnam - bringing "newbie" Toby. Mother Leanne and sister Sarah held his hands for his first visit. I met them late on the evening as their flight from Sydney to Saigon/Danang was delayed a while. I transferred them to the newly-opened Koi Hoi An Resort at Cua Dai beach. It was too late to go into Hoi An for eats - so we just went to the resort's restaurant.Graciously ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Da Nang March 13th 2017

I had been warned not to have breakfast at the hotel because it was not included in the price and was also not so good. While waiting for G&V to come down from their room - I retrieved my insulin from the hotel fridge. Hearing what sounded like a soft cackle coming from near a sink - I saw a caged chook under the drain pipe from the sink and over a trap. Looks like the house chook is also the "garbage disposal" and eats any of the food scraps that come down the drain pipe. I guess that's OK until you are fat enough to look like a good meal and become part of "com ga". We went a few meters to the next corner where we had Ca phe Saigon (frothed-up" black VN coffee ... read more
Road obstacles
Following the river
A typical Highland Rong House

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 12th 2017

Nice breakfast on the 5th floor of the hotel. It came on a "hot plate" and included 2 fried eggs, some deli ham, tomatoes accompanied by a nice fresh VN baguette. On going to the hotel's garage I spotted a nice trike. A Can-Am Spyder. Belongs to the son of the "night watchman" at the hotel. It's a "beast"!! From Khe San had to back-track about 6 kms to get on the road south to our next destination. There was very little traffic and it seemd like we went for km after km before even coming across a local. All the little communites had wooden houses built on stilts for coolness dring the hot summers. We could see inside as they all lacked doors - and the only furnishings appeared to be straw matting. The "kitchen" ... read more
child of hotel owner
Typical highland housing
scenery along theway

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế March 11th 2017

Had a good night sleep in the Jade Hotel. Quite a nice little property with excellent staff who make up for the lack of elevator and a few other fancy features. Simple breakfast - fresh fruit, toast, omelette, tea, coffee. Our first stop this morning was at the Elephant and Tiger arena (Ho Quyen) just a short distance from the centre. During the mid 19th and early 20th century there were annual "till death" battles between Elephants (noble) and Tigers (evil) for the entertainment of the Emperor and Lords. As the tigers (and sometimes leopards) were often tethered and de-clawed and their teeth filed down - it was inevitable that the elephant would win - often by trampling the tiger to death. Nearby is a shrine where the elephants are buried. From here we continued north-west ... read more
Elephant Shrine and Grave Yard
Elephant Shrine getting some renovation
Steps to the Elephant Shrine and Grave Yard

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 10th 2017

Kathie had to make a family-trip back to Arizona - so I had the chance to do a motorbike ride with my friends who had to do a "visa-run" to the Laos border. We started from Cam Thanh (the district of Hoi An that we are living in) and headed north toward Danang. Danang was not a stop (as it's close to us) but the start of the road that goes over the Hai Van Pass (made famous by the 3 guys on Top Gear). Great views from here looking back toward Danang. After a coffee/potty stop - we continued north to the area of Lang Co - where we visited Elephant Falls. The road to the falls had been washed away in the "wet" and was being rebuilt - and presented us with some rough ... read more
Lang Co
Christian Church
Elephant Falls

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An January 25th 2017

You do need to have transportation (other than Shanks' Pony) when you are living here. Whilst many places are walkable - in the cooler period over TET it's OK - but not so comfortable during the summer months. Last year when we were here - we bought a Yamaha scooter in partnership with local friend Minh. The deal is that we use it when we are here, and when we are "gone" - he can rent it out to guests staying at the nearby villa where he works. Using the bike - I return to Ba Le market - the local one just a couple of minutes ride from the unit - to re-aquaint with friends and market merchants we used on previous visits. The bike will come in handy to go to Da Nang (where ... read more

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